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Kate: An interesting female-centric narrative

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Kate classifies it as a revenge thriller and if you can’t stomach gory and gruesome displays, you should be warned to stay as far away as possible. But fellow action-lovers, I can assure you all ,this movie will keep you engrossed till the very end. Seemingly, Kate is a completely original movie without being a part of any kind of a franchise.

Kate is a revenge thriller recently released on Netflix. It is one of the most grisly and violent movies of the year and by saying that none of us are exaggerating. Don’t believe us! stream it to find out!! It is definitely a must-watch but only if gory, revenge-seeking action movies are up to your alley. With two female powerhouses at its forefront, the movie is all about the empowered females of today’s world. It adds in something sweet as well.

Kate: Plot Overview

kate movie review

As the name of the movie suggests, the name of our main hero in the movie is Kate. Set in Tokyo, Japan, based on the young woman who has spent the entirety of her life training to be an assassin and working under her handler or father figure Varrick. She is almost the Terminator in the movie, with exceptionally honed physical skills and expertise in the use of firearms. Kate always does what she is paid for.

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But what makes these movies actual movies is that one hit that went all wrong. Kate is hired to kill a major Yazuka figure. And as always she completes the job successfully but this time she does something that goes against her conscience. She killed the man right in front of his young daughter, Ani. The killing troubles her so much that she vows to leave this profession. Varrick convinces her to take one last hit. Unfortunately, the missed hit botched her perfect record. But it is uncharacteristic of her to not hit the aim. What went wrong? She was poisoned and there is no antidote. As her body is on the path of deterioration, Kate forms a bond with the daughter of one of her past victims.

A guaranteed death, with no antidote available, Kate decides to spend her remaining hours hunting down those responsible for writing her death down and taking them with her to the grave painstakingly. 24-hrs to live, revenge in her heart, and the sweet girl Ani by her side, how will this story unfold?! For that, you would have to stream the movie and find out.

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Predictable and Intense

This intense action-thriller is determined to keep us all on the edge of our seats. The thrill of watching Kate tracking down her killers and serving them revenge just wasn’t cold. The timer on Kate’s survival makes the scenes far more intense. We fear when she fears, we rage when she rages, it is an emotional rollercoaster all along.

The two female characters are absolute powerhouses who demand your complete attention as soon as they are on screen. The chemistry between Ani and Kate is unusual. Even though the circumstances in which they first met were gruesome. Even though the movie is predictable it gives us a gory, wild ride and really doesn’t take away any fun. The story intrigues us and makes us want to keep watching. Kate is punctilious and exceptionally skilled, making the fight scenes damn near perfect. They don’t look clunky or forced like they usually do in movies of this genre.

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It’s a little male gaze view


The negative aspect that can make critics lambast it is the perfunctory storytelling. A point to note is that there seems to be a sudden obsession for male scriptwriters with the idea of women being powerful and indestructible. And this idea mostly goes with intriguing women engaged in the profession of killing. The same goes for Kate, the only unbelievable part of the story which should have been given some thought was her loss of humanity.

As the movie ends Kate becomes completely emotionless, whereas, in the beginning, she felt disturbed by killing a man in the presence of his daughter. It is like a shot of adrenaline, just stay on the ride and stop overthinking about how much sense it makes. I still wish that the audience gives the movie as much love as it deserves.

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It’s Artsy and intricate

The movie is not the most emotional, but the cold detachment and slew of killings make it an action thriller. The movie is fun and intriguing for the most part. Through the façade of the emotionless main character, there still is a sense of vulnerability that somehow still keeps shining. The action sequences are artistic and fun, making sure the action part of the movie keeps you engrossed. If you love the nail-biting suspense that an action thriller offers, Kate is the one for you. It may not cater to all of the audience’s tastes but action-lovers are definitely going to be satisfied.

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See it or Skip it?

The demanding presence of the main characters, the clean action scenes, the intensity of the deadline for survival all make the movie one to watch out for. It is not complex but caters to all the needs of those who love gory and gruesome movies filled with action. It is an enjoyable movie for a fun-filled evening, with a bucket full of popcorn at hand. And be ready to bite your nails and sit on the edge of your seat all along.

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