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JJ+E: A Love Saga of Different Worlds

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Freshly released JJ+E is the modern adaptation of Mats Wahl’s widely popular novel, ‘Vinterviken’. This romantic drama is all about love and its barriers, or should I say their lack thereof. The movie walks the audience through a romance between two teens in a high school in Stockholm. In a play on “Two worlds, One love”, the movie focuses on the love story that unfolds between Elisabeth and John-John, hence explaining to us the peculiar name JJ+E.

The movie touches upon the fact that the two teens hail from the same city a study in the same school yet doesn’t know each other’s existence until one fine day. Two teens from two economically different worlds of the same city and a blossoming love in their midst aren’t this a recipe for a heart-touching romantic comedy. Watch the movie to find out if this first love drenched in passion will be able to survive the strains of cultural and class barriers…

What’s The Story?


The story is based on two teenagers as economically and character-wise far apart as they possibly could be, but faith has other plans for them. The story is of Elisabeth and John-John, two teens from Stockholm who live in the same city yet live worlds apart. Elisabeth is the typical girl, midnight swims, and dining by the bay is her enjoyment. On the other hand, we have John-John with his group of friends up and about burgling stores and homes and taking joyrides on thieved boats.

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Of course, you would question how did two people so different end up meeting each other? Well, that was all because our thief in shining armour JJ was at the right place at the right time. JJ saves Patricia (Elisabeth’s sister), and that is when their story begins to unfold. They discover gradually how they both attend the same school for theater as well. Life is not that simple for either of them, even when young love sparks amidst the two. Elisabeth makes attempts to keep her distance for many reasons, but one of them being her grief over the loss of her mother.

What worked


When it comes to the delivery of performance, both actors had real start quality. Each scene was nuanced and had layers. The dialogues are delivered in an utterly convincing and realistic way, making you believe that it is actually happening. For those who love romance and its perils, the screenplay is charming, understated, and utterly engrossing.

But when love blossoms no matter the distance, you have to follow your heart, don’t you? E and JJ share a bond that is special, even if they are worlds apart. Love might be enough for these two teens but is it for the world outside?! JJ and E rehearse together for their play and sneak around behind everyone’s backs to fall more in love. But all good things must come to an end. JJ is cornered, and this time there is no way out. Two different worlds and one love will this tear them apart? You just have to tune into the movie on Netflix to find out.

The makers of the movie, for one, have avoided a big sin. The romance is light, and the twists and turns are highly unpredictable, making sure the movie doesn’t turn cliché—much appreciation to the team of JJ+E for keeping the movie as grounded as possible. Indecisiveness aside, Stockholm feels like the neighbourhood we have all seen or lived in, making it much closer to reality. This realism packs the punches of the high-intensity scene in the movie just like they are supposed to. The screenplay is so convincing that we all feel the fear of uncertainty for JJ’s future. Not too soapy, not too unrealistic, this movie gives us major romance goals.

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What Didn’t Work

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The movie is a good one, with a good screenplay and a sweet romance, but unfortunately, it wasn’t all roses. The movie, unfortunately, didn’t deliver itself to the audience in the best way possible. The story-line towards the end of the story gets muddled and really doesn’t know what to make of itself. Dramatic endings leave the audience wanting more. That being said, this dramatic ending of a possibly dreamy romance hits us in all the wrong places.

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JJ+E offers up a sweet romance and dramatic turns. That is, if you are in for a short ride through the streets of Stockholm. Those who love the whole “two lovers, scorned upon by the society” vibe must watch this one. Even if the movie can be indecisive, it has good acting, and a lot say about privilege in life. Two teens, one dreamy love, and people around them prying them apart, what can possibly go wrong, right?!

The movie is unpretentious and modest in most of its screen time which makes it an adorable watch. It makes us aww and coo at the saccharine love between our two protagonists. Its indecisiveness is the only thing lacking in the narrative. You may not find a reason for most of the acts or what the movie really wants towards the end, but if you are in for an afternoon of adorable romance and good acting, JJ+E is a movie you should watch. Not every part of the movie makes sense, but overall it is worth a watch but maybe only once.

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