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Lucifer Season 6: A Devilish Goodbye

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Lucifer’s sixth and last season has come to a fittingly dramatic and tragic conclusion, one that, in so many aspects, fulfills the fans’ deepest desires. As somebody who binge-watched the entire series, I’m relieved to report that all of my time spent binge-watching the FOX-turned-Netflix DC Comics drama was well paid since the last season was excellent.

Recap from season 5

At the end of season 5, we see Lucifer taking God’s position (not really) and finally defeating Michael. Remie gets killed in crossfire between the two brothers, and the entire angel kingdom is divided into team Michael and team Lucifer. At the L.A. Coliseum, Lucifer and his lookalike brother, Michael, fight it out to see who will be crowned the next God. Lucifer and his companions eventually vanquished the deceitful Michael, and Lucifer appeared to be on the verge of ascending.

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Lucifer Season 6: Plot Overview

lucifer season 6
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For Lucifer Morningstar (Tom Ellis), preparing to be God is no easy task. Fortunately, he has the support of Chloe Decker (Lauren German) and the rest of their pals. Somebody new appears, though, and throws a wrench in Lucifer and Chloe’s efforts. The show begins easily enough, with Lucifer and Chloe meeting up on what is supposed to be his final night in Los Angeles. As Season 6 begins, Lucifer isn’t so convinced he’s ready to abandon Lux and his companions. However, Chloe, who has volunteered to serve as God’s consultant in Heaven, has trouble letting go of her investigative image.

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The callbacks

One of the most enjoyable aspects of this season was a trip back in time. I’m happy that the actors and crew were aware that this would be the final season since it allows the series to return to its origins in more areas than just one. There’s a nice callback to the show’s beginning when he bribes the same cop to let him go. Also, the opening of lucifer season 6 is similar to season 1 (I was singing Ain’t no rest for the wicked in my head). We see a ‘!diablo’ poster on top of a building in one of the following episodes. A callback to Lucifer-inspired series in this series (so meta).

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Experimenting their way into fans hearts

lucifer morningstar dc

Lucifer experimented with musical and cinematic noir specials last season. This season includes an animation episode similar to Community’s “Abed’s Uncontrollable Christmas”. There is also a highlights episode that breaks up the format’s monotony with some smart (and funny) viewpoint swaps. They provide some refreshing changes of tone in a category that is notorious for its novelties.

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Although the pandemic is overlooked, Lucifer addresses police misconduct and racial inequality without citing particular real-world consequences. It correctly points out that Chloe, a white lady whose father was a policeman, will not have the same judicial experience as Amenadiel, an archangel who seems to be a Black man on this Planet.

Because of the never-ending loop of huge evil, it’s difficult for a drama like Lucifer to dish out in such a powerful manner. However, they (usually) break the norm by focusing the narrative on a time-centric question rather than an opposing entity.

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A bittersweet journey

While there are some dull spots and the series addresses several issues unsatisfactorily. But, the narrative of the season 6 in Lucifer as a whole is enjoyable. New characters are added, and they begin to take over the narrative. All of the classic fan favorites, on the other hand, have appropriate story-lines.

We get many odd murder mystery antics. There are regular shocks that fans would have been furious about if they hadn’t happened yet. We get major romance episodes, and we find a whole good number of people figuring things out and becoming stronger!

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This series is always about facing personal fears, learning to express oneself, and accepting responsibility for the consequences. Everything seems familiar in the final season, the pitch is stable. I was affected by several moments since the series dealt with real-life situations we can all connect with.

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All characters have something meaningful to do

The thing is, everyone is on their own journey in this Hell to heaven series. All the main and supporting characters are up to their own wrongs and rights.

Ella (the best character in the series) deals with falling for the right person and being a very good detective. She had the most normal reaction to the divine reality, and it only made me fangirl more. Her faith is so strong, and it’s scary.

Maze and Eve are about to descend the throne of Hell (mostly), and they go from almost breaking up to marrying each other. Maze faces her fear of being a real person and knowing her worth. Eve struggles with the return of a very anticipated character that tumbles up everything before their big day.

Linda reflects on her stint as a heavenly therapist as Dan copes with his situation in Hell. It would have been a pity to kill Dan after he invests five seasons transforming from Detective Douche to a lovable character, so it’s great to see the show finally playing out his arc.

However, Amenadiel’s endeavor to become a police officer in Caleb’s honor stole center stage. I’m still angry about the child’s death, but I admire this angel’s desire to spend every waking moment as he could in the ranks righting as many wrongdoings as he can.

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Lucifer Season 6: See it or skip it?

This last season was, above all, reassuring. It makes me smile and grieve at the same time. There were joyful moments, as well as humorous and heartbreaking ones. Considering Lucifer’s narcissism and inability to follow his therapist’s advice, he has discovered a method to naturally evolve as a person without altering the essential aspects of himself that have always made him exceptional.

It was the pinnacle of what Lucifer has come to symbolize for me—a show with characters who choose to be better versions of themselves each day. It’s a little bittersweet, but it’s effective. It works for all of the characters and should please the majority of fans.

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