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Friends: What happened behind the scene? #11 shocking reveals

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Which is the funniest TV show you have watched by far? I guess, many!
Munching snacks while watching a hilarious show is a relief therapy for our brain. We keep laughing at a small set of actions that refreshes our mind and mood. But you know what is the most difficult thing to do is? Choosing which one to watch out of so many. The struggle is real, you know! You might have watched many comedy series but watching FRIENDS is something we can never forget.

This show has gained the highest popularity across the world. People go mad to watch it on the loop. But today, you will find out some hidden astonishing facts about FRIENDS, which will force you to re-watch it. That would be your “WOAH!” moment. So, let us reveal some behind the scenes from this famous and highly appreciated show of all time. Ready? Let’s Go!

11 Shocking Reveals you wouldn’t have guessed about Friends

NO!!! We cannot wait more; open the magical box full of astonishing facts about F.R.I.E.N.D.S. So, moving quickly without sparing a single second, let us dig on to some hidden secrets of the most-watched TV shows, on Netflix, to date!
Bring It On!

Fact#1: The Cast Hated the Opening Theme Song of Friends

Friends title song
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Do you remember how excited we used to get whenever we heard the theme song? It was absolute love! But I guess, you don’t know the real secrets behind that song. So, to tell you, the cast was not a fan of the opening song “I’ll be there for you”. Each one of them hated it badly as they use to work till 2 or 3 in the morning and the theme song was the one which they shoot at last when all the enthusiasm gets completely drained. According to Aniston, it was weird dancing in the pond, before fountain-like kids and with no energy at all. But the cast did it as demanded by the show creators. Woah! That was surprising though. But regardless of anything, we loved the song soooo much!! Isn’t it friends?

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Fact#2: No Real Friends Reunion

Friends reunion

GOD! It was disheartening to hear these words back then. The team didn’t even think about getting along all over again to create the history one more time. In 2015, Courtney Cox stated in a famous TV show that it isn’t going to happen at all as it is difficult for each one of them to get together at one place leaving the lined-up work schedules. Even the show creators were convinced with a denial for the same. Around 2019, Warner Brothers TV was thought to have a reunion for HBO max which included the six main characters along with the directors but got disapproved by the channel. Later in mid-2020 HBO accepted the proposal and the reunion was aired in April 2021 under the name “The One Where They Got Back Together”.

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Fact#3: Cox’s Wedding Credits & Pitt’s Wrap Up

Courteney Cox wedding

There were real surprises at the end. Sometime around the end of season five, Courtney Cox got married and changed her name from “Courtney Cox” to “Courtney Cox Arquette”. In order to celebrate the newly-weds wedding of Cox and David Arquette, in a unique way, the cast changed their name too. In episode one of season six, you will find everyone with the last name Arquette along with their original name like Jennifer Anniston Arquette, Lisa Kudrow Arquette, and so on. Executive producers were also a part of this play game.

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While on the other hand, at the end (wrap) of the show, Anniston’s Husband Brad Pitt (then) threw a wrap-up party dinner at their house. They all enjoyed the bottle of wine which was given by producer Kevin during the first season. Well, you can’t give up on friends who could do such a beautiful thing to surprise and make you happy! Adorable!

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Fact#4: Friends without Jennifer Aniston

Friends without Jennifer Aniston

Friends without Aniston? Impractical! But it was almost done before being aired. Being the most famous and loved the character of the show Jennifer was not sure about coming back to season eight. In 2004 Aniston stated in an interview that she has some schedule issues with another season as it was odd to get back on the camera with a gap, after marrying Pitt. The question that she kept asking herself was: How much Rachel is still left in her? Though luckily, Jennifer’s stubbornness didn’t go too far and she agreed to be a part of the show again when creators decreased the number of episodes from 24 to 18. Phew! We are so glad you returned back. Thank you, Jennifer Aniston!

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Fact#5: Different Show Title than Friends

Friends title insomnia cafe

Have you ever noticed how cute the show’s name is? F.R.I.E.N.D.S: A complete sentence and a gesture of love in itself. But thinking of any name for the show would be unfair. In the 1990s, the script was written with the title ‘Insomnia Café’. Similar titles like Friends Like Us, Six of One, Across the Hall were also been taken into consideration but none of them were finalized by the creators. According to the title, the story was taking a lot many twists and turns to justify its theme but got an unsatisfactory result at the end. Later, before being aired on TV, it was cut short by NBC to a single forever working title, FRIENDS. God knows! How we would have accepted a different title for the show? Thankfully, things fell in their places at last!

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Fact#6: Creators Wanted Justin Timberlake and Ellen De-Generes

Justin timberlake

How about casting some great celebrities of that time, in the show? Wouldn’t that be fun? But, sometimes it doesn’t work the way we want, Right? The creators of the show, David Crane and Marta Kauffman wanted a couple of famous personalities for FRIENDS. According to the crew, creators had a meeting with Justin Timberlake as he desperately wanted to be a part of the show but they did not have a good role for him back then. Similarly, they wanted Ellen DeGeneres to join the family, so they offered the part of Phoebe Buffay, but she turned down the role due to some personal issues. Though, it would have been great to see and enjoy the funny side of these celebrities. You never know, which character suits them the best!

