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#13 Movies That Will Show You Reality Of Surviving In Poverty

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Imagine, running out of your salary 15 days prior? The question will be “how will we survive for the next 15 days without money?” Now, take a minute to think of the people who have and are still living their lives with the same condition?
It is tough to survive without money and it is toughest to survive without food, shelter, and clothes. That’s what we call poverty at its peak. Many people see hurdles in life but you know what the real struggle is? To feed yourself and your family at least one time a day. People go through a lot during their hard times is heart-wrenching but true.
Looking into the matter, we are giving you a bowl full of remarkable movies about poverty, that will tear your emotions apart and let you live with every plot we mention. Thinking about such survivors is way easier than actually being into that shoe!


Not taking much time, we are serving you a hot platter of the world’s most outstanding movies about poverty that you won’t ignore. Explore out these masterpieces and renew your old collection with such incredible cinematic art!!
Let’s Go!

Boy who Harnessed the Wind

movies about poverty Boy who Harnessed the Wind

Think of achieving something new and innovative of your own and that too when you have limited resources? Amazing!! No? That’s what the tale of this movie is, where a 14-year-old boy, William Kamkwamba from, South Africa faces a drastic drought in his village. People are running out of food and basics. William has an intelligent mind and loves to study physics. As he is unable to go to school due to lack of money, he goes to the library and finds out a way to create a Windmill to save the village from famine by providing electricity. Woah!! Now, this is something to be appreciated. So are you ready, to watch out for the journey of this brilliant mind? Let’s go!!

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Queen of Katwe

movies about poverty Queen of Katwe

What kind of indoor game do you like? Well, it might differ from person to person. Carrying the same plot, Queen of Katwe gives us an idea about poverty through a 10-year-old, Phiona who is facing a continuous struggle in Uganda. One day Phiona experiences a life-changing moment while meeting Robert Katende, a chess instructor. She starts liking the game and reaches among the top players from her hometown, all because of Robert. Her success in chess gives her wings to flee from a life of poverty. Sweet! Isn’t it? People do everything to get a stable life and trust me, the struggles are real. Watch out for this film and see how Phiona flies like a free bird!

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movies about poverty Shoplifters

Isn’t it tough to escape out of misery? One has to go through a lot, you know. Shoplifters show a story about a family where after a crime scene of shoplifting, Osamu and his son see a small girl shivering in cold. At first, they are skeptical to keep her in their shelter but finally, Osamu’s wife agrees to look after the girl. Though, they aren’t stable and barely make a living through pence. The family starts living happily in their own way until an unfortunate event unfurls the hidden secrets and examines their love that keeps them together. Damn!! That is the whole of a drama! We need to watch it, guys! What say? Are you up for this one? Hop-on!!

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Think of being misguided by others just for making a mere mess. Strange, no? but kidnappers do it for their satisfaction. That’s what the story Oliver depicts where Oliver twist, a 9-year young orphan boy gets involved along with a professional gang of pickpockets headed by Artful Dodger. All the plans are executed by a genius criminal mind named Fagin. Oliver loves doing this stuff. One day Mr. Brownlow sees all this and offers him a safe shelter to live in. Oliver feels comfortable and agrees. Sooner, the conversation is spread out by one of the followers of Fagin, Bill Sikes, who plan up to kidnap Oliver. Hmm!! The story seems interesting and suspensive. Ready to dig more? Let’s go!!

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movies about poverty Capernaum

Think of not eating or living in shabby clothes without showering for days? You can’t do it even for a day. But the plot of Capernaum shows a tale where a Lebanese boy named Zain sues her parents for bringing him into this world. The story of this little man comes straight out of slum streets which is nasty. He is angry with his parents as they have sold his sister Sahar to an old man for the sake of money. Zain leaves the city and starts living with an Ethiopian cleaner cum friend and her baby but things got worst from there. Wow!! You need to watch this movie about struggles in poverty and trust me you are going to love it. Thank me later, without tears!!

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Midnight Cowboy

movies about poverty Midnight Cowboy

Isn’t it a different kind of happiness to help out a friend? I know, I know. Midnight Cowboy carries a similar story of Joe Buck, a dishwasher leaves who his job and shifts in New York City with the thought of becoming rich. But after reaching there, he finds things are completely different from what he thought. Finally, with no hopes, he starts living in a shabby apartment with a good-for-nothing individual named Enrico Rizzo. Both of them together make a union to revitalize the bumping career of Joe as Enrico is no more in a condition to continue with his life. Well, for the sake of friendship and bond, we are going to watch this for sure, What say?

