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11 Top Movies about Airplane Hijacking that you’ll love

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Who love to fly!!!!!
No, no from flying I mean through airplane!

People love to travel. They explore new places and expand their time in this hobby. But what if they confront any unfortunate event on the way? God!! I wish they don’t go through any trouble, but ‘Hijacking’ is one such terror which nobody wanna face!! Right?

Thinking about the same, we have come across a few films that have shown ‘Hijacking’ in a very realistic way. The execution, cinematography and story line is what they have focused more. you will see a number of variations in plot twists and dialogue delivery. Well, I guess watching these wonders would be amazing as hell!! What do you think?

11 Extraordinary Movies That will give you the reality of Airplane Hijacking

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Flying is awesome but not when things aren’t in you favor!! Here we have a complete bowl of some top airplane hijacking movies that have given a tremendous performance to create this genre more interesting and breath-taking!

So are you ready to explore with me?
Here we go!!

Air Force One

top airplane hijack movies air force one

Don’t you think, politics have taken a different phase now which is not acceptable? Showing a similar plot, this movie shares a storyline where the president of the USA goes to Moscow and gives a promising speech stating that the USA is not going to tolerate any kind of disturbing activity from the terrorists. But as soon as he boards an official plane named Air Force One, a gang of terrorists mentored by Ivan Korshunov, hijack the plane and hostage each and every passenger, including his wife and daughter.

This team of hijackers declares the assassination every hour and a half if their demands don’t meet the deadline. Being a reputed Medal of Honor winner, the president will need to show some courage and help people and his family to get rid of the situation. Gawwd!!! When it comes to family, we all get helpless, isn’t it? Well, let us watch this famous award-winning movie and find out how the president reacts to the entire situation!! Ready?

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The Assault

top airplane hijack movies the assault
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Hijacking is the worst! You never know from which direction the death is waiting, right? Well, to showcase clarity through this movie “The assault” sums up the story of four Muslim terrorists’ plans to hijack a French plane in December 1994. The hijacking is done at Algiers airport where they decide to crash the plane straight into the Eiffel Tower. Following the protocol, they will blast the tower and this would be witnessed by 21 million people from the particular area. It is basically a French action thriller, directed by Julien Leclercq. The movie is based on a real incident of hijacking Air France flight 8969. Pheww!! Hijacking is one such trauma that no one can forget easily. Let’s watch this movie and see what these Chipmunks do to destroy the tower!! Ready?

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Airport 77

top airplane hijack movies airport 77

Going for a happy journey is what everyone expects, what happens if they face any mishappening? Stressful, right? Airport 77 portrays the same story where flight 23 gets crashed in Bermuda Triangle. The Plane carries V.IP.s and some very important art to transfer at the new museum of Philip Steven. In the meanwhile, the airplane gets hijacked and the hijackers leak out sleeping gas to make unconscious the passengers. Finally, flight 23 lands abruptly in the sea. Undoubtedly the passengers survive but there is a hole in the head of the plane from where the water keeps flooding in but two of the brave rescuers are needed to save the life of every passenger and not to let them drown under 100 feet of water. Woah!! It was terrifying!! Let us just watch this wonderfully executed piece.

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Stucking at a place with unknown hundreds and thousands of feet above the sky is an absolute terror. well, I never want to experience that. What about you? The film Skyjacked is one of the suspensive soaring cinematic art about a pilot of Boeing 707, Captain hank O’Hara. As the journey of this flight begins, it gets hijacked by an annoying old stager from the war of Vietnam, Jerome K Weber. He instructs the pilot to move towards Moscow for his personal reasons. The pilot is clueless and terrified, but he needs to find a solution out of it. Now it is up to him to keep him and his passengers alive and safe. Oooooo!! It is so stressful to tackle the situation despite being from one of them. Strange but true! Aye!!!

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The Aviator

the aviator

It is tough even to be rich. Don’t you think?? I guess, the movie “The Aviator” will depict all of it where biopic of a filthy rich personality named Howard Hughes focuses on his passion for designing and promoting brand new planes. Being a risk-taker he has lived his life with new planes. He finally becomes the founder of TWA to compete with his real beauty rival named Juan trippie. Later when Ralph, Juan’s congressman charges Hughes for gaining profit in war, Hughes gets publicity. Despite being a partial metal patient, Hughes had relationships with many women. God!! Such a brain spiral. I lost my mind for a few seconds. The story is Tangled but can sort out of you’re ready to help me with it? Will you?

