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#14 Edge of the seat Action thrillers from Jason Statham

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Have you ever experienced the outstanding acting expertise of that one actor who melted your heart? Yes! There are many.
We all have our favorite actor whom we admire the most. But some of them grow and shine like stars. They are super skilled in their work and have touched the peak of their career by serving us some marvelous cinematic chunk. One of them is Jason Statham. With tremendous cluster, we have marked some wonderful Jason Statham Movies for you.

Many of you might not know him completely but became a fan after the Fast and Furious film series. Yeah! You are right we saw an extraordinary sharp version of Jason in the movie. He has set out a breathtaking collection for his audience. Alright! We shall now push on, but before we proceed to his collection, let us know few things about him. So, are you ready?
Let’s Go!

Who is Jason Statham?

Jason statham childhood photo

Jason Statham is an actor from Shirebrook, Derbyshire, England. Born on 26 July 1967, he belonged to a simple and middle-class family. His father did multiple jobs at a time for survival. He moved to Norfolk, to learn martial arts. Jason was also interested in football and swimming (member of Britain’s National Swimming Squad) and also was a part of 10, 3 and 1-meter competitions in commonwealth games, 1992.

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Being a sportsperson he was branding some great brands like Tommy Hilfiger and Levis, where he started modeling. He appeared in some music videos from 1993-1995, ending up debuting in Lock, Stock, and Two Smoking Barrels in 1998. In 2016, Statham is married to his long-time girlfriend, Rosie Huntington-Whiteley, and became parents with a baby boy in 2017. Being an action star of Hollywood, Jason Statham has dived and experienced in playing a number of iconic characters. He made his own way of approaching the script in order to justify the story and role himself. With an incredible collection of Jason Statham movies, he lives like a king with his family.

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Without spending one more minute into discussions, MovQue is hopping on to the main content where you will find some remarkable Jason Statham Movies. So, let us dive into a pool full of marvelous movies where you will find Jason ruling with heart!
Let’s Move On!

• Crank

Jason statham action movies list crank

Under the direction of Mark Neveldine and Brian Taylor, this wonderful feature film was recognized worldwide due to this interesting storyline. The plot gives us a captivating tale of a man named Chev Chelios, who gets up a phone call one fine morning, stating that he has been poisoned and has just one hour to live. He needs to find the cure in that one hour before the poison races down his entire body. Jason Statham, playing the protagonist, showed a high-speed running game, giving us some hilarious scenes. This move allowed Statham to get a leap into his career by manifesting his funnier side! Simply, a worth watching comic-action movie!

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• The Transporter

Jason statham action movies list transporter

This 2002 action thriller narrates a story of a former Special Forces officer who lives the calm and soothing life of a transporter, in France, carrying goods and people from one place to another without interfering in the matter. His life changes when he is recruited to kidnap the courageous daughter of a very famous Chinese Crime Mafia. That’s when his life gets intricate and tangled. Jason has completely justified his role by attempting most of the stunts by himself. He served his audience, with the best badass action sequences. Jason was recognized worldwide after the release of this movie and gained a huge fan following. If you haven’t watched The Transporter yet, you are definitely missing something great!

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• The Meg

The Meg wallpaper

Oh! Let’s talk about aquatic life now! This sci-fi movie of 2018 has that spark where the audience connects and enjoys each bit of it. The movie lays the plot of a massive shark, the megalodon, has attacks the Pacific Ocean, terrorizing and blocking the team in their way. There comes a skillful diver, Jonas Taylor, who is a savior, who protects the crew and the sea from this 75-foot long creature. Well-acted the struggle and the journey of the diver, Jason made every scene fascinating and breathtaking. As the brave hero, he carries that charm and stiffness in his character to please his audience with the best. The Meg is what you don’t wish to ignore to enjoy the visual effects and single-handed struggle of Jason Statham.

