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Top movies of 2021: What to watch next?

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Tired of watching old movies and waiting for a good collection in 2021?
If served, why not!
  So, here is a list of top movies of 2021 and what to watch next.

Pandemic has given a drastic change to our lives, making it difficult for us to survive. Many people have done everything, from cooking new dishes to watching the cinema. Almost all the movies of 2020 have been consumed and now eagerly waiting for the top movies of 2021. Be it action, drama, thriller, comedy, or horror, we are ready to watch anything to get our time back to normal.

Now, the question arises, which movie would you prefer to release first? This question might have different answers, but what would be common is the FRESH RELEASES!!! No boring collections anymore; update your list with some outstanding films of this year so far. Keeping that in mind, let us explore some top movies of 2021 which have already been released and entertaining people successfully.


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Not stretching it further, let us take you on a cinematic expedition searching for some really excellent movies. Leave your old collection behind and get a new experience of the top movies of 2021. So, raise your confidence and tighten your seatbelts this ride.
Let’s get started!

• The Father

This starter of January 2021 will make a separate space in your heart for emotions. A story of an 80-year-old father living alone who has dementia and has rejected the career that her daughter wanted him to do. However, it is tough for the daughter to visit him regularly, and he, too, doesn’t want to face and accept the reality of life. Later, he loses all his memory and the ability to recognize others. It is a struggle for the daughter, who cannot even grieve for her living dead father. Her father realizes the real human conditions to live a miserable life. Based on the award-winning drama, the father shares a heart-touching story that indirectly questions our mental state. Try watching out a beautiful life journey of this wonderful duo!

• Mortal Kombat

Released on April 23, Mortal Kombat brings in the excitement and nostalgia to re-live martial arts. The plot of the movie gives you a brief story about a man named, Lord Rayden who selects three martial art warriors and trains them according to him. When these three are well trained, Rayden asks them to compete in an inter-dimensional fighting tournament. There they are supposed to defeat the satanic warriors of another man and conquer the earth. With a good rating and success at the box office, the movie is based on the famous video game franchise where you will literally fall in love with the fighting sequences. So, if you love watching action thrillers, you will appreciate and fond of this one.

• Raya and the Last Dragon

what to watch next raya and the last dragon

This animated film shares several different mythologies and gives each character its space. The plot swirls around a fantasy world where dragons and humans live together. But then a monster arrives, who wants to destroy the land and the dragons sacrifice themselves to save the people. Later these dragons return and fight back to the evil dragon. With extraordinary voice-over performances and beautiful animated shots, these movies move swiftly along with their plot. The movie is a collection of beautiful heart and soul that connects with you at every second. It’s an entire box of entertainment that carries something for each one of us. What do you think about this one? Will you give it a shot for a new animated experience?

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• Nomadland

With a mix of traveling and stiffness of American life, this movie narrates the story of a woman who is in her sixties, loses everything in the recession, and travels to west American in her van to live a nomadic life. Based on the book of the same name, this film reconstructs the trust in humanity and tells us that we are never alone. This is another movie from Chloe Zhao after 2018’s The Rider, which won a golden globe and an Oscar nomination. The protagonist Frances McDormand played portrayed her character (Fern) in the best way she could. If you love to be alone, this movie can hit you hard. Try adding it to your wish list to have a nomadic experience with the fern.

• Black Widow

Starring the most popular Lucy actress, Scarlett Johansson made a banging come back in the same genre where lays the role of Natasha Romanova, who is forced to be a part of KBG. The committee, mold her to become a strong and powerful operative and work for them. When USSR scatters, they try to kill Natasha, that’s when the movie travels to the present day in New York, where she is hired as a self-employed agent. This is the second movie of Scarlett Johansson with marvel studios where he stands alone in the lead character holding the entire movie with incredible action series. So, if you liked Lucy, you should go for this too. What are your thoughts on it? Will you give it a chance?

