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Why is everyone talking about Greys Anatomy?

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When you look for a casual viewing, convenient soap, the first thing that comes to mind of soap lovers is GREYS ANATOMY. The 15-year old medical drama is all you can want when you want something raw yet casual to watch as an audience. It offers much more to the viewer than medical terms and surgeries; it lives up to its name as a medical “drama” and is a distraction from your troubles, immersing you in the characters and their lives.

Greys Anatomy is one such show that lives up to its reputation even after running for 15 years on our screens; there has never been an instance of decline in quality of this soap with a much-loved plot. To the amazement of the audience, Grey’s Anatomy makes you laugh, cry, relates to your lives and not only that, it brings to light social and sensitive topics, successfully using such a popular platform while still keeping the medical outlook of the series alive.

Greys Anatomy: Plot Overview

The American medical drama aired first on March 27, 2005. This soap follows the lives of residents, interns and attendants working at SEATTLE GRACE HOSPITAL. It mainly follows the life of MEREDITH GREY, the daughter of ELLIS GREY. She starts working at the hospital as an intern alongside fellow interns Cristina Yang, Alex Karev, Izzie Stevens, and George O’O’ Malley, all wrapped up in their problems while managing their hectic lives.

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grey's anatomy ellen pompeo

Grey’s Anatomy is a series that you can watch just because you want to; you feel no need to love it, you do not have to dedicate yourself to it. Unfortunately, it is a warren of story lines and tricky characters that move along the episodes altogether. This fast-paced jumbled plot is difficult to keep up with. It almost feels like you are back in school, and this is your Math class, the one you cannot miss if you want to keep up.The show does not hide the strength of human emotions, and the acting feels natural and raw. Hence the madhouse of the current Covid situation added into the series did not take away the impact of the characters’ acting; it instead amplified the performances by adding more emotional nuances into the acting as the physical appearances were hidden behind PPE.

The characters in the soap perfectly capture each emotion and portray the truth so that each viewer can understand its meaning, yet it is as impeccable as it can get. The way they handle life and death situations they face each day makes you feel a lot closer to the characters.

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greys anatomy full cast photo

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While the seasons are released, many new people are added to this labyrinth of characters. Among them, Derek Shepherd, Owen Hunt, Richard Webber, Miranda Bailey, Mark Sloan, and Callie Torres remain constant characters.

The tragedies in these doctors’ lives never seem to end, and the directors do not seem too keen on keeping the main characters safe and alive all long throughout the length of the show. The sprawling show gives equal importance to medical cases, pandemics, traumas, and the nightmares of bureaucratic red tape. All of it provokes the emotions and thoughts of the audience; it shows real-life troubles, brings to light the compromises we make with ourselves in the name of adapting to our surroundings. It is dramatic, enthralling and brings the viewer back for more.

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Greys Anatomy: Character Development


The character we all fear and love in equal measures has for sure seen a development across the seasons. Her no-nonsense attitude and quotable one-liners make her a pretty awesome character. But she always acted as the boss in the first season. The second season saw her as a kinder, more sympathetic character, making her more human.


The character, who made a lot of development in her personal and professional life, went from fearing relationships to having three children and being somewhat happily married to her long-time love interest, Derek Shepherd. Meredith, for sure, has come a long way and developed her character to the T.

greys anatomy ellen pompeo


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This man rubbed everyone the wrong way when he first came on to the show, but his character developed when he started to make amends and friends, rebuilding his severed friendship with Derek Shepherd; I can’t blame Shepherd for not losing any love. Over this friendship! The man slept with his wife!!
But after patching up, these two had an adorable bromance brewing with hilarious scenes and belly laughs; this duo was indeed on a roll.

grey's anatomy mark sloan

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The character everyone hated at first for the wrong attitude and the entitlement did very much development along the way. Alex needed to chill, and when he did, Lo and Behold! The man was not at the receiving end of any hate. His friendship with Meredith and Yang are worth watching, and his relationship with Izzie has us all crying like babies.

alex karev

Greys Anatomy is critically acclaimed to be the greatest television shows of all time; with the intriguing and intricate complexities in character, the show is a comfortable show for all audiences. In addition, the emotional connection the real-life situations just make the soap even more exciting and endearing for the watchers.

It tells us through the scenes that unfold on our screens how the world is not all black and white. The nuances of Grey make life what it is and just like how the characters in the series seek comfort from one another and hold friendships and relationships dear. We all in our lives tend to do the same.

Grey’s Anatomy, the high-intensity medical drama, is a must-watch. This fun, emotional and thrilling series will give you a blanket of comfort on the hardest of days and a beautiful and joyful company on the days you wish to laugh along.

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