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11 Best Movies of 2021: Masterfully crafted

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Anytime in life, did you experience a face-to-face talk with a fictional character? I had, many times with the people of the paper world. Sometimes we need to reread, rewatch or feel the emotions inside a book. The characters will jump out of the book and communicate with us, that’s a good feeling. Our imaginative world will set up the location ready for the characters to act. What if we see the same characters on a big screen? My popcorn packet is loaded with stories captured by the eyes of the camera with the supernatural power that is emotionally blended with the real-life experience. I may drop some popcorns on the floor, but the taste I am going to share is delicious. Get set and we go to beautifully plate the best movies of 2021 on the dish…..

The Summit of the Gods

best 2021 movies the summit of the dogs

Climbing ever higher, for what? To know the truth from a little Kodak camera. The expedition of a photojournalist to search for an esteemed climber who went missing. The camera has belonged to George Mallory, a famous mountaineer who disappeared in 1924. Japanese photojournalist Fukamachi accidentally comes across the camera. His obsessive quest for the truth about the first expedition to Mount Everest is the tale of the movie.

The Summit of the Gods is an animation adventure drama film based on the Japanese manga series with the same name. The 2021 French-language animated film takes the animation to new heights.

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George Mallory and his companion Andrew Irvine were the first men to scale Everest on June 8th, 1924, never seen again. Fukumachi encounters a mysterious mountain climber named Habu Joji. He gradually becomes more involved with Habu to extent himself joining him on Everest to record Habu’s own attempt to reach the peak. Fukamachi enters a world of obsessive mountaineers hungry for impossible conquests on a journey that leads him, step by step towards the summit of Gods. A camera that says a long-ago attempt to top Everest. A real-life one, as it happens to anyone succeeding to the summit

The Summit of the God is directed by Patrick Imbert adapting a manga by JiroTaniguhi and Baku Yumemakura. The movie’s narrative with steady-rolling conviction and its insights into the minds of obsessive climbers give it a remarkable pull. The hand-drawn animation is among the most gorgeous ever put to screen, emphasizing the sheer beastly size of the landscapes. It makes the futility of their goals all the more tangible.

Never find the distance to reach the animated movie, it is sure that you will experience the quest of a journalist.

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The White tiger

the white tiger priyanka chopra

How would you consider your driver ? as a servant or an employee, what do you say? Watch the movie White tiger you will get the answer.

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Come, I will introduce someone who is born only in a century. His name is Balram hails from a poor Indian village. He is an ambitious driver who uses his wit and cunning to escape from poverty He aspires to become a Chauffer for the village landlord’s son Ashok. However, he gets menial tasks and mistreatment. Ashok and his wife Pinky plans to move to Delhi. Balram joins the couple in Delhi. On Pinky’s birthday, She and Ashok get drunk and force Balram to let pinky drive, which results in an accident killing a child.

The landlord’s family forces Balram to sign the confession. Ultimately, the police charges no one but it shakes up Balram. He realizes loyal service would give no guarantee for a comfortable life. He begins to defraud Ashok with fake invoices, making money selling the car’s petrol and using the car as an unlicensed taxi. Balram has an epiphany on how to escape from servitude as the white tiger. He murders Ashok and flees the city with money to start a taxi company in Bangalore, thus becoming a wealthy man. He treats his drivers as employees, not as servants.

Ramin Bahrani wrote and directed this beautiful narration. This movie is an adaptation of Aravind Adiga’s 2008 novel of the same name. The movie openly reveals the state of mind of people who consider employees as servants.

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7 Prisoners

Here comes 7 Prisoners, a journey of a teen seeking to escape from human trafficking. To provide a better life for his family the 18-year-old Mateus accepts a job in a junkyard in SaoPaulo for his boss, Luca, but becomes trapped in a dangerous world of human trafficking.

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7 Prisoners is an entertaining Brazilian crime drama that keeps your attention for the entire duration of the movie. An emotionally gruelling story about a deeply troubling reality in human trafficking. Mateus and some other boys become a victim of a working system analogous to modern slavery run by Luca, forcing Mateus to make the difficult decision between working for the man who enslaved him or risking his and his family’s futures.

Brazilian writer and director Alexandre Moratto’s second only full-length feature film, with only a handful of docus and shorts. Perfect presentation is how a universally known problem of being trafficked, also portrays the moral dilemma of when the victim is given the option to become the captor and even is a true reality. The film is a must see as it is told in such a way that you will not be prepared for it, it will leave you unsettled for a while.

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Fear street trilogy

best 2021 movies fear street trilogy

Make your fear factors ready, the screen is loading to show 3 movies based on R.L.Stine’s horror book series. Purr along smoothly with the right lashings of blood, guts, and gore. The interconnected movies tell the story of the twin towns of Shadyside and Sunnyvale. The Shadyside is a dead-end while Sunnyvale is doing very well for itself.

