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Is Elite the best Netflix has to offer in the YA section?

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Are you interested in the lives of the oh-so-rich who go about their day in Chanel boots and Gucci shoes? No, I am not talking about Gossip Girl (oh the resemblance tho). Elite is a relatively new young adult show revolving around teens and their problems of mapping their way into the society. It is dark, gritty and real at times. So if you are a YA fan looking for some light dinner watch, this will be the right place to start. Why? You ask? Read on to know!

This outrageous Spanish teen soap slash murder mystery premiered on Netflix on October 5th,2018. It is begins and somewhat ends in Las Encinas, the private school for the rich heirs and heiresses of fortunes passed down generations. Elite serves to you scandals, raucous pool parties, fights in the locker room, and “beautiful” people set on stabbing each other in the back.

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Plot Overview

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Elite netflix feature image

This Netflix original follows a band of private school kids with privileges one could only wish for. And when there is money and power, drama is sure to follow. Murder in the school’s pool is just the beginning. The show grows more and more salacious as it progresses down the plot twists and the drama. The series of murders and who-done-it investigations are what drives the show.

With a stellar ensemble of the popular kids and bullies Lu and Guzman, privileged Polo, entitled Marina, marchioness Carla and everyone in between gives us what we crave. And the kids who just happen to have become private school students, the class clown Christian, lonely boy Samuel, intelligent Nadia, help us actually relate to the series and keep the soap grounded. Add to it the sappy romance of Ander and Omar, and you have the perfect mix of teen drama with outrageous mysteries surrounding the characters’ lives.

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Elite: Season 1

A no-cliché teen soap is hard to find, but this season of Elite gives us all the drama and the thrill without the added slow death clichés. The season begins with a private school exclusive to the privileged, the social currency being wealth and power. Enter into this land of the fancy, three students who have no business being in a place where social status determines your survival. Welcome, Samuel, the lonely boy who is the most human of them all.

Christian, effervescent, doesn’t even begin to describe this troublesome hunk and Nadia, the smartest goody two shoes. And when the sheep enter the wolf’s lair, it is a season of slaughter. For instance, Controversies seem to be all-around when these three scholarship students end up toppling the social order. Guzman, whose crooked father was responsible for these student’s scholarships, hates them with a vengeance and is hell-bent on making his friends torment the three.

The three of Elite

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Nano, Samuel’s brother, is out of jail and up for an expose. With him stirring trouble and wanting to expose all that is wealthy, the season is ready to throw more drama into the mix. Someone is dead, and everyone is a suspect. With slow-paced noir-like police interrogation scenes amid the mystery of who-done-it makes this season as addictive as it can get. This season gives you an addictive conflict, a slow-boiling mystery, empathy for characters, glum teens with luxury in their laps, and a plot that you start taking seriously.

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Elite: Season 2

Elite is back with its excessive yet addictive edge-of-your-seat mystery. In addition, When working-class students’ lives get entangled with the luxurious lives of the dishonest, privileged rich, we all knew drama is knocking at the doors. However, after the first season’s snazzy mystery, what does this season have up to offer? It’s a new school year sans Marina, and Samuel is hurting while working towards helping his wrongly accused older brother, Nano. Guzman is drowning in the misery of losing his little sister.

Nadia is falling for Guzman. And, as much as we are all for it, her parents might raise an objection or hundred. Polo’s murder of Marina has him paranoid, while Carla and Christian act as if they know nothing of it. Samu’s disappearance, Lu and her half brother’s scandalous affair, and a leaked tape have us sitting up and taking notice.

Then enters the story of Cayetana and Rebeka, the daughter of the school’s cleaner. She’s a scammer on the journey of fitting into the elusive inner circle of Las Encinas, and the daughter of a fraudster. She pulls Samu and Nadia up and out of the dumps. This season ends on an anti-climatic note and gives us something to think about.

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Elite: Season 3

There is a murder committed, again. I am not saying that the punishment fits the crime, but Polo had it coming after his brutal murder of Marina. Everyone is a suspect again, and each one has a motive, so who murdered Polo?

With the flash-forwards acting as pockets of the future which add intrigue. This season too, doesn’t fail to keep us hooked. Two new characters into the mix. It isn’t perfect, but the quality has not been compromised. Polo’s murder and the flash-forwards of each character give us some angsty teen drama to sink our teeth into.

Elite: Season 4

Elite season 4

Many were disappointed when they saw the trailer for this new season of Elite. A lot of beloved characters are not involved in the show anymore. But that’s nothing to worry about, the new cast looks equally interesting. Ari, Patrick, Mencia, and Prince Phillipe are elusive and dark, and you all know that is what keeps this series alive.

Elite is known for its intrigue, and once again, we are not left disappointed. The gripping mystery in this season is a treat for the eyes. Unpredictable and jaw-dropping are just some words that can describe the twists and turns in this season. This season is a must-watch for its intrigue and juicy characters.

Each season in the series brings to the table a new bizarre, bewildering murder mystery. Every time, the goal is to find the unknown motive. But unlike many other series with plot lines that have murder mystery written all over them, this soap dishes to you a lot more than just murders and conspiring teens.
Every character gets equal importance in the story line.

No stone is left unturned in letting them braise in the story line and develop their characters. In addition, each season is nuanced in its discussions and portrayals of class privileges, sexuality, teen angst. This is a made-for-all murder mystery and coming-of-age drama that leaves you with sighs and shocked gasps.

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