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Never Have I Ever Season 2- Binge-worthy show for teens

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Most of us would have already binge-watched season two of Mindy Kaling and Lang Fisher’s Netflix series ‘Never Have I Ever Season 2’ by now. Even though it is full of high school drama and teen issues, it is refreshing to see a south Indian girl who grapples with tradition and western modernity. I feel like the story had much more emotional scenes this season than last season. While I wouldn’t say I like love triangles, I can’t help but get invested in them. Seeing Devi spiral out of control was very intriguing compared to the last season, which was more focused on Devi’s relationships.

What is ‘Never Have I Ever’?

John McEnroe reprises the role of narrator in the second season too. It follows the life of Devi Vishwakumar (Maitreyi Ramakrishnan), a nerdy student at a Sherman Oaks high school. California. She lives with her mother, Dr Nalini Vishwakumar (Poorna Jagannathan) and her too-perfect cousin Kamala Nandiawada (Richa Moorjani). Devi’s father, Mohan (Sendhil Ramamurthy), passes away, and we see a grieving family and a young teen dealing with the quotidian challenges life throws her way.

Never Have I Ever Season 2: Plot Overview

In ‘Never Have I Ever Season 2’, Devi continues to deal with the everyday pressures of high school and drama at home while also navigating new romantic relationships. Created by executive producer Mindy Kaling, we go right into season two and right before her impending move to India, Devi faces her first ever love triangle. And we know exactly what this is all about because that was a big part of season one. Fleshing out and developing these two characters, who are each special in their way. But who is Devi going to end up with? Is it going to be Ben, or is it going to be Paxton?

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never have i ever season 2 devi and paxton

Normally, when a Netflix series or movies they’re dealing with choosing between a girlfriend/boyfriend, a lot of times they handle it in very tropes and cliched, just unauthentic ways. But with ‘never have I ever, you have this emotional connection to these characters. And you feel connected to not only Devi but her family and her two friends.

Our main character here is still dealing with the emotional fallout from what happened to her father. And it’s so hard to move on from that. From Devi’s perspective, it feels like she is trying to move on from her past, but that really carries weight into how she responds to certain things and how she makes a few mistakes in this season. ‘Never have I ever season 2’ also focuses on the relationships of Devi’s friends, including Eleanor and Fabiola.

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Not a new story-line

Many people, especially teenagers, are going to watch this show and relate so much to the experiences of these characters. The younger viewers can really get on board with any of the characters. They are so relatable. Even if you are not in high school, you can still see yourself as these characters. You latch on to those characters, and when they go through trials and tribulations, you really feel that.

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Now the story-line and every subplot on the surface seems like something that you might have already seen. But there is always a little twist or a little spin on it that makes it feel fresh and also relevant at the same time. That is the thing with these Netflix shows. They use the same premise and use just the right amount of twists. And so the audience might feel nostalgic but also feel that they are watching something new.

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How are the character developments?

never have i ever season 2 character development

Every main character from season 1 regressed besides Paxton, Kamala, and Nalini. Maybe Fabiola. But Ben, Devi, and Eleanor were the most unlikable characters, in my opinion. Ben’s treatment of Devi in the first few episodes was horrid and was a big regression from his arc in season 1.

Devi just messed up big time, so much to the point where they made her “too flawed” of a character. Devi made one too many mistakes for me to actively root for her as the protagonist. And Eleanor just treated people badly. She treated her friends poorly after being manipulated by Malcolm. And she treated Oliver poorly by ditching him without a second thought. Also, she treated her parents poorly when they had no reason to be as disliked by her as they were.

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They were trying to build Paxton’s character this season to reinforce the love triangle, and he needed to be put on a level dating field as Ben. (I mean, with how season 1 ended, Ben was more the obvious choice. ) That’s why we didn’t see much of the other characters. Overall, a mixed bag in terms of character development.

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Countless subplots

There were a lot of subplots with the supporting characters. And it felt a little overwhelming. I get that it’s a romantic comedy, but not everyone needs to have their subplot. It would have been better if they just focused on one or two other characters in depth. Maybe only on Eve/Fabiola and either Nalini or Kamala. All these subplots were overkill. That said, I’m really glad that this season adds Eleanor’s subplot with Malcolm- to show how red flags start yellow/orange and build up when you’re already in too deep.

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Final Thoughts

This season was a bit more stretched out. The series is better as an eight-episode season, ten episodes look a bit stretched. At some point, the show became really boring. And some scenes felt really unneeded. Creators complicated this season for no reason. It was going in circles around the same topic whilst also adding a subplot for all the characters.

However, it remains an enjoyable show overall. If you watched the first season and enjoyed it, then you would definitely love this one too. In conclusion, ‘Never Have I Ever Season 2’ is a completely bingeable series. Before you know it, you’re swept into Devi’s world and every episode watch another and another until you see who she finally chooses.

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