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Nine Perfect Strangers: A Nicole Kidman Fan Fest | Ending Explained

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Nine Perfect Strangers, just like the name suggests strangers are welcome into a holistic wellness spa also called Tranquillum House and Nicole Kidman plays Masha, a Russian expatriate –turned into a corporate badass, finally settling on to be a wellness guru whose welcome tricks resemble that of a spider luring in the insects. As we enter into the ethereal world of Tranquillum House, intrigue and mystery are not far behind. The strangers will not remain strangers and the guru well you will find out soon enough.

Let the strangeness begin…

Nine perfect strangers nicole kidman

Pseudo serene assistants Yao and Delilah usher the guests in and relieve them of all the distractions and connection to the outside world. All of this to “not disrupt their path to wellness”, true usually all wellness centers have this policy but the extreme calmness of the place is kind of spooky! And the no talking policy is downright scary. They are further ushered into a compound where they would unite and heal their bodies and souls. The setting up of the opening scene is beguiling enough to give you chills. Smoothies are served . The smoothies are adapted to their metabolic needs along with non-disclosure agreements. The guests self-absorbedness is completely astounding! They do not feel the need to question the NDAs or the roster of activities which for some reason included digging graves.

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The radiance of Masha

Nine perfect strangers radiant of masha
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Masha is out to kill with her, resplendent hair, a hooked stare, and an erratic Russian accent. She has the makings of a cult leader to the T. Her stare and demeanor exudes the power to lead people willingly to their demise. A cautiously asked question by Nicole Kidman brings her carefully selected guests to their knees. She always veils her motives and leaves us and her luckless victims with no inkling of the truth. But the text threats that she is receiving are very likely to make her drop her veil and show her true intent.Will the world know who Masha truly is? Behind the façade of a serene goddess will her party girl past peek out and leave her in ruins? Her mad streak might be the one bringing her down after all.

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Who are these strange strangers?

nicole kidman holding tiffany boone hand

The unfortunate victims of Masha include a young couple Jessica and Ben with a fractured relationship. Then there is the mulish macho-man Tony with a lot of demons under his bed that he is unsuccessfully dealing with, the spalling Van Patten family. A sweet divorcee Carmel is all set to physically change herself to feel better.; and contemptuous Lars. The most enigmatic of them all is Frances an author, who after having a hard time wishes to pamper herself and recover. Each one of them is stunningly imperfect yet completely intriguing for the viewers to watch. Their self-absorbedness, broken relations, dark humor, and an uncanny way of being relatable give the viewers what they want, a mystery.

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Nine Perfect Strangers: Plot line

Nine perfect strangers plot line review

We see the story from the point of view of Frances. When she enters the retreat she discovers that they have quite a lot of bans, no wine, no junk food, no outside contact, and another one that wasn’t mentioned in the brochure, No talking. Well not for five days at least and not to each other. To be honest it saves you the trouble of initiating small talk. When they begin their stay, Masha narrates her near-death experience, its transforming effects in her life.

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Masha has hidden a very crucial fact though, who I agree seems off-the-rocker crazy. She wants to change the lives of her clients completely. Oops, poor souls, what have you got yourselves into. The utterly combustible group not long after that Masha is a little too unorthodox when it comes to healing. Masha stops at nothing, not even drugs fellas!

Those apparently modified smoothies had LSD in them and now all they could do was face the therapy the psychotic group of the wellness home came up with. The plot is simple but it is curious, it shows human nature. Yao and Delilah are over it and decide it is enough but when Masha is on her crazy train there is no stopping her. She holds her clients’ prisoner and playing Death Row. Panic ensues and why would it not. She goes on to tell them that she has planned to burn the home down but with them inside. And the woman keeps on losing her mind beyond repair. They all catch her bluff. But one thing is for sure, this woman is off-the-rocker. And jail time is a necessity to set her right.

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Nine Perfect Strangers: Ending Explained

Surprisingly, the end to this intriguing mystery is not unhappy. And for that, you would have to watch the series itself. Justice is served. The series leaves you wanting more through its way towards twists and turns. You wish there was more intrigue but again you wish there wasn’t. Maybe Masha’s tricks and tips were good at transforming people? Not really, but her character still draws us in. The anti-hero act, with the ethereal beauty and serenity of Masha, makes it difficult for you to hate her.

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Nine Perfect Strangers is for all those who love to bite their nails off and relish intrigue. There is an undertone of dark humor and an exaggerated serenity in the set-up but overall the series gives you what it promises. It thrills you and leaves you wanting more. The characters may not be relatable but they are real.

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