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9 Humorous movies like Superbad you’ll love to watch

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You might have seen many different genres, but have you ever tried watching a teen comedy?
If yes, try recalling it!
There are many movies like Superbad which you might be missing.

We all like the comedy genre and don’t want to overlook it whenever we go across them. That one feeling which is very contagious and spreads rapidly when it goes for entertainment is laughter. Be it F.R.I.E.N.D.S or Superbad (TV show or movie), you will always find it interesting as it refreshes your mood.

Let’s think, haven’t you asked the name of that movie which somebody was watching and laughing at? Of course, you do, because you too want to enjoy those funny moments. But now, you won’t be asking anyone as we are here to help you with a complete list of movies like Superbad you don’t want to pass over.

List of 9 Humorous movies like Superbad

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Presenting you a catalog of nine remarkable cinematic pieces that are very similar to Superbad, so if you are a huge fan of this one, I am sure you will like the entire stock of such movies.
Let’s roll on!

• Easy A

movies like superbad  EASY A

This teen comedy was Emma Stone’s first feature film on the big screen, where she plays a witty and endearing character. The movie’s plot revolves around this bubbly girl, Olive, who lies to her best friend Rhiannon that she has a date to avoid the party at Rhiannon’s place. Days passed, and she does not reveal the truth to her best friend rather piles up one more lie that she lost her virginity the previous weekend on the date. This conversation is overheard by a classmate Amanda, who spreads it in the entire school. After a few days, Oliver returns with a bang makeover, thus making the issue profitable for her. The storyline brings a comic aura that matches the pace of the movie perfectly. What are your thoughts on this? Will you give this movie a chance to topping your list?

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• Can’t Hardly Wait


This 1999 movie is all about a high school graduation get-together with the plan of enjoying it with men. It goes so crazy that something big and interesting things occur that night. Three couples spend some beautiful time together but later experience some weird stuff too. For knowing what actually happened, you need to watch the movie. The best thing about the movie is its appealing star cast, namely, Jennifer Love Hewitt, Ethan Embry, Charlie Korsmo, Lauren Ambrose, Peter Facinelli, and Seth Green, who did justice to the given characters. The story has been written sophisticatedly, keeping it out of vulgarity, making it more eye-catching to watch. Can’t Hardly Wait was a hit on the box office and won many hearts, especially 90s kids who could connect to the movie directly.

• Roadtrip

movies like superbad ROAD TRIP

This movie also shows the same storyline from the director of Hangover, where four friends go on an 1800-mile epic road trip from New York to Texas to save their friend’s relationship. Out of them, one friend picks up a girl from a party and shoots a hot video which is mistakenly sent to the boy’s girlfriend in Texas. What happens next will blow your mind! For that, you need to switch on your TV and watch the entire movie. Trust me; you will die in laughter once you match the flow of this movie. It is a hell of a roller coaster adventure to be on. Todd Philips, the director of this movie, initially put this theme in front of the audience in 2000, later making a blockbuster of the same theme in 2009, Hangover.

• 21 Jumpstreet

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Similar to Superbad, the film stars Jonah Hill in her high school (Not exactly). The movie unfurls its story by introducing their protagonists who are a part of the jump street unit and enters a school by being and goes undercover, dressing as teens. They sell out their guns and badges to purchase school bag packs and are making themselves ready to stop the intake of some dangerous drug. Soon the time passes, and they feel that the high school, not the same which they use to study in. So they drop the original plan and decide to re-live their past. It is basically the adaptation of the 80s TV Series of the same name, which is not taken so seriously. Let us count this one in your list for more humor; what say?

