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Best Space Movies that will leave you astonished

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Knowing about planets, satellites and other space worlds seems very fascinating, isn’t it?
I guess everyone has the same curiosity to know the unknown things about it!
There have been many activities conducted in space like the moon landing, tracing of life on other planets, water discovery, and a lot more. But you know, what gives us the thrust to know more? Yes! To know some more about it. Movies play a great role in transferring knowledge about what is happening in space.
Considering this, we have come across some best space movies where you will encounter a number of incidents to think twice. So, let us not wait more and dig out the information and experience a fascinating world out there.
Here we go!

Best Space Movies that will leave you astonish

Not stretching it further, let us take you on a cinematic expedition in the search of some really excellent movies. Leave your previous collection far behind and get a new experience of the best space movies. So, rise up your confidence and tighten your seatbelts to ride this journey.

Let’s get started!

The Martian

Best Space Movies the martian
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How will you survive in the situation of minimal existence? Hard, Right? But Mark Watney has done the same to live successfully in space. The Martian is an outstanding movie that serves the plot of a storm on the planet Mars. As soon as the astronauts encounter a storm, they vacate the planet, leaving Mark Watney (played by Matt Damon) a teammate, behind assuming him to be dead. Sooner he realizes that the team has left and he is the only one to deal with the storm. He gathers all his courage to survive and get back to his native planet, earth. On the other hand, a team from NASA along with other international scientists and teammates works hard to bring Watney back to earth. Will they get success? Watch this super powerful film and find out what happens when everyone helps Mr. Mark as one!

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Best Space Movies moon

Isn’t it weird to hallucinate about yourself? It’s creepy, you know! The Movie Moon shares the same plot where Astronaut Sam Bell (played by Sam Rockwell)left with only three weeks from his three years of contract, is happy to return back to earth to his family. He along with his computer and assistant has worked really hard for three years on this valuable project. He talks to himself or the plants to break the silence. The only contact he has from his wife is her occasional voice recorder messages. As time passes he faces a number of health issues like headaches, pains, hallucinations, and even the accident where he meets the younger him. Does he now need to unfold the mystery of why is he seeing all this? The movie has a good potential to survive on the list of best space movies which you will love!

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Independence Day

Best Space Movies independence day

What if you suddenly get a strange message that the world will destroy in the coming few hours? You’ll b blank and numb at the same time, isn’t it? The plot of Independence Day also gives a resemblance to this imaginary situation where people of the earth get a weird signal that would be mass destruction for the planet. The signal indicated that a huge spaceship is heading towards our planet while the smaller ones are covering cities worldwide. All of a sudden tables turn and the spaceships start destroying the cities where the military encounters that the weapons they are using have no effect on the technology aliens are using. On the orders of the President of The United States of America, the military heads towards Area 51, Nevada to destroy aliens. The only people who can save the world from this destruction are the military team. What do you think? Will the world survive? Watch and find out the real scenario!

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Best Space Movies gravity

Space is an amazing area for knowledge to explore, no matter how much you dig; still, it would be less for your information! Gravity is what explains it better. The movie unfolds a story of a newly appointed astronaut, Dr. Ryan Stone who is going to experience his first trip to space. On the other hand, Mr. Matt Kowalski is bidding goodbye with his last journey of space. Both of them are highly enthusiastic before a heavy disaster strikes. While having a routine walk in space, the astronauts encounter debris from the Russian satellite destroying American Shuttle completely. Ryan and Matt are left all alone with almost no survival without any connection with oxygen and the planet earth, just trying to figure out to return back to their planet. What struggles they face are depressing and tiring to exist in space. Let’s find out what they do and how they return back to their native place! Watch and explore!

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Best Space Movies interstellar

Do you know what intelligent movies are? Well, if you don’t, watch Interstellar. The movie gives a portrayal where famines, plagues, and other kinds of epidemics have started ruling. A remarkable NASA physicist named Professor Brand (played by Michael Caine) is working really hard to save the earth by sending its people to a new place through a wormhole. This seems interesting, but in the first place, the professor is willing to send his former pilot named Cooper (played by Matthew McConaughey) along with a team of scientists just to ensure the perfect planet to land and make a new home. He needs to make sure about the survival and life present on the planet. The entire journey of running this project faces many hardships. To see what they are, one needs to watch the movie and find out the beautiful success of the entire team. Still, reading? Go and watch, its the best space movie, pal!!

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Apollo 13

apollo 13
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“Sky is the limit”. Beautiful, isn’t it? I guess, somebody said it correctly! Connecting with a number series of Apollo 13 lunar mission incidents, this famous blockbuster has an eye-catching story about three great astronauts who successfully leave the planet earth and start their journey to explore space with a well-planned and executed mission. The problem arises when they see a blast in the oxygen tank and that’s when the mission gets canceled. Stress and tensions traumatize the crew leaving them blank at the moment. Major technical issues and other surviving factors make a question mark on the three astronauts. The peace of getting back on earth is the only thing these three can think of. Will they be successful? Ohh, for that you need to survey a little more. Let’s watch this one together and find out what happened next!