The first movie Fear street Part One: 1994, opens in a mall, a seemingly innocuous young man goes on a rampage. Teenager Deena is upset when her girlfriend, Sam, moves out of Shadyside to Sunnyvale. Deena’s brother, Josh believes a witch from 300 years ago, Sarah Fier, is responsible for all the bad things happening in Shadyside. She is an evil force that’s plagued their notorious town for centuries.

Fear Street Part Two: 1978 has Ziggy detail the events of the summer Camp. In 1978, Ziggy is always getting into trouble. A killer’s murder turns a summer of fun into a gruesome fight for survival.

Fear street part Three: 1666 as the name suggests goes back in time to the beginning of the curse. Deena learns the truth about Sarah. Back in the present, the teens with Ziggy and Martin a petty thieves, try to rid Shadyside of its curse once and for all.

Fear Street trilogy is an American horror series with varying sub-genres of horror, directed by Leigh Janiak. The story revolves around teenagers who work to break the curse that has been over their town for hundreds of years.

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passing 2021 movie

It is sad to digest that even in the 21st century, the world is divided into black and white. I don’t understand, what is the problem of having black skin? Rethink about the pain to be sidelined because of skin color.

Passing is a black and white drama film directed by Rebecca Hall based on the 1929 novel of the same name by Neila Larsen. The title refers to the Africans who had skin color light enough to be perceived as white.

A woman finds her world upended when her life becomes intertwined. Irene Redfield a skinned Black woman living in Harlem, meets a childhood friend, Clarie Bellew. Light-skinned Clarie passes as white has married a wealthy white man from Chicago named John. John openly despises and degrades African-Americans, unaware of his wife’s racial background.

The two women reconnect, Irene notices the chemistry between Clarie and her husband Brian. She finds Brian and Clare are becoming Close to the point their sons are more excited to see Clarie. Claire admits she would do whatever it takes to get what she wants even if it hurts others. John learns the truth about Clare, angrily forces himself into the Christmas party, and declares her a liar. When he is lunged towards Clare, Irene puts an arm between them across Clare’s pelvis. Clare falls out of the window to death.

Accident or suicide or Irene pushes Clare, the climax leaves us in a cliffhanger. Who is the killer? The only answer is, the darkness thought of the society

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dig 2021 movie

Hey, if you have found any treasures in your land? Have you fought with the government to own it? Here comes a wealthy landowner Edith Pretty who discovers something from the mounds on her property.

Simone Stone directed the Dig, a British American Drama film. The movie is an adaptation of a 2007 novel of the same name by John Preston, which reimagines the events of the excavation of Sutton Hoo.

In the late 1930s, a wealthy landowner Edith Pretty hires amateur archaeologist Basil Brown to investigate the mounds on her property in England. He and his team discover a ship from the Dark Ages while digging up a burial ground. Brown slowly excavates the more promising of the mounds. Founds it is the burial site of someone of tremendous distinction.

Local Archaeologist James Reid Moir attempts to join the dig but is rebuffed. News of the discovery soon spreads. Cambridge archaeologist Charles Philips declares the site to be of national importance and takes over the dig by order of the Office. Philips wants to send all the artifacts to British Museum and declares the site to be of major historical significance. Edith asserts her rights and the inquest finding confirms that she is the owner of the ship and its priceless treasure trove of grave goods. Edith continues to decline her health.

The movie ends with Brown and coworkers replacing earth over the ship to preserve it.

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best 2021 movies oxygen

Think about your coffin, what will be your feeling if you are alive in it? Breathing, breathing, no oxygen, how will you get out of it? The movie Oxygen is not burial suffocation but about a woman who wakes up in a cryogenic chamber with no recollection of how she got there. Oxygen is a French-language science-fiction thriller movie directed and produced by Alexander Aja.

Elizabeth awakens in an airtight medial cryogenic unit and discovers that she is trapped and that the unit’s oxygen levels airtight medical cryogenic unit, and discovers that she is trapped and that the unit’s oxygen levels are falling rapidly.

Suffering from memory loss, she does not remember who she is or how she got there. Contacting the manufactures realized the unit was destroyed 3 years prior. By searching for pictures and articles through a computer, she realizes that she is a cryogenic doctor and finds her husband’s contact number and calls but a woman takes up the call and hangs up. Further, oxygen level continues to fall, she begins hallucinating and tries to open the pod.

The unknown woman calls her back and gives the code to open the pod. Elizabeth goes into hyper-sleep for a 34 years journey to a 14 light-year distant planet. Her secret mission is to travel to a new planet, as mankind will be extinct shortly due to a deadly virus.

