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Crash Landing On You: Adorable cast, A review

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Count the number of K-Dramas you have heard of? But have you really showed interest in watching them?
If not, then go for the Korean drama, Crash Landing On You!

People are die-hard fans of Korean Dramas just because of their simplicity, loving nature, and the language they speak. Let me ask, how many words have you learned watching Korean series? Five, ten, or fifteen? There might be a majority of people who now have the habit of watching K-Drams without much use of subtitles.

And when it comes to experience a new culture and its traditions, we are always up for that. So on that note let me introduce you to a lovely Korean show that might bring a change to your thoughts about both North and South Korea.

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Shall we begin?

Get Set Go!


Crash landing on you consists of 16 episodes which released in December 2019, worldwide.

• Plot

 The tale of this unfolds itself when Se-Ri (Son- Ye Jin), a successful businesswoman from South Korea who gets hit by a sudden tornado while paragliding and ends up swinging on a tree in the North Korean military zone, where the general public is not allowed to enter.

Crash Landing On You plot

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Captain Jeong Hyeok (Hyun Bin) sees her hanging from the tree branch and asks her to jump so that he can rescue her safely, to which she agrees and follow his instructions. Later, he gives Se-Ri a place to reside for the time being and plans up to send her back to South Korea. Spending some wonderful moments with each other, the couple falls in love.

Meanwhile in South Korea

Se-Ri’s family conceals the disappearance of Se-Ri as it could bring down the prices of chaebol’s shares. There begin endless conflicts in the entire family. On the other side, when the couple is happy with one another, Jeong’s betrothed enters the story. She is the daughter of a North Korean businessman. The plot moves towards the family foe, Cho Cheol Gang, who tries to play a fair game by addressing Jeong’s brother as a murderer. The disruption begins when the couple is in do or die phase of love and the problem is not only Jeong’s fiancé but also his father, who keeps on worrying that family nemesis can use Se-Ri as a target for their mission.

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Second half

Se-Ri returns back to her country safely and takes over the control of her business, as her father wanted her to. Contradict to this, Cheol Gang somehow manages to escape legally from the jail and follows Se-Ri for revenge, where Jeong, along with his team rescue Se-Ri and leads a happy life ahead.


Adorable as they are.

• Hyun Bin as Captain Jeong Hyeok

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Hyun Bin korean actor

The male lead of this drama is a heartthrob of million girls he is a kind, mature, clear-sighted man, who serves his country and fulfills the dream of his brother who was in the same profession and sacrificed himself for North Korea.

He is an introvert and keeps his team as sweet as his kids and resides in the remote area of the Korean Demilitarized Zone for border protection.

He was keen to learn music while studying in Switzerland. But later he decides to join the military on behalf of his brother. You will definitely fall in love with his character as soon as the show starts.

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• Son Ye-Jin as Se-Ri

The character of Se-Ri has been portrayed beautifully as a subtle, rich, mature, and independent woman. She is the illegitimate daughter of a renowned businessman whose mother passed away long back. Se-Ri now lives with her stepmother and brothers, along with their wives.

She holds a Skincare branch across the world and is capable to do everything by herself and also shares a casual rumored relationship with other celebrities. After the drastic incident of landing in North Korea, Se-Ri’s life completely changed and took a turn by falling in love with Captain Jeong Hyeok.

• Unexpected Ending

Crash Landing On You kdrama review cast

With all the chaos and tangled situations, we cannot even expect a happy ending for Jeong Hyeok and Se-Ri. The show depicted an overwhelming relationship between two Koreas, who would not allow a couple to meet each other as their fate this is what is shown in the final episode where both the individuals are separated by their respective governments, but evidently for good.

In the final moments of the drama, the couple meets in Switzerland. They realize and accept that they can’t be together in their native places. But they work out a plan to spend quality time together at some neutral place, either for weeks or months.

This small get-together can be considered as a happy ending for the couple, that at least they are with each other no matter how difficult it is for them to be in one place. The ending might say a lot about the dark conflicts between both countries. But at last what the audience matters are to be the couple together and happy.

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Crash Landing on You: Reviews

The Director of the drama, Crash landing on you served his audience with a remarkable storyline and an outstanding journey of happiness and sorrows throughout the plot. You can simply summarize this drama as a perfect blend of romance, action, and comedy altogether.

The protagonists, Hyun bin and Son Ye-Jin gave us beautiful chemistry of love, thus making our heart skips a beat, every time we see them together. So, if you haven’t watched this drama yet, you definitely are missing something great!

Bottom Line

Being with somebody who is very important to you and winning the heart of that person is what the drama basically indicates. Korean series have every kind of genre. But stepping into this field was really a challenging part from the director’s point of view. Making sure not to hurt the countries emotions and sentiments was primary into this. I hope you liked the article and would definitely suggest you watch Crash Landing on you at least for once. Trust me you are going to like it as well. Do let us know your reviews after watching the show. Well, return back with a new K-Drama for all of you.

All the Best!

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