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11 Outstanding Action thriller movies of Tom Cruise

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Have you ever imagined your favorite actor being all rebellious and macho in an action movie?
Oh, Yes! Why not?
Yes, we are talking about one of the famous and the most stylish actor, TOM CRUISE. Being the hottest guy from the 90s, he has taken over the Hollywood industry with his remarkable works. This sassy heartthrob of the world has gained popularity since his first movie.

Later he paced up with Mission Impossible Franchise which is by far his best sextet from his part. So, considering some of his works were are here to present some great action movies of tom cruise that will compel you to watch them right away. But before that let’s see who is Tom Cruise. Ready?

TOM CRUISE: The Heartthrob of Millions

Holding and justifying any kind of challenging genre thrown at him, this American star was born in Syracuse, New York in a family of six, with Irish, German, and English ancestry. He had a catholic background and was brought up in poverty. One of his cousins William Mapother is also a part of the Hollywood Industry. He had bad relationships with his dad and started him as a cruel man towards his family and everyone else. Nearly, at the age of 18, he moved to New York and got his first movie Endless Love and since then he didn’t turn back to his past. Slowly and gradually, giving some incredible movies, he became the most cherished personality among the audience worldwide.

11 Outstanding Action thriller movies of Tom Cruise

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Well, now you might have got an idea who this darling superstar is! So, what are we waiting for? Let’s find out some great action movies of Tom Cruise and relax our minds with these cinematic beauties!
Proceed Up!

• The Last Samurai

Tom Cruise action movies the last samurai

This 2003 movie is one of the favorite action movies of Tom Cruise’s fans. The story behind this epic war film is about a military officer named Nathan Algren, who is hired by the emperor of Japan to train the country’s army. The government commands to wipe off the samurai class and establish the westernized and commerce-based policies. In all this chaos, Nathan comes up against the samurai warrior class and finds himself stuck between two cultures, eras, and worlds, which carry the different tradition and living standards. Directed by Edward Zwick, The Last Samurai was inspired by a lesser-known ear from Japan. It made a great impact on its audience by collecting a hard amount across the world. So, if you are really willing to watch a cultural war movie, don’t forget The Last Samurai. I am sure; it will fulfil your request!

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• Oblivion

Tom Cruise action movies list oblivion

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With great production values and wonderful acting skills by Cruise, Oblivion has it all. It shapes the story of 2077 where a security guard named Jack Harper, works on empty earth after a war with extraterrestrials. He has just two weeks to finish his target and meet his colleagues at a certain venue. Later, Jack leaves everything and saves a charming stranger whose spacecraft has been knocked off. As soon as she arrives, Jack’s life gets changed and he saves mankind taking everything into his two own hands. The execution of this sci-fi movie could have been a lot better with much more depth and research but still, it played a fair game. It isn’t a classic but watching it after several years, you will find it interesting. So stay tuned and experience the future!

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• Mission Impossible Franchise

Tom Cruise action movies list mission impossible

The most famous series of the Hollywood industry, Mission Impossible, has served incredible plots and action sequences worldwide. The background story follows the story of a government officer, Ethan Hunt, who along with his supervisor gets into a secretive mission that goes wrong. In this entire scenario, the supervisor is killed and Ethan becomes the main suspect. Now, he hires two people i.e. a hacker and a pilot to enter the CIA building in order to prove his righteousness. The movie has remarkable special effects with a connecting approach to the audience.

Being the most successful action series Mission Impossible gave a variety of expression to Cruise, despite the fact he didn’t know if Ethan was going to be a hit. So, if you haven’t seen the franchise till now! My Dear Friend, you are missing out on something outstanding!

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• Edge of Tomorrow

Tom Cruise action movies list edge of tomorrow

Oh, Mahn!! He is back with another Sci-fi fiction action thriller with the most stunning Emily Blunt. Edge of Tomorrow is one of the finest critically appreciated movies of Tom Cruise where he plays the role of Major William Cage. He has been given a task to fight with aliens who are going to conquer the world and the military has knelt down before them. Fighting this battle, William finds himself traveling in the time loop. He keeps on experiencing death over and over again.

Nonetheless, the fighting competencies of Major enhance in this whole process, bringing him and a fellow worker more closely, beating the aliens. The movie clearly manages between action and humorous elements making it calmer and composed in its plot, carrying both the protagonists further. Oh! This couple, in a fantastic action thriller, would be adorable. What do you think? Stream it on Netflix now.

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• Minority Report

Minority Report

Directed by Steven Spielberg, this 2002 sci-fi thriller is amazing at everything. The story plots a theme of 2054 where the police manage to use a supernormal technology to arrest and jailbird the criminals who are planning to do the crime. These cops take those criminals in custody before they commit any crime of any kind.

Tom Cruise plays the role of the head of this unusual crime group, who has been charged for the act of murder of a person whom he has not even met. The story of this action detective thriller is loosely based on the science fiction book of the same name by author Philip. K Dick and takes place in Washington D.C. This beautifully acted film by Cruise has some great action thriller with a number of murder mysteries which will keep you connected throughout its plot. So, if you want to experience a different side of Cruise, do watch Minority Report!