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First Man

Best Space Movies first man

Remember the incident of Neil Armstrong landing on the moon? Well, we might have been very young or not even born to experience that jovial moment. The movie we are talking about is simply based on the same incidents. NASA takes a risk to reach the moon in the next 10 years and that’s when the chief of NASA astronaut office, Deke Slayton, picks Mr. Armstrong to join this space mission named “Project Gemini” in 1969s. Neil goes under training for eight years with trials and injuries in test flights. The epic moon landing, from around 384,400-kilometers away from the earth, of Neil Armstrong along with his two co-astronauts i.e. Buzz Aldrin and Michael Collins, is observed by each and every one individual, worldwide. Wow!!! It would have been a great experience to be the first man on the moon to land successfully! Watch out for this epic cinematic piece and enjoy the nostalgia!!

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Pitch Black

Due to an unwanted issue, a spacecraft hits the planet Saturn which is surrounded by three suns. The only people who survive are Carolyn, Abu imam al-Walid, William johns, and criminal Richard; Riddick. The only thing they now think of is, survival as in every 22 years, all the three suns encounter the total eclipse for about a month and that’s is the time when reptiles, vampires, and other hunting creatures awake and search for food in darkness. Riddick takes the entire team to a safe place by his unique ability to see in the darkness and this way the crew is taken off the planet. Pheww!!! It is hard to survive in such kind of place where you don’t know when you’ll be a part of somebody’s dinner! Scary as hell, isn’t it? Let’s watch this spooky kind of movie with lights off and enjoy the plot as it discovers suspicious things ahead!

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alien best space movies list

Do you believe in the existence of extraterrestrial life? Well, the answers may differ but knowing about them is interesting to all of us, isn’t it? Being on the same page, Alien is all about the discovery of otherworldly creatures which starts from a return of a commercial spaceship named Nostromo receiving a weird signal, far from the moon. All the seven crew members wake up from a commotion when the spaceship lands on the moon. While taking a routine walk on the moon, three of the entire crew sees a spaceship that carries a number of eggs in a chamber. One of the members goes near the egg and investigates what is when all of a sudden the creature inside it pops out making the human faint at once. Though the creature dies soon after and peace follows would it be forever? Directed by Steven Spielberg, this took the space movies to a different league. Explore the new dimension of these mysterious creatures and find out what happens at the end!

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A team of highly specialized astronauts named Cdr. Marina Barnett, biologist David Kim, and medical researcher Zoe Levenson are chosen to start the 2-year scientific target to the planet MARS. Sooner they realize that making a celestial body along with a new home of the particular planet isn’t easy. The crew is accompanied by something mysterious and is running out of fuel and oxygen. Commander Barnett notices a huge wounded passenger apart from her own team is Michael Adams. They find sufficient oxygen to breathe and survive but are stuck in a huge dilemma of surviving. Adams need oxygen and for that one has to die among the three, the question now arises is “WHO”? Watch this suspensive yet interesting cinematic section and find out do they get back on the earth safely?

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Hidden Figures

hidden figures

Girl power is the best of all, what say gurlsss?? Oh well, the movie hidden figures showcase the same wherein the cold war of Russia and The United States, NASA recruits a brilliant team of three African-American women mathematicians named Dorothy Vaughan, Mary Jackson, and Katherine gobels, who acts as the brain behind a remarkable project of successfully sending astronaut John Glen in space. These three ladies act as a human-computer who calculates even the toughest problems during landing. Without any race, caste, or creed the three of them work really hard to achieve what they are meant for and get their way right towards the target. The movie is based on true events and has another level of fan appreciation for these three divas. Wanna see how they worked for it? Switch on your TVs and enjoy the movie with the extraordinary abilities of human computers!

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Think of living in the world of robots, how cool! Relax dude, we aren’t getting that soon! The story of wall-e completely depends on how the technology has started work successfully 50 years from now when humans have left the earth and there is complete destruction all around. A small clutter clearing robot along with a cockroach living on the planet sees a spaceship coming towards earth. It drops a dangerous robotic investigator named EVE who is supposed to take care of the last living plant on the earth. Wall-E loves her and gives her a plant that makes her dizzy and sleepy. Now is the time for EVE to return and this time Wall-E goes along with her to a place where the world has changed and people are suffering from hyper-obesity. But in the end, they find an autopilot who, along with the other almost failed robots, saves the plant and earth. So, guys, this is the best portrayal of what the future will look like, I mean you never know some Wall-E might be waiting for you on that side of the world, for its EVE!

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Things do get messed up in life, but mending it is in our hands, what say, pals? And I guess the movie concepts us the same. Solaris is one of such movies where Kris Kelvin, a psychologist is asked to go on a space station that is orbing from a different planet. This station was basically built to occupy up to 80 people at a time but now it can only adjust three. It has also faced a lot many issues where people use to suffer from delusions being there. Gibarian, out of three occupants has died leaving the two alive in cold and secrecy. Kelvin starts panicking and sees his dead wife; he tries and finds out that this might be due to the alien intelligence. You might not find it interesting in reading but watching this one would be a whole another experience for you! Still reading, go get it!!

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Final Verdict

Somethings are beautiful to explore and give us extreme knowledge to settle our eagerness. Space is one of them. Well, I am very fond of space knowledge and movies help me out with that but the most important thing is to know the best space movies of all!
So, this was all about the space, we hope you have got what you were searching for through this post. Let us know in your reviews and also keep visiting for regular updates on movies, drama, and all sorts of entertainment-related stuff.


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