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What If…?: A fan fest from all the parallel realities

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The Disney Plus series immerses us in visual anthology tales that will delight MCU enthusiasts. What If…? The show, created by A.C. Bradley, is the television version of the popular 1970s comic-book compilation story arc.

The story lines are based on the multiverse theory, which is now mainstream in the Marvel Cinematic Universe. The presenter is Jeffrey Wright, whose personality is one of The Watchers. You will not like this series if you are not a big Marvel fan. In other words, it may all seems like a boring, parochial, painfully wonky generator for stories.

What If…?: Episode 1

what if... episode 1 watcher

In this reality, Peggy Carter gets injected with the Super Soldier Serum in the very first episode. Naturally, therefore, she becomes Captain Carter. Howard Stark paints a pretty Union Jack logo on her vibranium shield. It is a woman who battles the Nazis, much to the displeasure of Allied countries looking for a masculine rescuer.

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The episode is a visual delight, with stunning cel-shaded artwork, a dramatic colour palette, and amazing action. Further, it successfully blends new narrative aspects with allusions to incidents from Captain America: The First Avenger. It’s especially wonderful to see Peggy confront sexism from Bradley Whitford’s arrogant colonel.

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What If…?: Episode 2

what if... episode 2

Since it features Chadwick Boseman as T’Challa, this next instalment of the miniseries takes us into a kind of real-life emotional area. Yondu’s Ravagers accidentally kidnap his Wakandan prince, who becomes Star-Lord. However, like with the other What If…? situations, it doesn’t end there. Instead, it goes above and beyond what you’d anticipate.

It’s a sophisticated exploration of the influence someone as charming as T’Challa can have in any situation. The new character relationships are fascinating to see, and they build up many great clashes in the climactic action climax. However, the animation in one of the crowd scenes is a touch underwhelming. The bar customers freeze in place behind the main protagonists, pulling you out of the otherwise wonderfully depicted environment for a brief period.

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What If…?: Episode 3

tony stark
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This episode deals with problems of Fury’s Big Week, seven days in 2011. The SHIELD director seeks to persuade Tony Stark, Bruce Banner, Thor, and the freshly defrost Steve Rogers to the Avenger Initiative. Further, the entire story is re-imagined in this week’s edition of What If…?

Unfortunately, this fundamental week for the Avengers is plagued by the most heinous murders, yet Marvel’s worst departure from continuity! Fury and Black Widow are forced to perform investigative work while safeguarding their survival as a mystery killer targets his prospects. Worse, his own operatives, Black Widow (Lake Bell) and Hawkeye (Jeremy Renner) appear to be involved.

I admire the concept of several realities in nature and find it intriguing to investigate. For youngsters who grew up with the MCU, this series is certainly a 101 edition. As part of the current “Phase Four” of the Marvel Cinematic Universe (MCU), the studio expands its titles by introducing new main characters. Ms Marvel; She-Hulk; The Eternals WandaVision’s comedy dreamscape, and Shang-martial Chi’s martial action are examples of new genres. Above all, the show involves well-known unconventional directors like Chloe Zhao and Sam Raimi.

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Venturing into another world

the hulk marvel animation

Likewise, the examination of alternate occurrences in What If…? does not stop there. It continues to describe how, if a personality were not who they were, the environment around them could alter. The butterfly effect, which states that a small ripple may have a large impact, is used in a futuristic fantasy dealing with past events.

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The jaded interpretation is that it’s really a four-and-a-half-hour teaser for MCU’s multiverse era. The current program previews the franchise’s future paths and certainly illustrates some of the fundamentals. Recognizing how the powertrain of this alternate universe works isn’t something we really do need to know. During this stage, fans will try anything Kevin Feige and his team serve them.

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Action, animation and great visuals

The animation helps a lot to give an adrenaline rush. The first episode is almost entirely made up of plenty of shield-bashing sequences. Nevertheless, In all three episodes, the vocal performance is consistently superb. Recognizable live-action performers like Atwell, Boseman, and Jackson give their voices. Additionally, believable soundalikes for characters such as Iron Man and Black Widow are present in the series. The dark, enigmatic Uatu the Watcher is a voice-over from Jeffrey Wright. He begins each installment with a monologue of all-knowing indifference.

The sharp aesthetics bring out specific action and sequences that might be difficult to do in live-action. For example, in a mid-air combat sequence, Carter leaps between several Nazi planes. Then, she utilizes her shield to smash the crap out of all men.

What If…? explains the counter effects of very tiny and noticeable changes in their narratives. It allows even the most invested Marvel freaks to chill out and enjoy a narrative outside of the norm. Additionally, the animated series speaks directly to the extensive fan base.

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What If…?: See it or skip it?

The new Disney+ illustrated miniseries What If…? accomplishes exactly the classic story-line for the Marvel Comics Universe. It’s colorful, vibrant, well-written, and smoothly animated. Above all, 50 performers who play various MCU characters on the live-action reunite to voice-over them in this feature. Since What If…? is an anthology, this review focuses just on those three episodes.

Interestingly, there isn’t much of a difference in quality between the episodes. The animating technique is consistent, as is the narrative. Ultimately AC Bradley, the head writer, takes good care of the overall tone. For all Marvel followers and fans, skipping this show is not an option. Even for the less invested fans, this show is a gateway to understanding the world and its features.

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