• Spy

spy movie wallpaper

Being an American spy-comedy, Spy is rated number one by many critics. This humorous movie tells us a story of a spy star, Melissa McCarthy. She works for an agent named Bradly fine, which protects and secures him from every danger. Later she meets one of the top agents, Rick Ford, and accomplishes the toughest mystery of his master’s murder. The next funniest character after McCarthy you will confront would be Jason Statham. The movie gave Statham to fair opportunity to expand and be flexible in his role where you won’t take your eyes off him and laugh out loud as the movie flows. Spy is something you can watch to lighten up your mood!

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• Furious 7

Jason Statham in furios 7

The most awaited of all, the seventh movie of the fast and furious saga, is here. Story of this film starts, where an elder brother, Deckard Shaw (played by Jason Statham) is seeking revenge on his younger brother, Owen Shaw, who was a terrorist. Owen is killed by two people along with their teammates and now Deckard is thirsty for vengeance. Fast and Furious series alleviated Statham’s career graph and touched the sky. He got a little screen sharing from the movie as compared to his reel brother but gained a lot of appreciation for his character and acting skills. You might have seen the FnF: Saga, but for the sake of our melted heart, let us watch it all over again!

• The Bank Job

Jason Statham action movies list bank job
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Taking a small break from his typical action thrillers, Jason Statham experiments with a low profile real story-based movie, The Bank Job. In the movie, he portrays a character of an improvised small criminal, terry who is not financially stable and has been living with his wife and kids on pedestrians. Somehow he dives into a major crime scene where his ex-girlfriend comes up with a fantastic offer to break into a bank. Later when terry is all set to acknowledge this offer with his crew, he realizes that there are many ups and downs he needs to focus on before proceeding. We saw a complete character contrast of Jason from his actual genre, which was a good flip-over and a respectable choice. According to me, this is the best from the collection of Jason Statham Movies. Do watch it if you haven’t yet!

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• Safe

Jason Statham movie safe

Getting connected with a child movie was a great idea to have a change. Safe is about protecting a child where a cage fighter, Luke Wright, whose life is a mess after his entire family gets murdered by a Russian gang. Going through a bad phase, Luke finds that a Chinese girl is been kidnapped from the same gang, and tries to save her from them. This girl turns out to be a math prodigy who has uncountable numerical codes in her head to kill different factions. The story depicts action and love at the same time. The dialogue delivery by Jason in the movie is super keen and crisp. You will ultimately fall in love with the way he converses. Watch Safe to experience a bright and affectionate side of Jason, You’ll love it!

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• Snatch

Snatch movie photo all characters

This 2000 movie, takes Statham in the central role where he plays the character of illegal boxing supporter, Turkish (played by Jason Statham). He convinces a gangster named, Brick to bet on brilliant knuckle boxer, mickey, through his business. After mickey fails the bet, brick asks for one more match. Turkish sends another boxer, Frankie, in replacement of mickey who is all set to win a fight for a stolen diamond. Despite a talented star cast, Jason kept his role wide and gave space to his character. Keeping his genre up to the mark, he stood out and portrayed his dramatic persona blissfully. Aren’t you excited enough? What are you waiting for? Let us switch on the TV and enjoy this feature film.

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• The Expendables

Jason Statham syllvester stallone jet li

Talking about Jason Statham but not The Expendables, Injustice! How can we even forget this outstanding trilogy? Being a perfect treat to the eyes, The Expendables saga has ruled our hearts and made us nostalgic every time we mentioned it. The base story of this series is about a crew, who is hired by a church to topple down the heartless dictator of South American country. The group sooner realizes that this isn’t as easy as it appears, resulting in a betrayal mess. Late, they settle down on few deals, getting the work done. Being the Jason Statham movie, the plot is enough to excite the audience. He is awesomely remarkable, standing out from the entire team. Keep an eye on this one to explore a new class of Statham!

