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After Nadia & Guzman, Elite’s Samuel & Carla Gets Their Own Short Story Before Elite Season 4 Release

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While fans of majorly loved Spanish teen drama Elite are eagerly waiting for what’s in the future for Guzman, Samuel, Ander, Rebeka, and Omar in season 4, one of the two love stories that left viewers with a major cliffhanger was of Samuel and Carla. The attraction and passion that bloomed between them were one of the major turn-ons of season 3. But when Carla left for studies abroad after inheriting the winery, fans thought that’s the end of their unfinished love story.

Netflix Announces New Mini-Series for Samuel and Carla

You wanted it, Netflix delivered it. A mini TV series on the love story of Samuel and Carla is set to release on Netflix this Thursday, June 17. Elite fans will now be witnesses to how Samuel and Carla’s love story blossoms. Let us tell you this is coming just one day before the release of Elite Season 4. Many fans and critics believe that it is Netflix’s new strategy to set the stage for upcoming big season releases with mini-series. While Las Encinas is set to welcome the new batch in Elite Season 4 on June 18, Netflix special Elite Short Stories on Nadia & Guzman and now Samuel and Carla have been introduced to increase the anticipation for the main series launch. So far, fans are in love.

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What Happened to Samuel and Carla in Season 2 & 3?

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Samuel and Carla never crossed paths before season 2 when Samuel suspected Carla’s involvement in Marina’s murder. So, he started getting close to Carla, who was then shaken from Christian’s ‘accident’. But little did he know about the chemistry they would share when they came closer. And damn, whenever they came closer, the screen was on smokes! But the depth of attachment from Carla’s side came out when Samuel joined hands with Guzman and pretended to disappear. She suspected Samuel was killed by her dad.

However, in season 3, Samuel and Carla kept their distance from each other, sparks and heated glances followed everywhere. But when Polo died, Samuel was there for Carla. In the last scenes of Elite Season 3, Carla decides to go abroad for studies leaving Samuel behind. But is this the end of their story?

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Will Samuel Win Over Carla?


What we understand from the trailer is Samuel attempts a big, romantic gesture at the airport to persuade Carla not to board her flight to London. As obvious, sparks among them fly. Will Carla finally stay for Samuel? Will we be seeing Carla in Elite season 4 again? You have to watch it for yourself. Rest assured, in Elite Short Stories: Carla Samuel, there will be passion, tension, heartbreak, and a lot more romance.

Stream all the 3 seasons on Netflix here

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Tell us which Elite Short Story did you like? Which Elite couple are you rooting for? Let us know in the comments section below.

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