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Elite: Gossip Girl with a twist?

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Is there a new YA series in town that could replace the iconic Gossip Girl? It is a replacement or not is still not known, but any Gossip Girl tragic will attest to this, that Elite has come the closest to filling the Upper-East sized hole in their hearts. Elite seems to have lived up to the moreish absurdity offered by our favorite and the most chaotic Gossip Girl.

The outrageous Spanish teen soap slash murder mystery begins and somewhat ends at one place, Las Encinas, the private school for the rich heirs and heiresses of fortunes passed down generations. Elite serves you the most sketchy plot-line and manages to take all that is good. As good as we can expect from Gossip Girl. The show eaves out the gaping plot holes and machinations inside Dan’s Brooklyn apartment walls, a can of worms never to be opened again.

Is Elite a flashback to Gossip Girl?

Elite gives you raucous pool parties, fights in the locker room, and “beautiful” people set on stabbing each other in the back, all the same as Gossip Girl. Gossip girl just ended up jumping the ship way too early. In hopes that increasingly chaotic and outrageous scenes will keep the audience captivated. Oh well! It seems like Gossip Girl didn’t give out this piece of advice to its ensemble. It is all about the suspense and the building of scenes, people! Don’t give out too much, too soon.
But Elite seems to have got the memo in time because this YA series gives us just what we want with garnish on top.

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Each season in the series brings to the table a new sensual, off-your-rocker murder mystery. The motive is always unknown, some character murdered, or a sudden disappearance. But unlike many other series with plot lines that have murder mystery written all over them, this soap dishes to you a lot more than just murders and conspiring teens.

Every character is given equal importance, and there is no stone left unturned in letting them braise in the story line and develop their characters. All said and done, here are some reasons why the Elite series can be seen as Gossip Girl. A drink served with a twist and a pinch of lemon zest.

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Extra cheese, just subtle and better:

Gossip girl and elite

No one can deny, not even Gossip Girl stans, that every character in the OG Gossip Girl delivers dialogue with cheese dripping down its sides. While that would be a wonderful sight to see on a pizza, it is not that easy on the ears for the non-GG-goers. Denying the fact that the Elite cast serves their dialogues with a double burst of cheese.

But these corny lines sound much sweeter when you hear them in Spanish from the mouths of Polo and Carla. On the other hand, Nate and Blair saying it every five seconds is irritating. Carla’s declarations of love, “mas que nunca,” always have, always will sound more sophisticated than Blair and Nate’s cheesy syrupy one-liners.

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The Redemption Arc missed Marina:

Serena Van der Woodson was a girl with many fans. However, there is one thing we all know that girl messes up far too much. Bad decisions were her forte, and with her on board, nothing was off the table.

Be it partying a little too hard, getting involved with a married man, lying to save herself. The list goes on and on. But she always had her friends to save what was left no matter what she put them through. On the other hand, Marina spiraled right across the season. She is making decisions that go against all beliefs and betrays her friends and family in the process.

When push came to shove, this curly-haired beauty had no one to play her knight in shining armor. And for what it’s worth, that story is better to tell.
Serena kept getting a million chances of redemption just because. Marina got the consequences of her actions, and her actions caught up with her. Not that the punishment fit the crime, but Elite took a risk that GG never did. This was because Serena was the main character running the show.

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A pace that makes you run out of sighs:

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One cannot blame Gossip Girl for the restrictions put on the series when it came to the duration and time of episodes. But, the series had to make up for a lot of lost time with these guidelines in place.

On the other hand, Elite had Netflix’s flexible policies and was free to tailor its length and episodes to fit the plot it wished to tell. And this undeniable advantage gave the soap a series of jam-packed attacks across seasons. It is serving us drama and plot twists like the food in brunch on the Upper-East side. In this golden age of series, Elite gives you in a series what we love in the movies.

The suspense in every single episode makes you ooh and sigh, and no one does drama better than teens, and when you add money and power into the mix, the drama intensifies, and so do the twists.

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All there is to say, as I bid adieu

Elite is a perfect successor for the Gossip Girl fans to captivate the audience with a stellar cast and enmeshing, suspenseful murder mystery chilling us and making us want more. It is a spin-off of many classic teen shows, just put better. Elite stands out for how even if it is a murder mystery, it talks about social issues in a very refreshing way. Something you can obsess over.

The murders that frame the show leave no one unsuspected, flickering between drama and investigations. It is a trope that we needed on our screens. The sharp writing and impeccable acting make you stay throughout all the nail-biting and super-charged drama. If it is tacky escapism you wish to indulge in, Elite will keep you addicted. It is a distraction we crave for. The nuances and complexities delivered subtly will keep you hooked till the end.

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