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Gossip Girl Reboot: What’s the story line of part two?

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After a show-stopping start, the Gossip Girl Reboot is now on a hiatus before the rest of the season airs. However bizarre, the show has managed to grab eyeballs. Don’t worry; we’ve got all the facts on the mid-season break, including when JC, Zoya, Obie, and the rest of the cast will be returning to our homes. XOXO.

What to expect from part two?

Gossip Girl Reboot story

Gossip Girl reboot part 2 has to handle several plot elements when the series resumes in November as the mid-season finale concluded on some fairly insane story lines. In a shocking (not really) turn of events, we see Aki being mistakenly outed by Audrey. Apparently, people do not love to watch what they speak in this episode at all. Case in point, Zoya. She made it her mission to destroy Obi’s mom and Aki’s dad. Rodger and Helena are spearheading a plan to demolish protected accommodation and relocate hundreds of thousands of people at the Brooklyn Navy Yard to create a multi-billion apartment block.

Part B of season 1 will deal with the repercussions of the fallout between Zoya and Obi and Obi and his mother. Not to mention, Obi decides to add a new complication into the mix by kissing Julien. The guy has too many preferences and at the same time so much confusion; it’s irritating. Joining this love triangle are Aki, Audrey and Max, who finally address all the sexual tension by having a threesome. It will be interesting to see how they move forward in the dynamic.

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Additionally, talking about mysteries, Aki’s dad instructs his son to stay away from Julien for a little while. And in my opinion, this is the only question I want an answer to. On the contrary, we will see a recovery journey for Audrey’s mom and their relationship. It’s endearing to see Audrey stand by her side, however neurotic she may have become in doing so. Finally, Max is on his journey of a redemption arc and revenge plot together (how? Just how?). His conscious is not more active than ever, and it looks like his arc is to destroy Rafa in the second half.

As for the actual Gossip Girl, Kate made the mistake of letting Rafa in on her grand scheme of things. Max shocks the Gossip Girl handlers with a pretty clear video of his stint with Rafa. This shocks all of them, and immediately they realize that Rafa has seen it too and even deleted it. It will be interesting to see how Rafa blackmails Kate’s operation or vice versa. It’s exciting, whatever it is! Also, a weird but existing sub-plot is Kate’s romance with Zoya’s father, cut short by blackmail. Will she really end things before starting them?

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When will the rest of the season air?

Part two of Gossip Girl Reboot is set to premiere in November 2021, so we’ll have a little while to wait, for the story, until we return to the Upper East Side. Episode 6 left a lot of questions to be answered, and we are here for it. What do you expect from the second part? Are there any particular dynamics you want to see? Which couple do you ship? Let us know all of this in the comments below.

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