• Wrath of Man

Jason statham wrath of man

With a huge star cast, led by Jason Statham, this movie is loosely based on a French film, with the name Cash Truck by Nicolas Boukhrief. The synopsis shares the story of a mysterious security guard named Patrick ‘H’ Hill (Played by Statham), for a cash truck, who astonishes his colleagues by showcasing his brilliant skills during a break-in. The team gets impressed and wonders about the man, who is he, and where he belongs? Being transparent in his motive, Patrick takes irreversible and steps to achieve it. Wrath of Man leaves itself open-ended, may or may not be for the new franchise ahead. Don’t miss this thrashing revenge thriller which has a pinch of Jason’s way of retribution. Thank me later!

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• Hummingbird (Redemption)

hummingbird movie poster

This surreal cinematic beauty brings back the real Statham who carries drama and characters hand in hand. The plot lays down the story about an ex-special forces soldier, named Joey, who after dealing with Afghanistan’s tiring journey, returns back to London to fight another war. He lives a pathetic life on the streets. To get out of this entire trauma, Joey seeks help from a nun, Sister Christina who works in an inner-city parish. Joey keeps his original identity in disguise to get his work done. Jason, this time, made serious acting, as per the demand of his character. He manages to present a wider vision of his role, keeping it raw and sophisticated at the same time. Despite talented star cast and wonderful hold of Statham Hummingbird/Redemption is lesser-known but trust me you will fall in love once you flow with the story.

• Death Race

Jason statham death race

This action sci-fi movie of 2013, keeps the fun going on throughout the synopsis. The tale lays itself on a great speedway driver, Jensen Ames, who has been charged for a murder he did not commit. Sent to the toughest prison, Terminal Island, he gets an offer from the cell in charge, to escape. He gives Jensen two choices, i.e. either participate in a death race like a legendry driver named Frankenstein or die in this prison. Jensen had to decide ASAP, as driving a car with high flames and installed grenade launchers is not that easy. Jason did a remarkable job through his acting skills and variation in dialogue delivery. From the facial expressions to the wonderful journey of proving himself right, was achieved well. So, would you love to watch whether he untags himself from being a criminal or die struggling with it?

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• The Mechanic

Jason statham the mechanic

Serving again with a different version of action-thriller, The Mechanic was an iconic movie that portrayed the story of a member of the killer group named Arthur Bishop, who is best in his work. He gives his work with all the accuracy, commitment and carries a strict code of work. Sooner, he gets to know that one of his best friends, Harry (played by Donald Sutherland) has been killed; he gets ready to take revenge. Later, Steve McKenna, son of Harry, joins Arthur and learns his business working to get revenge along with him, in which they succeed. This Jason Statham movie was great as compared to The Transporter. If you a Statham fan, you are going to love his brutality and killing action moves, the movie is worth watching. So, don’t wait just taste the ferocity!

• Homefront

Jason statham movie list homefront

Oh! This time he is back with a different variety of action and thriller. The movie is about a Drug Enforcement Administration agent called Phil Broker, who travels to an isolated and peaceful place along with his daughter, to leave his past behind. After living for quite some time, he figures out that the town is peppered with drugs and violence. Sooner, the king of drugs and murders starts traumatizing and threatening the agent and his daughter in multiple ways. In response to this, Broker shows his fighting techniques in order to save him and his daughter. This is a strong yet sweet movie that will take the audience as the story flows. Yes! A bad guy can also play an unadorned and sophisticated role. Try watching it now!

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Regardless of living a distressed life in the early phases of his career, Jason Statham has achieved a great triumph. He made his journey, defeating many substantial actors to perform in the mainstream cinema, justified all his characters, and gave them a new life. With every movie, he went one step ahead from his previous performance. That’s how he conquered the industry making huge fans worldwide.

Thus, from his hard work and experience, we get to know that the almighty do listen to our wishes. Sometimes what we dream, we attain. Now the question arises, what do you think about Jason Statham? Would you like to experience a range over into his collection with a drink and pizza in your bed? Let us know your views in the comment section below. Pick the best film you liked from the above-disclosed movies and for more such compelling and precise medium, keep exploring!

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