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Snakes on a Plane

top airplane hijack movies snakes on a plane

How about if we talk about snakes? Eww, weird, right? Well, nobody wants to pet them, obviously!!!The movie shares the same plot view where Sean Jones encounters a murderer or a prosecutor while riding on his bike. Now, the next turn is of Sean, it seems, as when the robbers come towards Sean to kill him, agent Neville Flynn rescues him. He books the entire first class of Pacific air flight 121 just to save Sean and take him to L.A. Things go wrong when thousands of stinging poisonous snakes get into the cabin. They start attacking badly. Now Sean and Flynn have to decide what to do next to save the passengers. What??? I mean why??? No talks, just watch this dangerous movie about snakes hijacking a airplane!!

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The Delta Force

the delta force

Getting help in a critical situation is like a blessing from above and who can know it better than hostages! The delta force showcases the same story where an aircraft jetliner -707 flies from Athens to Rome and finally to New York City. This aircraft is hijacked on the midway by two Lebanese gangsters. These hijackers instruct pilots to fly towards Beirut and land the plane there. But they are unaware of the fact that an entire group of majors & commanders mentored by major McCoy and Colonel Alexander has already been informed about the whole scenario to get rid of these two terrorists. They are now ready to take the plane in the correct direction to save the hostage from these beasts. God!! Thankfully you can breathe now as the help is near. Let’s dive into the plot of this one and enjoy its vibe! What say?

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7 Days in Entebbe

Sometimes it is hard to accept the reality when you don’t find a way out of a problematic situation. Similar encounters are shown in the movie ‘7 Days in Entebbe’ where an Air France flight flies from Tel Aviv to Athens to Paris in July 1976. The flight gets hijacked by four terrorists who demand a forced landing in Entebbe, Uganda. They ask for the separation of Jewish passengers from the Flight and make hostages the rest. The second demand they make is to release all the terrorists that have been hostages for years in Israel. Finally after all ifs and buts, the Israeli government posts the duties of a group of fine commandos for the raid and releases all the flight hostages. Woah!!! Incredible! I think we should go for this one tonight, what do you say? Are we on the same page?

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It is tough to accept the death news of someone who is extremely close to you. But so you believe in Déjà vu? Well to find out let’s watch this amazing movie where an aviation engineering lady named Kyle is very disturbed due to the trauma she is facing of losing her husband. He has committed suicide by jumping from the terrace of their house in berlin, leaving Kylie and their 6 years young daughter, Julia, back. Both mother & daughter is now flying with the coffin of Kyle’s deceased husband to the United States of America. They are on the same plane crafted & designed by Kyle.

After being tired and stressed, Kyle wakes up from 3 hours of sleep, finds Julia is nowhere near. She informs flight attendants & those start searching for her. Finally, concluding that Kyle never boarded the plane with Julia and was all alone. Captain gives information that her husband took Julia with him before jumping off the terrace. Kyle is now shaken and not ready to accept the truth. Will she be able to tackle the situation? Let’s watch this one and see how things go!!

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United 93

Thinking about old scary memories gives us goosebumps, isn’t it? Well, the loss of 9/11 was one of them that still shake us up. United 93 portrays the same plot where two airplanes i.e. one from American Airlines and the other from United Airlines domestic U.S. are hijacked by a group of gangsters on September 11, 2001. One of the aircraft gets collided against the famous building, World Trade Centre, while the other crashed and hits the Pentagon area. All the crew and passengers of both the flights decide to take the matter into their own hands and fight against the entire gang of terrorists in order to control the airplane back on track. Undoubtedly the incident of 9/11 is unforgettable. Many movies have been made but I find this one a bit different, let us watch and find out what actually happened during that time!! Ready?

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Catch Me if You Can

catch me if you can

How about role-playing? Interesting, No? But what if one carries wrong intentions behind the curtains of role-playing. Well, that’s wrong. The movie, ‘Catch me if you can’ is based on a character named Frank Abagnale, a high school student who admires his dad. Unfortunately, his father gets trapped with IRS. After the separation of his parents, Frank leaves his home and goes to Manhattan carrying 25 dollars in his checking amount. He promises to fulfill the loss of his dad and reunite his parents once again. Years later, the FBI tracks him down in France where he is accused of spending 40 million dollars for being identities and most commonly a Pan Am Pilot of an airline. I mean WOW!! Leonardo DiCaprio and that too as a conman (Korean heart) I will absolutely love him even if he is a thief in the movie you wanna join? Get along fast!!

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Bottom Line

Hijacking is the worst nightmare one can ever experience. People get terrified, they are unware of the consequences and don’t even know whether they will reach to their destination or not. It is highly stressing to experience such events. God!! I cannot even imagine what these people might feel in such situations!! I hope I don’t ever encounter this event ever in my life!!
Well that was the list guys. We hope you liked the details and information about this article. We have gathered the facts and details in very refined way. Do let us know your reviews in the comment section below and also mention which movie you loved the most. Lastly, don’t forget to follow for such fantastic content!!
Rise and Shine!!

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