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Perfect Fit Review: A near perfect new rom-com from Netflix?

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‘A Perfect Fit’ combines the light romance of Netflix rom-com movies with strong Balinese culture and traditions. The story-line is light and crisp but dense in subplots. Also, a side of Bali that is not explored much in pop culture before, features in this movie widely.

A good representation of the Balinese culture

Every scene is related to each other and brings the magic of Balinese culture. The background beautifully captures the natural wonders of Bali and its magical charm. And a lot of people who come to Bali often feel and talk about it. Saski’s journey introduces the audience to exotic locations in Bali as well as rarely encountered cultures. Everything is neatly woven if it is intertwined with one another.

Perfect Fit: Plot Overview

‘A Perfect Fit’ follows the story of Saski ( Nadya Arina ), who is getting married to Deni ( Giorgino Abraham ). Their parents arranged their marriage, and at first glance, they seem to be the perfect couple. But when Saski meets Mrs. Hadrah ( Christine Hakim ), who predicts her future, Saski is carried away on a magical journey, which opens doors to new avenues, which she had never realized existed.

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Perfect fit movie review

It was a meeting with Rio (Refal Hadi) that opened Saski’s world more colorful and cheerful. Not only does he help Saski find the right shoes, Rio, who is a free-spirited person and likes challenges, even encourages Saski to see the world from a different perspective.

However, as Saski’s wedding day with Deni comes closer, the more complicated her life seems. Even the palm reader conveys that both of them would not be compatible with each other, she becomes unsure of her relationship with Deni.

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A usually predictable rom-com

The ending of the movie was quite predictable, as is the case with most Netflix movies. The audience can sense the plot of the movie from a mile away. Sometimes, the dialogues, cinematography, or the acting in the movies can make it enjoyable even though you might know the ending. But this one gets too boring, too fast. The only thing that saves this movie is the picturesque locales.

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Perfect fit movie rom com netflix romantic scenes

There are countless romantic moments and scenes in this film that make my heart flutter. We automatically sign up for some classic ‘loved-up’ moments. The creators use the basic formula used in any romantic movie. And it works out well for this one.

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Genuine representation

Overall, A Perfect Fit successfully brings hidden and unexplored Balinese culture to the international scene. It was also able to provide global audiences with a view of the closeness of Indonesian people to their customs and culture without being patronizing. However, the project would have been inauthentic and bland if it was executed by western cinema. A foreigner cannot bring out the Genuity of the Balinese culture and traditions. And the movie ends up looking. This also gives a chance to many talented international artists to make a mark on world cinema.

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Unexpected visits

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A Perfect Fit’s story-line is reminiscent of many other films and romantic dramas that exhibit the stories of a woman and a man who fall in love with each other due to an unexpected moment in their lives or a ‘miraculous moment’.

One movie that comes to my mind is Notting Hill (1999), starring Hugh Grant and Julia Roberts. It portrays Will Thacker (Hugh Grant), a bookstore owner of The Travel Book Co., in the film Notting Hill who falls in love with Anna Scott (Julia Roberts), who suddenly comes to his shop, and this changes his life forever.
Something similar happens in this movie. Saski’s unplanned presence surprised Rio, who was still working in his shoe shop. However, Saski’s beauty enchants him and a romance blooms between the two. And they set on an exciting adventure in Bali and encounter various heart-opening events.

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There are issues, but doesn’t everything have many?

Of course, A Perfect Fit has logical loopholes. But logic is not the primary aspect for the viewers of this genre.

It is hard to make a movie that encompasses two genres and do justice to the two genres. How many are truly funny romantic comedies out there? Romance and comedy are two subjective terms that very few people agree on. For instance, in Pretty Woman, I don’t find it “romantic” that Richard Gere goes down on a prostitute he just picked up off of an LA street corner. I appear to be in the minority historically, but I won’t budge from that assessment. It is hard to tell a story with a plot that does justice to a romantic story-line while being funny enough to be noteworthy, especially in 90 minutes.

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Reminds you of Cinderella

Perfect fit movie different colors of life

The story-line seems like a remake of a classic Cinderella tale with a Balinese backdrop and (maybe) a more realistic approach while keeping its cliches to swoon you over. For example, instead of a fairy mother, we have a psychic. And she carries around a tarot card, with leaves and swan feathers as her wand. Also, instead of a damsel in distress, we get to see how one’s relationship can be the biggest block for your true self. And there are more realistic varieties of family values and struggles that shape the direction of each character.

Saskia represents a modern-day Balinese woman who comes from a family with traditional values that influences her decisions and perspectives. While on the other hand, we get to see Rio’s childhood friend, Tiara (Anggika Bolsterli), who comes from a wealthy and modern family with a hustling work ethic that values time and discipline over humility. But despite all of the differences, everyone gets their perfect fit.

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Should you watch Perfect Fit?

‘A Perfect Fit is not exactly a perfect film with a good story-line or direction. But the formulaic romance works in its favor. And this movie can be a refresher for you with its beautiful scenic views and clothes if you are tired of the quarantine period or stuck at zoom meetings all day. You can have a good time exploring Bali’s rich heritage with a light story to pass the time.

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