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Xtreme Netflix movie: Worth your time? | Cast & Review

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Want to watch a well-executed revenge movie? Xtreme it is!
In its original Spanish language, Xtreme is named Xtremo, so it’s clever to preserve the ‘X’ as the lead for the local Netflix version movie. This is a picture that, like the crossed Samurai swords that feature in its storyline, shaves away unnecessary components and goes down to the subject’s heart. In this instance, it’s Maximo, or Max (Teo Garcia), a hitman for a Barcelona crime syndicate.

Xtreme Netflix movie: Plot overview

Xtreme begins nearly precisely in the middle of a gunfight when Lucero (Oscar Jaenada) drives him to abandon the delicate ties his aging crime lord father formed with other families in the conclave. Lucero murders first, asks questions afterward and accepts terror as a motivation even though his father sent him to Japan to study honor from the Yakuza. Not just that, but Lucero is resentful of his father’s preference for his adoptive siblings, enforcer Max and financial wizard Maria (Andrea Duro). That doesn’t end well for poor old dad.

As Lucero gets more powerful and lethal, an epic war for vengeance ensues. After being in hiding for two years, Maximo and Maria devise a plan to draw Lucero to them in the hopes of finally exacting retribution for the murders of their family members.

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Lucero destroys Max’s personal life, pushing him into exile, leaving zero loose threads in his drive for power. After two years, he encounters Leo (Oscar Casas), a loose-limbed smartass street dealer whose source is linked to Lucero’s organization. Max is reminded of what he lost in the savagery of Lucero’s takeover attempt. While he and Maria continue to construct their vengeance trap for their insane hothead brother, Leo’s participation is both a burden and an aid to their broken spirits.

Movie Cast: Xtreme has new faces for the world 

Teo Garcia

teo garcia image

Teo Garcia plays Max, a Barcelona hitman who quits after his kid is slain. He also had appearances in the 1990s TV series Dark Justice and the independent films Extremo and Seiken.

Oscar Jaenada

Oscar Jaenada plays Lucero, a Yakuza-trained criminal who murders his father and targets his adopted siblings, Max and Mara. In The Shallows, he played Carlos, and In Pirates of the Caribbean: On Stranger Tides, Jaenada played The Spaniard. His notable credits include the characters of Victor Martinez in Rambo: Last Blood. And Luis Rey in Luis Miguel: The Series
Max befriends Leo, a small-time heroin dealer played by Oscar Casas. Casas played the roles of Iván in Iván’s Dream and Tomás in The Orphanage. He also appears in Hanna Season 2 as Juan.

Andrea Duro

andrea duro xtremo movie cast

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Andrea Duro plays Mara, Max’s adopted sister and prospective love interest. Duro starred in Ghost Graduation as Mariv and Juan of the Dead as Camila. She also co-starred in the 2010 film Three Steps Above Heaven opposite Mario Casas.

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Xtreme movie: Review

Of great combat and direction that makes it enjoyable.
The organized crime in Barcelona is facilitated by Spaniards, Russians, and Chinese, with Colombia providing supply chain assistance, and everyone is greedy, untrusting, armed, and without scruples. As the showdown with Lucero approaches, Max keeps coming up with new methods to destroy the muscle assigned to quiet him, all while protecting Leo and his authentic vintage Porsche.

xtreme spanish netflix movie review

From Gladiator, Memento, and Kill Bill to The Godfather trilogy, revenge is a simple and easy theme to choose when writing for a film – but challenging to make anything remarkable for. This is a relatively formulaic and straightforward film, with no subplots or characterization. Given the abundance of other vengeance dramas on the market, Xtreme is a difficult sell, but it more than compensates for it with intensity.

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The great action and set-up of violence

In Xtreme, there is violence at every step as Max strikes, kicks, shoots, and generally eliminates lesser evil people on his way to Lucero. But then those bad guys also give as great as they get, with a slew of wrong man-on-bad guy violence. Xtreme, on the other hand, is well aware of what kind of movie it is. It’s an unabashedly simplistic, well-shot action film that focuses on combat and fighting but sacrifices a clever plot.

That isn’t all awful, and there are moments when you want to turn off and watch one manslaughter an army of worthless thugs. But, unfortunately, Xtreme provides it in large quantities.

Xtreme netflix movie review ending explained

Knives, handguns, assault rifles, a samurai sword, a nail gun, a vehicle lift, a VW Golf, and the spikes of a backseat pulled from a VW Golf are all there. He uses his knees and hands, and at some point, a drug dealer he’s knocked unconscious becomes nunchaku as he bludgeons the dealer’s bodyguards into compliance or death.

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Are the action sequences worth watching?

The choreography is also fairly impressive. Albeit the sequences do cut suddenly immediately before a colossal hit, moving to a new camera some few times. Again, it’s hardly a big issue, but seeing an impact to the belly result in Max flying backward through a doorway lends the picture a cartoonish vibe at moments.

This is also a well-pictured film, with the camera technique and visual flair working well to heighten the excitement throughout each bout. A fight in a garage, for example, is surrounded by heavy shadows and sparks. The climax combat, on the other hand, is lit up with green and red neon lights.

Characters float in and out of the tale, obstructing what could have been a leaner, meaner film that would have punched beyond its weight. Nonetheless, without those extra individuals, we would have missed many of the film’s looks at how beautiful Barcelona is.

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Is Max dead?

The bare-bones tale we do get focuses on stepbrothers Maximo and Lucero. Lucero assassinates his father and assumes control of the family company. But he does not stop there. In pursuit of Max, he murders his son in front of him and believes he has also murdered Max. Max, on the other hand, is indeed alive.

Fast forward two years, and Max is in exile, waiting for the right moment to strike and retaliate against Lucero and his thugs. That moment has come. Maria is along for the voyage, and she assists Max in exacting some delicious, sweet vengeance.

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How does Maximo gain his vengeance?

Maximo exacts vengeance on Finito by overcoming him, hitting him in the chest, and abandoning him to die next to a bar. Lucero isn’t going down without a fight. However, he tries to roast Maria to death with Maximo and Maria on his side; he is no challenge for them. Throughout the film, an important question is raised: head or heart? Lucero is wounded in both places, his head and his heart in a fitting sense of justice.

Xtreme: How does the movie end?

The last scenes of Xtreme depict Maximo, Maria, and Leo, in their family-like bond, turning away from their past problems. Lucero lost everything, including his life, as a result of his jealousy of Maximo. And meanwhile, the other three, Maximo, Maria, and Leo, are on their road to a fresh start. A good ending where Lucero gets what he truly deserves.

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