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5 Life Lessons Battle of The Bastards GOT offered us

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What’s the best show/movie of this century? For most millennials it would be Game of Thrones (pardon the last 2 seasons, please). Why? Because Game of Thrones has amazed us with extraordinary battles, never seen before twists and steamy sex scenes. It ticked every box that any movie lover would expect. But, can you confine it only to entertain arena? There is more to it. It has offered extraordinary life lessons with an imperative story that you will not say NO to it. So, here is one such life lesson on leadership from one of the most favorite portion of the Game of Thrones – Battle of the Bastards.

Life Lesson #1: Leave your emotions at the door

Life Lessons battle of the bastards

Ramsay had a wildcard in his pocket – Rickon. He could have played it any way. And he played him in the most unimaginable way. Ramsay leveraged Rickon to draw emotion from Jon Snow. He killed him in the most cruel and wretched fashion just in front of Jon Snow’s very own eyes. Guess what, our Snow lost his cool and charged ahead tossing his battle strategy to the toilet. Just by this stroke Ramsay tilted odds to 80-20 from 60-40 in this favor.

There are 2 morals here.

  1. Emotion is a spoiler, when it comes to decision making.
  2. Out of box thinking also fetches you some brownie points. Period!
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Life Lesson #2: Hard decisions will be part of the package

‘Cut him some slack, man. It’s his brother’ – if you are going to rebut this statement supporting Jon Snow, then the real word has more better versions of sleeky Ramsays. The cozy fairyland you dream off having a fair fight is a fairy-tale. You ought to expect to some below the waist punches and immune yourself just like Sansa. She knew Rickon was a lost cause and worked on the one thing that’s still possible – saving Winterfell.

You have to get your hands dirty, if you want to survive – GOT has said this life lesson multiple times.

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Life Lesson #3: Learn from the best!

Jon Snow served as the commander of Nights watch, went beyond the wall and fought against the wildings. He had one of the tough jobs and intense environments. Further, he had the favor of Red God as well. Yet he didn’t have what it was needed to take down Ramsay. On the other hand, Sansa had exposure to only one thing – first row ticket to witness and Cersei’s tantrums. And guess what? She observed and learned what life needed – being a badass, when needed – and won a battle from the jaws of defeat. Whom you serve matters more than what you serve, at times.

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Life Lesson#4: Inspire your team

Life Lessons battle of the bastards

It’s a no-brainer. But when you learn Lesson #1, #2 & #3, you may not inspire people let alone your followers. A good leader always finds a way to do it, despite being mean at times. Finally, its time to show cut some slack on Jon Snow.

Jon Snow knows nothing, usually. If at all, he knows something, its inspiring people. He inspire Nights watch to follow (at least some), inspired wildlings to take his lead (except the ‘bend the knee’ part) and lastly his soldiers to the death wish when he raced into battle abandoning the front line.

It was his soldiers that raced in and saved him, keeping the battle alive. They didn’t give up even when their leader did so.

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Life Lesson #5: A smarter version of you is always out there

Life Lessons battle of the bastards
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You can be superbad, sleeky and have all the innate skills to win. In the case of Ramsay, he had a solid plan, out of the box idea and number of men on his side. In theory, he did all the things listed as a Leadership skill. But at times, you just have to take the simple way out. Remember, Ramsay had a fort that was never conquered and had the food supplies too for a long period. He was even smart to not to enter into dual against Jon Snow, then why go into a battle in the open field. As he expected Jon Snow didn’t outsmart, but Sansa did. He discounted one variable and it hit him in the face.

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Battle of The Bastards – two bastard sons fought tooth and nail for glory. But one came out as winner. Why? Was he intelligent? Smart? Nope. Because he had one smart person by his side – Sansa. As a leader, you should also find the right talent and keep him/her by your side. They can charge you towards glory. So, have you found your Sansa yet?

Do you agree with these life lessons from the Battle of the Bastards? Tell us your opinion in the comments.

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