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Lucifer Season 1: The devil’s saga begins | Review

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Not to be the Devil’s Advocate, but Lucifer is fun!

Lucifer resides in Los Angeles, as does the Devil. Yes, Lucifer is invincible, and he can mysteriously break free out of handcuffs or compel people to profess their darkest desires. Still, he can’t bestow wishes or let the fire in the hearth burn brightly like Al Pacino in The Devil’s Advocate. Oh, and he also solves cases.

Lucifer Season 1: Plot Overview

The show Lucifer Morningstar as he flees Hell for a new life in Los Angeles. He has become the proprietor of a successful nightclub, where he enjoys the good life and all that the mortal world has to offer alongside his devoted demon buddy Mazikeen. He makes no effort to conceal his genuine identity, even though no one acknowledges him. His prolonged vacation causes complications in Hell, prompting his heavenly older brother to employ whatever means imaginable to return him to Hell.

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In the first episode, what happens? Lucifer is tired of enjoying the good life, so when his favourite drug trafficker is found dead, he begins an investigation alongside tough cop Chloe Dancer (Lauren German). An angelic brother is also pleading with him to return to Hell (DB Woodside).

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If you think the Devil is only about torture and mythology, it is wrong. He is also about crime and charisma.

Lucifer is not your typical comic book series. The Marvel and DC superheroes monopolize comic book programs. You can’t throw a remote without hitting anything. Yes, it’s inspired by a comic, but it’s more of a procedural in which Lucifer utilizes his abilities and his connection with Chloe to solve crimes each week.

It’s entertaining, but it follows a course more well-worn than the highway to success. It’s another drama about a challenging yet charismatic man with abilities assisted by a female cop. Chloe, of course, is a single parent who is concerned about her adorable daughter. Inevitably, she collaborates with her ex, a police officer who is envious of Lucifer. Naturally, the only human who is immune to Lucifer’s abilities is Chloe. The program has not yet revealed the why that is and the complexities of this exemption, but we surely have our suspicions. It’s similar to True Blood, except with more medals and fewer abs.

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The combination of so many programs makes it quite monotonous as if you’ve previously worked out precisely what would happen on this program, even down to the moment when Lucifer and Chloe eventually confess their feelings for one another. Not this season or the next. The ensemble is fantastic, but Tom Ellis as Lucifer is outstanding.

Lucifer season 1 review

He adds a lot of personality and fun to the event. Couldn’t it be anything more with a persona like this one and a performer like Ellis? Something a little darker, funnier, and 237 degrees more spun? For God’s sake, let’s have some fun with this man being the Devil. I’m sure we’ll discover a lot more about him or his mythology as the program develops, which will be fascinating, but the plethora of demons may get ludicrous and onerous.

Lesley-Ann Brandt is an absolute badass. Lauren German is particularly excellent as the investigator who always maintains her cool and, despite her coldness, finds a warm spot for Lucifer. The cast does a nice job in what they’ve got, but Tom Ellis is outstanding.

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Should you watch the show?

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This season is essentially a detective drama, with Lucifer as one of the detectives. It’s funny how independent and selfish he is. During this season, I laughed a lot. It was extremely humorous, hilarious, and engaging. You wouldn’t imagine a show featuring the Devil as a protagonist could be a feel-good program, but it is. If you’re looking for a fun supernatural show to watch, I recommend that you give it a try, now onto season 2. Stream it on Netflix.

Lucifer Season 1 Ending Explained

All’s well that ends well? Not really, not for Lucifer.

The season one ending of Lucifer picks off precisely where the last episode left off, with Chloe poised to arrest Lucifer for murder. Hurt by Chloe’s suspicion, Lucifer is willing to accept responsibility for humanity’s misdeeds and encourages a police officer to kill him. Amenadiel, his sibling, appears out of nowhere and whisks him away to safety. Amenadiel understands he has messed up his time on Earth and seeks the assistance of Lucifer to send Malcolm back to Hell.

While at the crime location where Lucifer vanished, Malcolm offers to take Mazikeen’s magical knife into evidence personally. Chloe informs Dan that she believes Lucifer is innocent, and Dan completely agrees. Dan tells her all about Malcolm, winning him a slap. Chloe claims the only ways he can set things right is to assist in proving Lucifer’s innocence.

Lucifer season 1 ending

Amenadiel falls to the ground and is confronted by Malcolm, who uses Maze’s sword to stab the angel in the abdomen. Malcolm flees when Lucifer discovers him. Maze emerges just in time to help Amenadiel. Chloe is pursuing Malcolm around. She doesn’t capture Malcolm, but she does meet Lucifer. Chloe tells him that she trusts in his innocence.

Everything seems to be settling down until Chloe receives a phone call from Malcolm, who has abducted her daughter, Trixie (Scarlett Estevez). He wants his ransom and does not want her to inform the police or Lucifer about the abduction. She first tries to bring the cash to him on her own, but Lucifer stops her. She tells Lucifer the facts, but she makes him vow not to accompany her.

Of course, Lucifer pursued Chloe against her desires. He employs his glamouring technique on Malcolm and discovers that he does not wish to murder Chloe. Malcolm stabs Lucifer in the stomach. While Malcolm pursues Chloe, Lucifer lay dead on the ground. Lucifer approaches his father, God, and vows to execute his will in exchange for Chloe’s protection.

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The aftermath of Malcolm’s death

Lucifer awakens in Hell, but there is something amiss. The gates of Hell have been breached, indicating that someone has recently fled. He awakens at the same spot on Earth, entirely cured. Lucifer approaches Malcolm and strikes him in the face, allowing Chloe enough opportunity to shoot him. Later, Amenadiel awakens at Lux to discover that Maze has vanished. Lucifer says that he has resolved the Malcolm issue and has made a deal with their dad to work for him on Earth. His first mission is to track down the person who fled Hell: their mum.

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