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How to get away with murder? Plot & Review

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This powerful layered series leaves you wanting more and makes you question yourself, just as Annalise said, “Do you know who anyone really is?”.
How to Get Away with Murder moves with reckless abandon, and the audience does not learn how to get away with murder which they really should not! The series just gets away with leaving everyone with loaded questions and a hunger for suspense thrillers.

How to get away with murder: Plot Overview

A six-season series, a series of murders all along, evidence on the phones does not by any chance make How to Get Away With Murder an inspirational series; let us start with that. The scandalous, cruddy yet enthralling series is for you if riveting murders and schlocky personalities are your jam.
With suspenseful and steamy scenes and a newfound respect for the power play at force, it is a thrill ride through the chasms of guilt.

With Viola Davis, a.k.a. Annalise, as the main character, this show is compelling right from the start. Annalise Keating is the antihero, glamourous woman with questionable ethics in and out of court is always the woman we all are looking for in the series. The woman does not do bad things for good reasons. She just does terrible things to win; her relentless attitude makes her scary yet somehow endearing to the audience. While the show does nothing to condone murder, when you look at Annalise dance and jab in the courtroom, you are left as breathless as Michaela.

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This suspense thriller plays around with time periods, giving the viewers periodic flash forwards, moving three- months ahead, showing the interns under Annalise as panicked killers adding to the mystery and building the characters and the storyline along the way. The way the series begins with a murder and then flashes to the fight amidst interns as to what to do with the body establishes that first impressions are deceiving at just the start of the show.

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viola davis

This American legal drama ended on 14 May in 2020 with Annalise starring as the antihero is a “ dream come true” Criminal Law professor, impassioned, perplexing you with every action; her charisma is all you can hope for. Season 1 gives the viewers a chance to see the personalities of all characters closely. Annalise begins the year and the season by selecting a group of interns she finds intelligent, promising, and capable enough to work with her.

There is an ancient beauty to the underhanded brilliance we see in Annalise, which triggers our admiration for her skill and leaves us speechless and thoroughly guilty. Further, her character makes you want to dislike her lack of ethics, yet praise her for just the same. As a professor, she transforms legal beagles with prospects into pit bulls with potential.

Then enter our interns, Wes Gibbins, Connor Walsh, Asher Millstone, Laurel Castillo and Michela Pratt, all starting work under Annalise’s associates Frank Delfino and Bonnie Winterbottom. Of course, when these interns are just twenty-somethings, mistakes are bound to happen, and so they did. With flashbacks and flashforwards telling the story, the viewers have their hands filled with this one. With racy drama and many murders and disposing of dead bodies, this season is as mysterious as it gets; not one character is as innocent as they look, are they?!

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So what is in it from How to get away with murder Season 2?

How to get away with murder

Season 2 starts with Annalise and Co trying to move on in life, acting as if Rebecca did not just disappear, and Annalise’s husband and Lila did not just die. Annalise and The Lila murdering Frank are the only ones with a clue that Rebecca did not disappear but was murdered; surprise! And, of course, like self-respecting attorneys, they are hell-bent on determining who murdered the woman in question. Moving forward, Annalise opts to take up two siblings as clients who allegedly murdered their parents; well, innocent until proven guilty is all I say.

The series brings to the audience the ingredients for a deadly suspense thriller with steamy scenes, scandals, powerplay, heart-breaking betrayals, intriguing plot, tragedy, love and mystery, poured in all together and mixed to just the right consistency to make it pleasurable to watch. It is fun, fast with sly characters and intense scenes; this one, viewers, is most likely a winner in the books.

Will the group stay together?

How to get away with murder

Season 3 makes you realize that the only binding force keeping Annalise to her associates and the “Keating 5” are countless murders under their watch, deceptive facades, white lies and guilt-ridden conscience. All this can never be taken for granted, of course; the group certainly finds it hard to move on through to the world waiting, stuck in the web of their guilt, not letting them focus on their future, their clients. With cracks in relationships, a missing associate and another murder and this one from within their ranks, the group and our viewers are in for the ride of their lives.

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Is there any coming back from the damages done?

crime thriler series
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In Season 4, the writers show more fractured relationships, insurmountable grief and a struggle to keep secrets. Wes’s death will bring out terrifying truths, shocking events and pain as the season moves along. While Season 5 unfolds with Annalise’s victory with her group of interns moving on and out from the deceptive webs and onto the next part of their lives. But HTGAWM can never go about without mystery; this season too, brings to light new secrets, broken relationships and heart-breaking truths.

A chance at a happy ending?

The final season sees the end of the interns’ last term in Law school with all their lives coming to a full circle and all guilt, fear and deception staying in their hearts. It is an end to the mystery of their lives, their entanglement in the murder plots and the dark and unending series of murders they lived through.

Who are The Keating 5?

How to get away with murder season 5

Firstly there is Wes Gibbins, the doe-eyed, boy-next-door, liked by everyone who comes off as innocent, to begin with, but is he??. find out when you watch. next is Michaela Pratt, the confident girl who wishes to be the next annalise; she is born an overachiever.

Connor Walsh follows to complete the dynamic. the sophisticated heart breaker, which is a touch too clever, ambitious to the t. next up is laurel castillo; the underestimated idealist who is too quiet and sensitive for her good. and lastly, there is asher millstone, the boy with a silver spoon and unwanted entitlement.

It has a bit of everything from tragedy to romance to good old throwbacks and drama, which is certainly commendable, tied up with a bow and presented to the audience with negligible loose ends at the end of the show. This suspense-driven thriller with the legal at work is brilliant and a must-watch for all those who nurse a guilty pleasure for racy, fast, suspenseful dramas with sizzling questions burning in your minds throughout the season. Stream it on Netflix.

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