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Weekend Watch list Part 2: 6 Movies/Web Series Like ‘Lupin Part 2’ You Must Watch

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The week goes by working, cooking, managing the home, and whatnot. Before you blink, it’s the weekend. What are your plans this weekend? If you are staying in, we are back again with another weekend watch list, movies and web series that are worth watching this weekend. So, get your buttered popcorns and nachos ready for binge-watching these 6 movies/shows.

The Family Man Season 2 (Amazon Prime Video)

If you are reading this from India, The Family Man has dropped its season 2 already on Amazon Prime Video. If you had already watched The Family Man season 1, you’d know that the show revolves around a world-class spy Srikant Tiwari’s (Manoj Bajpai) complex family life. In the 2nd edition of The Family Man, Srikant quits his job at the TASC force and settles for a 9-to-5 corporate job at an IT firm, which he is clearly not made for. But old habits die hard. Eventually, he gives in and joins the force again to fight bad men. Season 2 has a higher pace, an extra dose of the adrenaline rush, a thicker plot, and higher stakes than season 1. Can he protect his family from mixing up with his office job? Find out when you watch The Family Man Season 2 on Amazon Prime Video.

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Mortal Kombat (Netflix)

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Weekend watch list part 2 mortal Kombat

Mortal Kombat, starring Lewis Tan, Hiroyuki Sanada, Joe Taslim, Josh Lawson, and Jessica McNamee among others, is one big tournament. The movie is set in a fictional universe made of eighteen realms or worlds. Earthrealm is one among the eighteen. In the tournament, if the chosen team of warriors of a particular realm defeats the other teams in the tournament ten times, the victorious realm is free to conquer the vanquished one. After losing the last nine tournaments, can Earthrealm get back on the game? Mortal Kombat is a must-watch movie if you are a fan of action and sci-fi.

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Sweet Tooth (Netflix)

Produced by Robert Downey Jr. and based on a comic book, the plot of the Sweet Tooth is set in a post-apocalyptic world, where suddenly due to an attack of an unknown virus, babies are born as half-animal and half-human, called hybrids. Sweet Tooth revolves around little Gus who is half deer and half-human and has antlers. He goes on a journey in search of his mother, where Gus meets Big Man and Bear. They are three individuals, brought together by unusual circumstances, who quickly become inseparable as the story unfolds. Stream it on Netflix.

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Lupin Part 2 (Netflix)

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Weekend watch list part 2 lupin(1)

One of the most talked-about releases of June on Netflix is the hit French drama Lupin Part 2. It returned with its remaining episodes after almost 6 months of waiting. Part 1 of Lupin had 70 million viewers during its January release, making it one of the most popular series on the platform. In part 2, French actor Omar Sy reprised his role as Assane Diop, a thief inspired by ‘gentleman burglar’ Arsene Lupin. Assane took vengeance for his father’s death in prison, who was framed by his former employer Hubert Pellegrini. But will he be successful? Find out in Lupin Part 2 this weekend.

The Silver Skates (Netflix)

Have you watched 2020’s epic Russian period drama The Silver Skates? If you are a fan of romance, you are in for a treat. The movie is set on a cold and frozen Christmastime in St. Petersburg, ready to welcome a new century in 1899. Matvey, a poor street urchin who lost his job as a delivery man, struggling to care for his ailing, lamplighter father, Petr falls for Alisa, the daughter of Minister Nikolai Nikolaevich, a dignitary of the tsarist ministers. The Silver Skates has all the elements of a classic fairy tale and a happy ending. Hence, it would be a perfect fit in your weekend watch list.

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Elite Season 4 (Netflix)

Elite season 4Last but not the least, get ready for some teen drama, passion, mind games, love triangles, and debauchery because Elite Season 4 just hit Netflix. After almost a year of wait, Samuel, Guzman, Andres, Omar, Cayetana, and Rebeka are returning to Las Encinas. The four preludes (Samuel & Carla get one too) have upped the ante as well. In this season Manu Rios has joined the cast as Patrick, Pol Granch as Phillippe, Carla Díaz as Ari, and Martina Cariddi as Mencia. But, wait, who will die in this season? Watch it this weekend before anyone else and let us know your thoughts on Elite Season 4.

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How did you like this weekend watch list? Which show or movie are you going to watch this weekend? Let us know in the comments section below. Sayonara, until next time!

PS: If you feel we have missed some interesting movies/tv shows, it could be here.

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