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13 Movies about Loneliness that will hold your heart

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Isn’t it hard to go through emptiness?
I mean, who wants to be in that situation?
Not many people, in this world, have a lot many persons to talk to or share their life with. They start living their life all by themselves. No friends, no partners nothing, just their loneliness and isolation. Let me ask, have you ever been of friendlessness? I wish you are never caught up in such a situation!! Giving it a keen observation, MovQue is giving you a wide range of movies that will give you an estimation of how people survive with loneliness.

Getting it right, we are now starting with the main course without any delay. Hold on to your breath and bring down the eyes…

13 Movies about Loneliness that will hold your heart for a second

Taking it on another level, we are sharing some wonderful movies about loneliness and abandonment which will take you on a complete new journey. Come, let’s move forward and cherish this journey together. Ready? Here we go!

Chungking Express

Movies About Loneliness chungking express
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Have you ever seen somebody into the exact same problem which you are right now? Yes, the cases are huge in number. Many people face similar problems at a time and Chungking Express shows it the best where two stories of two cops run side by side. One gets into a big deal of heroin and ends up in a problem with her boss after they lost the track of cargo. On the other hand, the other one is a waitress who accidentally gets the keys of her fan where she finds a complete mess. Oooo, indeed it was a case of hyper loneliness. How do people get out of it?? Well, let’s hop onto this one and find out the reality! Ready?

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Movies About Loneliness Her

Think about meeting an artificial intelligence and falling in love? Impossible, right? No, the story of ‘Her’ serves a plot where a kind-hearted man named Theodore, starts his journey and shares a simple life by earning through writing personal letters for others. He is sad and heartbroken after the marriage didn’t work successfully. Lately, he’s been captivated with a new Operating System which has its own natural Identity. Theodore starts it and sees “Samantha” on the other side that has a sweet and playful voice personality. They both start being friends, finally falling for each other at the end. Woah!!! This is insane but cute at the same time. Let’s watch it together and find out the actual scenario!!

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Lost in Translation

Movies About Loneliness Lost in Translation

What do think about getting out of a toxic relationship? it isn’t bad, right? Lost in translation gives us a story about Bob Harris, a loner who works as a movie star meets a disturbed bride, Charlotte in Tokyo. Mr. Harris goes to shoot a Japanese movie while on the other hand; Charlotte arrives with her celebrity husband who is a photographer by profession. These strangers find escape and detachment from the world and try to adjust themselves in a new bright lighted city. Sooner they meet again in a soothing hotel and feel a connection that is questionable to the entire world. Things can take a huge turn, right? Well, I guess sometimes it is good to be wrong. What say?

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Movies About Loneliness Joker

This movie is utter pain. Let me ask? Did you ever felt so alone in life that it touches the level of insanity at one point? That’s what Arthur Fleck has been into. The story of Joker justifies a lonely character who is failing with his comedy career. He tries to get along with people but nobody wants to be with him. Wearing two masks i.e. one of a clown for his job while the other to show that he is still part of the world, he struggles. Mocked and tyrannized by society, his depression turns into dementia, finally making him a brutal criminal. Wait, What?? I never knew loneliness can do this! Strange!. Watch this remarkable cinematic piece and live it with Arthur!!

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Cast Away

Movies About Loneliness Cast Away

Think of living in a place with no people. Strange! Right? But not for the protagonist of this movie. The plot of castaway shares a plot where Chuck Noland, a sincere FedEx officer flies to Malaysia for an assignment. During the journey, his plane crashes near the Pacific Ocean while facing a storm. Being the only survivor on the flight, Noland reaches near the shore of the deserted island. Unsuccessful in contacting anybody for help, he learns to adjust and start living on the island where he spends years with his only friend, Wilson, which is a handmade volleyball. What will happen next, will Noland return back to his native place? Well, you need to watch the movie for that!! So, ready to give it a shot?

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Mother and Son

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You can never answer the question: How much do you love your mother? And that’s true! We cannot give back what she has done to give such a beautiful life to us. Let me tell you, Alexei feels the same. A young boy with the same name from Russia lives and takes care of his mother as she is old and very sick. Counting the last day of her life, mother, Gudrun spends the best moments with his son where she sees him holding her, feeding her, and comforting her in the best way possible. But as she dies, Alexei is left with utter loneliness and misery. Will you help him to console? Let’s watch this lovely German cinematic piece and feel the emptiness together!!

