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The starling: Wings of freedom 

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The starling is another cinematic magic in the space of Netflix. The story is about the process of getting wings of freedom, wings to fly and to cry. This movie is a combination of empathy, bond, and understanding. 

Plot overview

The movie shows us the journey of a couple after the death of their baby girl. They had tried to move ahead from the incident together but failed. The process was getting complex every day; therefore, they decided to take separate ways to heal but with the same amount of pain and guilt. The story revolves around the three main characters. It shows how a tragedy can break a person if we don’t form a proper way for our emotions to come out. 

The starling: Story of healing 

the starling

The Script by Matt Harris is structured with love and loss. The wonderfully penned story is a visual bliss and also executed with clarity. The cinematography by Lawrence Sher gives the movie more power. The scenic view of the birds in the opening of the film is captured very beautifully.

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The story takes us through the journey of people after a loss. The audience will feel the struggle of the characters to move from denial and aggression. Jack Maynard, played by Chris O’Dowd, had been in depression for a long time. But he never accepted his battle and refused to take help. The agony of jack had shaken his life and created an imbalance between his emotions and mind, which pushed Lilly into the room of loneliness, but she never allowed herself to give up and struggled alone until she met Dr. Larry.  

Kevin Kline plays the role of Dr. Larry. He takes care of his cats and dogs; maybe that’s his way of giving a path for his emotions to come out. Lilly never contacted any therapist for help, even after a year of the incident. However, one day she decides to contact Dr. Larry through a reference. Lilly’s hesitation in taking help always made her go deep in the well of sorrow and anger, but somehow, she got the courage to meet Dr. Larry. The relation between Dr. Larry and Lilly is not that good; he initially refused to help because he left therapy years ago. But later on, he agreed to talk to her, but not in a therapeutic manner. Lilly called their deal “not therapy, therapy.” Nevertheless, Dr. Larry’s subtle way of answering Lilly’s questions helped her pick up her pieces and restart her life with Jack. 

The movie is pleasant to watch, but at the same time, it makes us think, especially people who could relate to the story. The starling bird is one of the highlights of the movie; it makes us also annoyed. The bothering bird became a reason to unlock many locks of Lilly’s life. 

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The bird

the starling

The bird is an essential highlight of the movie. The starling continued to trouble Lilly; she started to feel like she was a trespasser in their place. She began to find different ways to get rid of the bird. However, the bird is more stubborn than the denial of Lilly. The bird forced her to discover the meaning of life again. 

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The bond between Lilly and Jack

the starling review

Though the couple was handling things in different ways, as viewers, we will never feel detachment between the two. It is refreshing to see the understanding and patience showed in the movie to deal with mental health issues. The couple had a very healthy relationship before the incident, and those roots of love helped the couple to come out of a tragedy. The actors completely soaked the characters into them, which is why the audience will also feel the love even if it was covered with guilt. 

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The starling: Give yourself a treat, watch it

The starling, this movie is smooth and connects with you and makes you realize many unsaid things and discover something about yourself. Every scene in the film speaks a thousand words without saying much. The pain of a tragedy lies in the eyes of Lilly and Jack; their anger is filled with love and helplessness; the audience will be able to see the emotion the makers want to show. 

The background music also adds up to the experience. If you enjoy seeing something real, something we see nowadays in real life, something we might be going through, then watch it. You never know sometimes; the unknown direction can lead us to our destination.

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