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Squid Game – Losers Can’t Whine. 

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This time Netflix brings a very mysterious and dangerous game for the audience. Squid game keeps you on the edge of the seat and lets the pupil of your eyes enlarge very frequently. 

Plot overview

Story of a bunch of people who get punched by life every day. They bleed every day, but the color is not always red. Their journey starts when all the doors of their lives close. 

Children in Korea play squid games. The game turned out to be more than just fun when the adults played it. Four hundred fifty-six people got the invitation to this game. The only common factor between them was their miserable life. They signed up for this trip because they did not want to give up on their lives and family. The participation was without any coercion; however, unfortunately, they were not entirely aware of the game’s structure because they were so blinded by their agony and the prize money, of course. 

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Seong Gi-hun, played by Lee Jung -Jae, is an essential character in the story. His desperation to be with his daughter and support his family made him participate in this noxious tournament.

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Review of Squid game- Can’t use sports person spirit here!

squid game

The splendid vision of writer-director Hwang Dong-Hyuk made the movie full of surprises and increased curiosity. The story gives us the freshness of originality. 
From the game of children to death, the squid game has everything a mysterious drama needs. Since the first scene, the series engaged the audience with surprises and sometimes shocked. As the story progresses, the fear of losing life increases than the need for money. Another exciting aspect is the formation of the thrilling set of the series. The makers throw the audience into the deadly game and makes them feel like part of the series; well, that’s not very pleasant! However, from the creepy doll to the VIP rooms, the makers successfully maintain the film’s suspense. 

The elimination process of the game is the most chilling sight to witness; if you lose, you die. The game is not, after all, about the money. One of the main agendas behind the games is fun; the excitement VIPs get from betting on humans like they usually do for horses, yeah! Then why not humans and just shot them immediately after losing the game? What a fun ride! The other business they were involved in was the business of organs; how did a group of people make such a wild game to sell parts of humans for money? 

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The red color squad 

squid game review
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The staff in red and the front-man in black with masks give us the taste of fear. The work of the costume designers is on point. 

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Gganbu buddies 

Human relations can be formed anywhere, anytime, within a minute. In this torturous game, one cannot afford to make solid relations or even show little empathy or sympathy towards other players, but few of them did! No 101 and 456, they became Gganbu buddies during the game. Gganbu is a good friend, the one we trust a lot. However, do they know everything about each other? 

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Selfless death

Ji Yeong is the only character in this game who chose to die, die with honor. This is because the connection between Ji Yeong and Sae byeok is pure and more potent than any other player. 

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Ji Yeong let go of her life and promised to help Sae byeok (Jung Ho Yeon) win the challenge. She dies with a smile and satisfaction that she was able to help her friend. Lee Yoo Mi plays Ji Yeong; her character is indifferent to their situation; however, as the story progresses, we will be able to see a selfless and good friend in her.

Lee Yoo Mi presented an impactful performance in a brief period; she left her mark in the audience’s hearts. 

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Squid Game: Can money fill the emptiness?

At the end of the game, Seong Gi-hun goes back to his home with the baggage of many emotions, memories, and guilt; the game caused chaos in his mind.

The story touched a very crucial part of our lives; it showed us the place of money. The money Seong Gi-hun won became immaterial. Financial pressure was the main reason for his decision to participate in this game, but his suffering continued even after winning the money. This series is a game nobody would like to play.

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Watch it or Skip it? 

Thriller lovers, this drama is your paradise, don’t hesitate to dive into this magic.

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