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It is hard to gulp down the loneliness and that too when you are already in pain. The same scenario had been portrayed in the movie persona where Elisabeth Vogler, a famous celebrity, faces a complete emptiness in a live performance which leads to the next day’s hollowness. She sees a doctor who advises her to stay back at home to get full recovery from a psychic breakdown. Elisabeth along with Anna, a nurse goes to the Baltic sea. Sooner both of them find themselves in the worst condition. Dang!! Didn’t know the effect is this bad! Well, this is true that no matter how much the place is crowded, you’ll still find yourself vacuous. This is how loneliness tears you apart. Strange, but true!

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127 Hours

127 Hours

Imagine tucking yourself in bare land. Nobody at left, nobody at right. Weird, no? Similarly based on a real Aron Ralston’s book the story of 127 hours shows a barren piece of earth a mountaineer named Aron Ralston explore a remote canyon in Utah. On his journey, he gets trapped when a heavy Rock falls on his arm. After five days of being stuck at the same place in the same condition, Aron starts thinking and finds a way out of it by slitting his arm so this way he can get back to his hometown. Indeed it was an act of bravery but painful for the survivor. What you would have done if you were in Aron’s place? Think before you say!!

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Three Colors: Blue

Think of tangling into your own thoughts, how will you find escape? Carrying the same plot, this movie shares a story where a lady named Julie is traumatized by her sorrow after facing a disastrous auto wreck that has changed her life forever as she lost her husband and daughter in that accident. She now wants to be in isolation, lock herself up, and get rid of her pain. Keeping no contact with the world, she struggles for life for several years before meeting her old pal, Olivier, who starts seeding secret love for Julie and tries to bring her back to real life. Will he be successful in his task? Let’s watch this film and find out what is the actual ending.

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Wild Strawberries

Sometimes it is tough to appreciate ourselves for what success we have achieved, don’t you think that way? As we always want to achieve more and are never satisfied. Isak Borg, an arrogant retired doctor visits Stockholm, Sweden with his daughter-in-law, Marianne, who is pregnant and very sad about her life. The purpose of visiting Sweden is to collect the honorary degree of a doctor’s alma mater. Meanwhile, in the entire journey, he sees many people who remind him of his failures and success in his entire life. The sink these two are facing is beyond the absolute sadness. Well, that’s sure will drag you to unhappiness. Thinking of the end? You need to watch the entire movie for that! Ready? Let’s do this!!

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Have you ever experienced hallucinations? Many of you might have! It is a complete other emotion to deal with. Being the first English movie by Roman Polanski, the plot of this movie revolves around the character named Carole who is suffering from a fear where a person is phobic to talk to men, the disease is called androphobia. Sooner, her sister and roomie, Helen goes to Italy with her boyfriend and leaves the flat. As soon as the flat is vacant, she starts daydreaming and faces Terrifying experiences, finally heading towards insanity. No way!! This is something very serious. Well, indeed people face a lot of hardships. So, eager to know what happens next? Give it a shot and handle the loneliness with Carole!

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Paris, Texas

Paris, Texas

Ever felt blank? I have, like many times. People do get blank and Where a confused man with the name Travis Henderson, ramble out of the desert. He has no clue about his existence on earth. Walt Henderson, brother of Travis is contacted by a stranger who helps him reunite with his sibling Travis. As Travis was missing for years, his family grieves in his absence. Above all, his own son, hunter is also upset from his disappearance. Now the only, thing Travis can do is to confront Jane, his wife in order to get back on life track. Pheww!! It’s hard, but one must share his feelings with family at least as that’s how you can help yourself in every way! Let’s find out how Travis overcome and get out of his own created mess! Ready? Dig in!

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Taxi Driver

Taxi Driver

Togetherness is the last key to loneliness, what do you think? I guess, yes! The plot of this movie shares a story where Travis Bickle, a distressed individual, suffers from Insomnia. He starts working as a taxi driver in New York City and disconnects himself from the outside world of realities. While being in the same job, he meets Betsy, a beautiful campaign officer, and gets attracted towards the idea of cleaning the world in different ways i.e. slaying one of the presidential candidates following with saving of 12-year young girl from prostitution. Damn!! It was a hell of a run! Wanna see, how much does Betsy help, Travis, to meet his deadlines? Switch on your TV and start over with this one. Hurry!!!

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Sometimes loneliness hits so hard on people that they face depression for their entire life. It leaves you stunned and petrified at the same time. But at last, the same people get up, stand for themselves and find out a way for their own good.
So, this was the list guys, hope you have loved the movies list on loneliness. Let us know your views in the comment section below and pick the best film you liked from the above-disclosed movies. Lastly, for more such compelling and precise medium movies, keep exploring!
Stay Healthy!

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