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• Accepted


Starring Justin Long, Blake Lively, Anthony Heald, and Lewis Black, this 2016 feature film tells a story about a senior who gets a rejection letter from his latest college. To find an appropriate way according to him and fool everyone, he opens his own university and his friends. They find an abandoned building, launch their own website, hire a friend’s uncle as a fake dean and name it South Harmon Institute of Technology and Tadaaa!! The college is here!! Later all the rejects from other universities also start applying. Accepted is one of those movies to which our generation would connect as they might definitely think to get enrolled in such colleges who literally rejects them for one thing or the other. What do you think? Would you like to be a part of such a college?

• 16 Candles

movies like superbad 16 CANDLES

Watching Molly Ringwald and Anthony Mitchell together after The Breakfast Club is such a treat to the eyes. The story carries itself with Samantha’s 16th birthday, which is blocked by her sister’s wedding. Samantha has a crush on an older bodacious boy with whom she wants to be, but losing the maidenhood is what she worries about. On the other hand, a sweet geeky boy finds Samantha attractive and falls in love with her. How this tangles love triangle untangles itself, you have to watch the movie to know it. This teen humor has a pinch of youth changing according to the culture and difficulties they face. What do you think? Have you been in a similar love situation? Let’s stick this one in your slip to give it a peak.

• Knocked up


How can you think of a movie without including Seth Rogan’s hilarity? Amusing us in Superbad, he back with a new movie of the same genre. The tale twirls around how a one-night stand turns into a scary nightmare. Alison (Katherine Heigl) realizes that she is pregnant and the child’s father is the man she slept with last weekend. She takes a step to call him up and asks to raise the child along with him. Now, the journey of becoming parents start, where they really fall for each other. Seth hardly disappoints you, and this movie will definitely leave you laughing to death. On the other side, Katherine has also given space to know her character more in this genre. So give yourself some time to watch this beautiful cinematic pudding.

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• Booksmart


Directed by Olivia Wilde, this teen comic narrates the story of two best school students, Amy and Molly, who work hard to give their classmates a chance to rise in academics. But as the graduation day arrives, these friends recognize that they have left a few years of the teenage they want to live. Thus, managing to stuff four years into one night and getting their time back. This topsy-turvy adventure of re-living those years is what connects you with the story full of laughter. Booksmart and Superbad have a similarity of sharing a story between friends who want to have that one night to live before moving to college. Being a youth, you might get away to know this plot clearly. Let us count bookmark for your record. What say?

• Blockers


There are many movies like Superbad, but this 2018 blockbuster is way funnier than it. The plot survives itself where three high school scholars organize a prom night to turn off their chastity. Later somehow, their parents get to know about this prom by text messages and chats, which unfortunately stops them. Running out of time, the parents tries tips and tricks to stop their children from being into intimate relationships. The movie has a good sense of humor which definitely indicates the influences of Superbad. The remarkable storyline and wonderful star cast, including our favorite, John Cena, became a hit on the box office. Trust me, the film got us chuckling the entire time. If you are looking for an overdose of laughter, this movie will serve you that instantly.

Is there going to be Superbad 2?

The answer to this question states, NO!

There is not any Superbad 2 as the star cast was not willing to have it. They wanted it to be the only movie to leave its essence to the audience. Nonetheless, the cast and crew did not leak this discussion out. Later in an interview with a famous TV channel, Superbad, Judd Apatow said that the actors did not even think of making a sequel. However, he wanted to do Superbad for college youth, but no one would listen to him. This way, the plan dropped, and Superbad stood alone, maintaining its royalty.

Closure: Movies like Superbad

You don’t need to experience a great laughter journey with every comedy movie. Some movies are just not made for it, even if everything is perfect. Every comedy genre needs that perfect kick or a punch for generating humor in the plot. Movies like Superbad really made it up to the mark and won our hearts for the same, thus gaining huge recognition among the audiences.
Don’t just bore yourself by watching F.R.I.E.N.D.S on repeat; try something new and live those 90 minutes of your life enjoying hilarious moments. So, get settled, have a cup of coffee, and pick a movie. We hope this article has helped you in your search. Let us know in the reviews which one you watched and liked the most.
Heads Up!

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