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Fact#7: Chandler and Phoebe Were Supporting Roles

chandler and phoebe

Cutting down two characters? Were they going with four friends in a group? Unthinkable! The writers of the show came up with the idea of having four lead characters i.e. Ross, Rachael, Monica, Joey. They never considered Chandler and Phoebe at the time of initial writing. Later, Chandler (played by Matt LeBlanc) and Phoebe (played by Lisa Kudrow) were considered as side supporting parts which didn’t also work the way they should have as the story went upside-down. Finally, both characters were included in the main cast before telecasting on television. Lord! It would have been so hard and uninteresting to swallow FRIENDS that way. Thank God, they were a bunch of six friends instead of four! Can you even imagine the entire FRIENDS’ plot without these two?

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Fact#8: No Nomination for Courtney Cox

No nomination courtney

Yeah, it actually happened! Courtney cox who played the role of Monica Geller was one of the fabulous characters from the show. The chemistry between Monica and Chandler was loved and appreciated worldwide. But when it came to Emmys, the entire cast, except Courtney Cox, who served the show for 10 big fat seasons were presented by Emmys. She was the only regular female on the series not to get the award. Even, the lady who played Monica’s mom, Judy (played by Christina Pickles) received the nomination, despite having a guest role of one year, but cox name was never counted. Well, after this ignorance we can just say that Emmys are fake and foolish. I mean HOW? How can Monica be loved for being intelligent, organized, and the queen of the spectacular “7” scene? Sighs!! 

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Fact#9: Lisa Kudrow & Courtney Cox Were Pregnant

Friends courtney and phoebe

Remember Phoebe being a surrogate mother for her brother’s triplets? Yeah of course! In 1997, Kudrow was pregnant with her son, Julian Murray. This affected the story-line drastically. The creators were thinking to mould the plot in such a way that it looks natural and connected to its audience. So, they decided phoebe to play a surrogate mother for the triplets of her brother, which was manageable. But later they got to know that in the last season; Courtney Cox was pregnant with her daughter too, which was a shock to everyone from the crew as the script was written accordingly where Monica and Chandler could not have kids. The directors somehow survived Cox’s pregnancy with costumes and props. Aww, isn’t this sweet to know that two friends got a piece of good news on the show? Or maybe the show was lucky for them!

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Fact#10: Trip to Vegas!

Friends cast to las vegas

What!!!! Was it a celebration? Absolutely yes! The director, James Burrow, who directed few episodes from 1995-1997 had a good feeling about the show. So, before the pilot episode was aired on TV, the cast went for a Vegas Trip. They enjoyed the dinner at Spago in Caesar’s Palace to experience the “Last shot at anonymity.” They returned to the same place to shoot Ross and Rachel’s drunk wedding. The place later got extremely popular and people use to visit it occasionally. Director asked them to enjoy themselves and said “Once the show comes on the air, you guys will never be able to go anywhere without being hounded.” However, this was reality and the words were totally correct. Woah!! Going on vacation with friends to feel nostalgic is one of the best feelings one can ever have, isn’t it?

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Fact#11: Sorry! We Need Some Changes!

Friends lisa kudrow guitar

Phew! As Always! Series make a number of corrections to make its plot and theme stronger. Likewise, there were many changes made in Friends before its telecast on television. One of these changes was the making of ‘Smelly Cat”. Lisa Kudrow was supposed to learn guitar to justify Phoebe’s character. Though she asked the creators if Phoebe can play bongos, it didn’t work. So, she took lessons for few days and then left as she was unable to get it and hated it a lot. Thus the Smelly Cat episode was brought up, which was just perfect.

Creators made one more change i.e. Cliffhangers not being shot in front of a live audience. The reason behind it was to not spoil the craze in front of them. So the audience was always removed to shoot cliffhangers in the season four finale episode “The one with Ross’s wedding”. The average friends took around five hours to shoot a regular episode, but cliffhangers stood out of it to maintain its secrecy. We wonder how tiring this would have been! Geez!

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Bonus Fact#12: The Sofa and the Dog

Friends sofa

Surprise! We got a bonus to reveal for you! There were some popular set items that you will always mention while talking about the show. We, as an audience, get attached to these little things. Like the famous orange sofa, which was found in the trash basement of Warner Bros. Studios, where the characters spent half of their seasons playing, chatting, and giggling. Also, do you remember that big white dog? Yes, that! It belonged to Jennifer Aniston. It was given by a close friend to Aniston on the first day of shooting the show. However, when they wrap the show, each cast member was allowed to take one item from the set. But nobody took the sofa as they wanted it to be a part of the set and remain there as a beautiful memory. Wasn’t it interesting to know all this? Undoubtedly Yes!

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Watching these six characters all day long and naming your group mates on them is what we all have done in our early ages. Okay, let me ask you a question, have you ever met a person who says they don’t like FRIENDS. And even if they don’t, I mean WHY!!!!! How can you dislike the show, there’s nothing to be counted as a flaw. It is just adorable and perfect!

Keeping that in mind, we have given you some of the astonishing facts about FRIENDS, to let you know the unexplored secrets behind what you see in the show. So. If you have watched the series yet, start it today itself and thank me later! I hope, we might have surprised you at least once during the read. Do let us know which one startled you the most. Also for more such witty and amusing content, keep visiting

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