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Cinderella (2021): The Entrepreneur is all of us!

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Greetings to the singer and sewing machine-sponsored jukebox musical rendition of Cinderella. Camila Cabello is the star of Kay Cannon’s follow-up to her madcap debut Blockers. Despite the attempts to jumble it up with bits of pop music and glances at the viewer, there are times in this film where that timeless tale shines throughout.

Cinderella: Plot Overview

Why am I pretending like you don’t know who Cinderella is? But for the sake of argument, let’s consider you don’t know it and move on.

Cinderella (2021) is a musical version of the famous fairy tale Cinderella. It will take a Knight’s Tale technique to song selection, with original tracks mixed in with covers of pop tunes like Madonna’s “Material Girl,” Janet Jackson’s “Rhythm Nation,” and Queen’s “Somebody to Love.”

Camila Cabello
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Cinderella meets her Prince, which is not a deviation from the conventional narrative. Her small community is very traditional, and women are not permitted to work. As Ella pursues her ambitions, she crosses up with Prince Robert (Nicholas Galitzine), also dealing with professional issues. In his situation, he is undecided about becoming king.

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A little too contemporary

Cannon pulls out the Pitch Perfect toolbox to deconstruct certain prejudices traditionally been a staple of fairy tales. Her approach is archaic, and she is aware of it. The exquisite nature of this Bridgerton-inspired rendition of Cinderella draws your attention away from the narrative. The magic only appears in the last minute. Billy Porter appears in a narrative so ingrained in its grandeur.

In interpretation, Robert and Ella’s relationship seems like the movie’s take on the Harry and Meghan tale, which fits for the most portion. Still, Ella’s ambition of becoming a dressmaker has frequently been pushed aside in the face of their developing passion.

There’s a strong sense that the film’s actors and crew believed they were producing a film that would appeal to today’s youth. Their self-awareness of being fashionable and contemporary, on the other hand, was an ill-advised attempt to modernize the fairy tale. Considering how futuristic their background setting is, I occasionally forget I’m seeing Cinderella.

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A musical and entrepreneur twist

Stories about underdogs have a better chance of yanking at our feelings. And Cinderella has always been the most well-known underdog fable in the world. Despite countless versions throughout the years, its allure has not faded. The musical parts are far more enjoyable than the charming speech.

Cinderella’s narrative is easily among the most rewritten fairy tales. Therefore there aren’t many new directions to choose from while telling it. If you come up with a novel perspective, there’s a good chance that a movie or tv series has already adapted it for its own purposes.

This Cinderella, on the other hand, wants to sell gowns and become self-sufficient. Singing songs to escape her stepmother’s clutches and accomplish something extraordinary is her escape from her monotonous and pointless life.

I nearly forgot this was a ‘princely age’ because the latest adaption is so heavy on contemporary song versions. The announcement of the shifting of guards stands out for me. I inadvertently clapped along as the announcer started playing some excellent rap music.

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With this many songs in the movie, it’s strange that Cabello only gets one huge solo, the catchy “Million to One.” It’s the film’s Grammy song, and the producers make sure you know it by having Cabello perform it three times in the film’s almost two-hour runtime.

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The performances are a delight

Cinderella 2021 dancing floor

Nobody can fault performers for not giving it their best. Cabello performs admirably in her feature picture debut. She demonstrates her comic chops incredibly when she’s deceiving high society or fumbling over her remarks when a queen inquires about her outfit. (“I did it… that’s what I did!”) Ella is lively and full of ambition. Even though the film’s promotion thrives on Ella’s brand recognition, the film never seems confident, making her the center of attention.

Galitzine is wonderfully smug as a harmless brother, while Brosnan as the arrogant monarch is absolutely hilarious. It almost feels like Prince Robert is the protagonist of this Cinderella. Because far too much runtime is for his conflicts against his aristocratic father, King Rowan (Pierce Brosnan). Rowan, on the other hand, only cares about acquiring a sea monster.

Gwen, Prince’s little sister, is a driven woman who knows exactly what she wants. She does not, however, have a place at the table (literally). However, she gets a win in the end (because of the fairytale).

Now it’s time to talk about the finest. Porter was definitely destined to take on the role of the fairy godmother. The brilliant rendition of the mystical master by the Emmy-winning Pose star will have you questioning, “Bibbidi-Bobbidi-Who-is-that?” To optimum comedic advantage, the entire cast gels with Cannon’s usual frenetic sense of humor.

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Cinderella (2021): See it or skip it?

Despite the feminist themes it so enthusiastically embraces, Cinderella is just too simplistic. It ultimately accomplishes to expose the actual reasons behind it all, which is to enter the cool clubs of movies that have been updated for the modern-day. It is, however, a fantastic initiative by a determined woman to sell her clothes and raise her voice.

To be fair, children will enjoy it. The fact that the Cinderella fairytale is a timeless classic definitely helps. The core of this narrative, about a girl who is ill-treated but still has a golden heart is true to its nature. She receives the ultimate makeover and lives happily prosperously. For a musical weekend pick, this is your best option!

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