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Slumdog Millionaire

Slumdog Millionaire

Earning money is tough, but what if your destiny wants it? Slumdog millionaire shares the same story where two orphaned boys Jamal and Salim and a friend Latika from Mumbai slums play together. Jamal takes part in the Indian version of “Who wants to be a millionaire” but gets arrested with allegations, of knowing every answer from the show without cheating, despite being illiterate. The explanation of experiences in his life along with fate, made him do this, he states. Meanwhile, he falls in love with Latika and tells her about the show who wishes her the best. I know, I know you must have watched it, but watching it together is new fun, no?? Swoosh up!!!

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It is hard to feed your family when you really have no resources. Parasite hints the same story where an extremely poor family of four, somehow manages to survive in this expensive era by selling out peanuts in their filthy and slummy apartment. Later, luckily Ki-woo, the father, gets a business plan of teaching as a tutor for the daughter of a very rich family. This is the best opportunity for the family to resolve all their debts and raise their living standards. But sooner, he gets trapped in a web of scams. Now, will he be able to drag himself out of the trick? Let’s not wait much and watch how Ki-woo gets rid of the parasite? Ready? Let’s go!!!

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The Kid (1921)

Ever encountered the feeling of being lost? Disheartening it is!! One can never imagine how it feels till they don’t experience the same! The Kid shares a story that gives us an idea of a plotline where a mother leaves her newborn in the car’s backseat with a note that gives the indication of giving love and care. The thieves steal the car and keep the child on the street before getting noticed by a loafer who keeps him as his own child. But somehow they both manage to live together with a number of ups and downs. Aww!! Isn’t it sweet to hear? Let’s find out how it reaches us when we watch this beautiful movie!! Ready? Let’s go!!!!

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The Breadwinner

The Breadwinner

Have you been brave enough to save your family? Well, this movie shares a portrayal where in 2001, an 11 year-young-girl, Parvana, spends her life under Taliban rule in Afghanistan. Her father is accused wrongly and is arrested for no reason. Watching this, Parvana chops her hair and changes herself, dressing like a boy to give support to her family. While working with one of her friends she finds out a new life of freedom. She gains up strength and from the stories she used to admire and peep out a way to find her family for a reunion. My God!! The brave girl stood strong for her family!! And its an animation movie about poverty. I am surely going to take this one on my bucket list, are you??

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The Grape of Wrath

movies about poverty The Grape of Wrath

Changing place to get a good life isn’t better than poverty? That’s what this movie shows where the Joad family look for new life in California. As their dried-up farm is took over by the police, the clan carries all their stuff and leave. They head towards west traveling through a truck. During their journey, they are loaded by a number of incidents, that drag them towards poverty.  There are a number of families that make the same decision of deciding this dream. But what actually happens after reaching California, is not what they expected for. Will the family be able to survive in this chaos? Let’s watch this beautiful movie and expose the reality of California to them, ready?

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City of God

city of god

The greed of making money is good after a life full of hardships. The movie City of God shares the same plot where two men start walking on different paths, away from the poverty of Rio de Janeiro. One of them named Rocket is a fresh photographer who keeps himself busy making a documentary about his neighbor, dealing in drugs. While Jose loves to deal with drugs and takes advantage of rocket’s photography to become famous. The entire story is how they both choose a way of this. Wait, What!!! This is something new!! Do you think we should watch this movie about poverty?? I strongly believe it would be a great idea!!! Let’s do this and see what happens next!!

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Children of Heaven

Kids grow too fast when they see responsibilities on themselves. Don’t you think so? Well, I guess this movie will make you realize how a teen boy named Ali mistakenly loses only one pair of shoes owned by his little sister Zahra. Both of them team up and decide not to tell anything about the loss to their father and mother who is usually ill. Ali takes the decision to give his worn shoes to Zahra until they find one for her. The struggle of living in poverty with no money will definitely carry you away with this lovely cinematic piece. So, hold on tight and be ready to watch out Children of Heaven with us! Here we go!!

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Life is not a bed of roses; instead, you have to walk over the burning coals, smiling because that’s how god examines you. What you achieve is yours and what you are not is still a race of life. Grow with these wonderful movies about poverty which can give you an opportunity to explore what kind of life “they” live and how many tantrums you throw for an exotic lunch!!

So, we hope you got what you were looking for from this article, try watching the above-mentioned movies about poverty and relax your mind peacefully. Also, let us know which one you picked and how much you liked it. For more exciting and fantastic entertainment content, keep scrolling
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