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• Collateral


Collateral will give you a different and a newer version of Cruise which is just the opposite of all the action series he is pro in. The synopsis of this thriller cinematic piece shows the story of an LA-based taxi driver named Max, who earns his ass off to start his own limousine business but is done with the work for his day. An unknown suited person comes and offers him $600 to meet the certain five stops. Later, the unknown man turns into a hitman and tells each stop has something or the other weird. As the dawn comes, Max starts thinking if he would be able to see the sunrise because both of them are being chased by the Central Bureau of Investigations and country police. In simple words, the movie is awesome. Trust me you’re going to fall in love with the royal villainous role of Cruise!

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• Jack Reacher

Tom Cruise action movies Jack Reacher

This action thriller movie of Tom Cruise is directed by Christopher MacQuarrie which is based on Lee Child’s 2005 novel ‘One Shot’. It narrates the story of five men who are shot dead by a mysterious attack. As the authorities take the culprit into custody, he gives a statement to catch Jack Reacher. Reacher is a baffling ex-army scrutineer who supports the army has the right man to investigate but somehow helps the culprit’s attorney, resulting in a mess. The more Jack dives into the case, the more it gets worse.

With the smoothing charming performance given by Cruise, this film was a huge success not only at the box office but also in its critical views. Praised for its incredible cinematography and interesting plot, Jack Reacher is a visually appealing crime thriller. So, be an investigator with Cruise and explore the journey!

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• Top Gun

Top Gun

Made with $15 million and grossing 353 million, this movie became one of the top-notch action movies of Tom Cruise. The story is carried about a school, which gets the best of the best trainees and flourishes their flying skills as a pilot. An expert pilot named Maverick (played by Cruise) is sent to the academy whose inattentive behavior and arrogant attitude ditches him. He gets into a mess with a calm and cool pilot and receives hatred. Maverick is not only struggling to be the number one fighter pilot but also trying really hard to be a suitable partner in the eyes of a beautiful flight instructor, Charlotte Blackwood (played by Kelly McGillis). Featuring some outstanding aerial shots, this Tony Scott’s action drama pushed Cruise’s career, garnering a huge fan following. So, don’t miss out on this beautiful movie of a handsome hottie!

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• Knight & Day

Tom Cruise action movies Knight and day

Well, this time is the entering with a different genre, i.e. action with comedy. The 2010 movie Knight & Day is based on the story where a girl named June Havens starts talking to her seatmate on a flight to Kansas, without knowing that she will have to face an international expedition. The fellow seatmate (played by Tom Cruise) is a secret officer who is on a mission which he can’t disclose.

Now, Havens had to avoid many criminal fights like avoid bullets, running for life, ignore bulls in Spain, and many more. Later, she and his seatmate realize that trust is the only branch they can sit on for actual survival. This middle-of-the-road summer action movie gave proper space and time to Cruise to present his acting skills in a fantastic manner. So, are you willing to update your list with this blockbuster?

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• War of the Worlds

War of the Worlds

Bringing back another collaboration of Tom Cruise with Steven Spielberg is War of the Worlds. It is an adaptation of the novel by English writer, H.G. Wells of the same name. Tom Cruise takes up the role of Ray Ferrier who works on a dock for survival. He tries to connect to make a positive relationship with two children, i.e. Rachel and Robbie whom his ex-wife has dropped them at his house, making it a hectic weekend. Later, when electromagnetic rays of lightning occur in the city, it indicates the arrival of some disaster.

Soon, things are being identified as the beginning of alien conquering. Now, it is a core duty and responsibility of Ferrier to save the lives of his children. The sci-fi movie War of the Worlds got good reviews overall and made its space differently in Hollywood. Watch this remarkable piece with family and enjoy the adventure.

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• American Made

American made

This most recent 2017 movie, was appreciated by critics and was praised this film for the appealing and strong depiction of Tom Cruise’s personality. It shares the tale of Transworld airline’s pilot named Barry Seal who is hired by the CIA to provide a proper investigation on the expanding communist terror in Central America and finds him standing in the middle of the biggest secret CIA operations in the books of the United States.

This operation gives rise to the Medellin group and brings it down to the Regan White House. American Made carries a slow and fast journey of real-life incidents, making it impressive and easy to explore. With a pinch of simple love story in between the tale pulls it off smoothly and nicely along with the written plot making it among the best action movies of Tom Cruise. A must-watch piece!


It is always been a treat to eyes to watch tom cruise on screen. Being an action thriller fan, you won’t get disappointed by any of his war movies. But do you know how much effort and pain the actors go through to make an action film? Obviously, so much of it. There are not always graphics that can help a character, rather sometimes the cast has to do all the action sequences by themselves.

Phew!! Too hard to manage. Well, keeping that in mind we have given you an entire list of some flawless action movies of Tom Cruise. So, let’s wind up. Do let us know your reviews in the comments below and also convey which action film carried you with it?

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