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The Guilty: Are you ready for a Guilt trip?

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What’s the depth of your pain? 

Does it gaze at you every second of your life?

Does it suffocate you? 

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Sometimes it’s hard to accept the damage we cause to ourselves and others. Right?

The Guilty, directed by Antoine Fuqua, is a presentation of reality. The journey of this story is about an unexpected event. So, let’s raise the curtain to find out the essence of this new Netflix release. 

Plot Overview

The guilty

Jake Gyllenhaal plays Joy Baylor, a cop in Los Angeles. He deals with an unfortunate experience that happened to him when he was shifted from his department to desk duty, a 911 call operator. 

He is going through many personal issues; it is also affecting his work and mental health. One day he receives a call from a lady Emily Lighton who was abducted by her ex. Joe Baylor tries to help her in many ways; he guides her but could not succeed. Later on, he receives another call from her daughter Abby. After talking to Abby, he contacts many people from the department and ensures her safety. After a while, Joe Baylor realizes a significant misinterpretation and almost decides an innocent person did the crime. However, he manages to take the distressed people out of risk. 

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Review: The Guilty – Denial to acceptance

Jake Gyllenhaal
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This story is the journey of Joe Baylor, who saves a lady and her family before more disastrous events. During this process, he stops himself from running away from his mistakes. The story takes us to all the emotions of Joe Baylor; the movie shows how a person struggles between his life and mistakes. There are many heartbreaking moments in the film audience will also be to connect with. The Guilty serves people a glass of life with a reflection of Joe Baylor’s past.

The cinematography, direction, and acting held the audience until the end—only one space to shoot this movie. The possibility of losing the viewers’ interest was high; however, the portrayal of the scenes successfully maintained the audience’s attention. Here is a detailed ending explainer for The Guilty.

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Past of Joe Baylor 

A horrific incident suppressed Joe Baylor. He is not able to free himself from the confinement of his thoughts. The memories of shooting a 19-year-old man disturb him now and then. His family and friends are trying to save him from its consequences. The only thing pulling him back from facing the aftermath of his actions is his daughter; he loves his daughter, he can’t stay away from her for a long time. However, things change after a call. 

Jake Gyllenhaal’s presentation of a frustrated and disturbed character was smooth and convincing. Jake Gyllenhaal’s performance was the only way to keep the story alive and engaging; as the focus was always on him, his actions and reactions played a vital role. 

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Emily lighton 

Riley Keough gave the voice to Emily Light. Emily is a crucial part of the story; the voice helped the audience to feel the tension and quickly made us the amount of it. The terror and confusion expressed by Riley Keough were accurate and disturbing.  

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The Guilty: Watch it for a different cinematic experience 

The movie takes a different approach than any other recent film. Therefore, I recommend this movie to everyone looking for an excellent, intriguing cinematic experience.  

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