The virus also killed her husband Leo. She is a genetic clone of Elizabeth, Leo along with 10000 others is in hypersleep in the damaged spaceship. The woman she was speaking to on earth is the original and now elderly Elizabeth. The final scene shows Leo and Elizabeth on the new planet smiling and embracing each other.

Fiction or real, Oxygen is a right-time movie for the pandemic world. Will our future generations live on a new planet?

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Shangh chi and the Legend of the Ten Rings

Shang Chi and the legend of the ten Rings

There lives a child in every man, that’s why we are thinking of a superhero to help us in difficult situations. The success of the movie Shangh chi and the Legend of the Ten Rings confirms that people always love to watch superheroes fighting against evil.

Shangh chi and the Legend of the Ten Rings is an American superhero film based on Marvel comics featuring the character Shang-chi. ( American comic book superhero).

Destin Daniel Cretton directed this amazing marvel. Shang Chi confronts his past when his father Wenwu, the leader of the ten rings organization draws Shang chi and his sister Xialing into a search for a mythical village. Around a thousand years ago, Xu Wenwu discovers the mystical ten rings which grant immortality and Godly Powers. Further, he establishes ten rings organization, conquering kingdoms and toppling the governments throughout history.

Wenwu searches for Ta Lo, a village said to harbor mythical beasts. He travels through a magical forest to the village entrance but the guardian Ying Li stops him, the two fall in love and when the Ta Lo Villagers reject Wenwu, Li chooses to live with him. They marry and have two children Shangh Chi and Xialing, Wenwu abandons his organization and locks away the ten rings. Wenwu makes Shang chi undergo brutal training in martial arts but does not allow Xialing to train with others, prompting her to train secretly. Wenwu sends Shangh hi To assassinate the Iron Gang leader he runs away and adopts the name, Shaun.

Li’s sister explains the history of Ta Lo. Meanwhile, the soul-consuming Dweller-in-Darkness and its minions attacks the village but a Chinese dragon, the Great Protector, saves them. Further, it also them to seal the dark Gate to the Dweller’s World. Shang Chi and Xialing and Katy join the villagers in training and preparing for Wenwu’s arrival using outfits and weapons crafted from dragon scales.

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Fatherhood review feature image

Can you predict the very next moment of your Life? No, no one can. What will you do when your life turns upside-down in 27 hours. Yes, that can happen, life is not the same for everyone. Paul Weitz directed this tear-jerker. The unexpected death of his wife who died a day after his daughter’s birth. The father brings up the girl alone.

Rising a child is a nonstop all-day all night affair…
you are right, I can’t do it but you know what
I’m gonna do it.

This is a conversation between Mathew Logelin and Marion. Marion is the mother of Liz, his wife. It is the true story of Mathew Logelin, an American author. Emotionally blended story of how a father brings up his Child. He struggles as a father who wants to care for everything which otherwise a mother does. His parents and the in-laws force s him to come back to their village so that they can take care of Maddy, his baby girl. His emotions for his wife and child don’t let him obey them. Further, he raises the little girl alone by working in a tech company. A strenuous journey of a man who took a rigorous struggle to grow up his child along with his professional growth.

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Don’t look up

best 2021 movies don't look up

Don’t Look Up is a satire packed with real events where we see the irresponsible act of the government, the media, and society. The director Adam Mckay tried to mock the entire system that neglects the ecocatastrophes.

It is a powerful depiction of society’s response to scientific warnings. A comet that threatens to destroy is an intentional allegation of the climate crisis. Film articulated a sense among climate activists of having their messages fall on deaf ears over many years. Critically bringing forward the under covering nature of media.

The movie tried to depict the powerful hands using the power for their family welfare. They are deaf to educated people who want to save Earth but the government system functions only by hearing the unrealistic methods offered by Cooperate hands. Many awards to his baggage, the director Adam Mckay tried to express the political scenario in a satirical way.

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The Power of the dog

best 2021 movies the power of the dog

Domineering but charismatic rancher wages a war of intimidation on his brother’s new wife and her teen son-until long-hidden secrets come to light. Jane Campion, the first female film director to receive the award Palme d’Or, directed the movie. Like always, Campion’s work is the fullest and truest way of being faithful to the reality of experience, by utilizing the ‘unsayable’ and ‘unseeable. She manages to catalyze the audience’s speculations.

The movie is an adaptation of the novel from the same name, a notable work of Thomas Savage, an American author. Savage’s childhood experiences are reflected in many of his novels. Likewise, ‘The power of the dog’ also has the shades of his life.

The end… Now your white plate is filled with so many colors, so are you ready to taste the flavors of Best 2021 movies.

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