• I Care a Lot

top movies of 2021 what to watch next i care a lot

Releasing in February 2021, this movie tells you the story of wicked people doing repulsive things to achieve sinful objectives. A suspicious legal curator gets into a dangerous situation where she impels her clients to care home facilities and withdraws the entire amount from their bank accounts. Later, she exploits a woman who is connected to a hefty racketeer. Being a women-centric movie, the protagonist swings between complex and monstrous characters. It can be considered a dark and comic film where the star cast has justified the given characters. Rosamund Pike, a golden globe award winner, gave the best performances of her life. So, if you are winning to watch a criminal detective thriller, you must definitely pick this one out. What say?

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• Supernova

Starring Colin Firth and Stanley Tucci, this feature film revolves around a story of a gay couple, Sam (A musician) and Tusker (A novelist), who are together for 20 years. They start their journey from England to Lake District to meet their friends and family. They are about to end their relationship as tusker has been diagnosed with early dementia. But during their journey to the Lake District, they reveal some of their secrets that toss their relationship completely upside down. This story tells us about love and loss and an uplifting gesture in cinema to give a wider set-out story on homosexuality. So, try to live the journey of this lovely couple. What are your reviews of this queer relationship? Will you stand by them?

• Judas and the Black Messiah

One more story over black lives and FBI involvement where a story goes about the chairman of Illinois Black Panther party, late Fred Hampton, who was spied, checked twice, drugged, and murdered by the FBI team. It’s a frozen dark piece that was perfect on time. An outstanding work by Daniel Kaluuya as Hampton and the way director has portrayed America’s dark phase is absolutely remarkable. Judas and the Black Messiah is a marvelous cinematic chunk of rich performances and flawless picks. If you are willing to know more about what actually happened to Hampton, you will get all your answers through is one film. Try reaching out to unfold the pages, solve your queries, and let us know if you got something!

• Minari


top movies of 2021 minari

Based on Chung’s childhood, this is a classic American story about a Korean family who travels from California to an Arkansas farm to fulfill father Jacob’s dream of becoming a farmer. Surrounded by new life challenges in the weird and rough city named Ozarks, they make a strong and happy living facing all the hurdles confidently. Later, the couple also invites grandma to live with them. This movie shows the attachment from land, the smell of earth, rain, and belongingness to the real Korean culture. It also gives a direction to know your family and get along it beautifully. With the star cast of Walking Dead, Steven Yeun has stood up successfully in his character along with a veteran actress Youn Yuh-Jung. So, if you like a family drama, Minari is for you. Go watch it now!

• The Dig

Directed by Simon Stone, the story of The Dig shows a period of the late 1930s where a rich landowner, Edith Pretty, employs an archeologist, Basil Brown, to scrutinize the heaps on her land in England. Later, the archeologist, with his team, come across a ship from the early ages while digging up the land. This movie shows a story of a previous time in today’s investigation, making it questionable. The elegant cinematography of the film intensifies the beautiful tale with a formidable performance by Carey Mulligan and Ralph Fiennes. The motionless lips tell thousands of stories, and time jumps back and forth to maintain its flow along with the dig. It was the first and the top movie of 2021 released in mid-January. This is the movie where you will find a mystery to solve. What is your call on this? Will you unfurl the puzzle?

• Saint Maud

This British psychological horror narrates an isolated nurse named Maud, whose vulnerable appearance leads her to follow a pure and religious path of a Christian devotee after a mysterious trauma. She is now in charge of a shelter home/asylum where she takes care of a retired dancer suffering from cancer. Maud’s inner voice and absolute faith drag her towards the soul of her patient to save her from cancer. She is adamant and will do whatever it takes to achieve her goal. Saint Maud will give you an experience of haunting and religious feeling at the same time. It shows a relationship between religiosity and lunacy. If you love supernatural thrillers, top it with your list. I am sure you’ll love it!


Watching cinema is what we all love to do, but picking that one remarkable piece out of millions is a tough task. Hollywood has given us some magnificent movies with charming storylines. There might have been many movies or characters that you would have already heard of but bringing them into a new genre with improved competencies is something that attracts audiences.

As the year hasn’t ended yet, there are many top movies of 2021 that are already lined up. But still, we are eager to ask which one out of these you would pick to complete your list for this year? We hope you have got what you were searching for through this post. In your reviews, let us know and keep visiting MovQue.com for regular updates on movies, drama, and all sorts of entertainment-related stuff.


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