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What are BTS and Jennifer Lopez collaborating on? Find out here!

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It all begins when the two musicians decide to follow each other on Twitter and become mutual friends. Jennifer Lopez has indeed been active on online networking, celebrating her relationship with actor Ben Affleck on Instagram and commenting on the K-pop phenomenon BTS.

In July, the 52-year-old began following the seven-piece ensemble on Twitter, and they reciprocated in an unusual gesture. JLo shared a Tiktok video by record producer Carneyval, who combined her current song “Cambia El Paso” with BTS’ “Permission to Dance.”

The song Cambia El Paso, featuring rapper Rauw Alejandro, is mostly Spanish with just some English lines. In contrast, BTS’s third English track, Permission To Dance, is co-written with Ed Sheeran’s British artist.

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But it wasn’t the only time BTS and Jennifer Lopez interacted. The superstar of “On the Floor” also posted footage of dancer Sienna Lalau dancing to the Carneyval rendition to her Twitter feed. More than 60,000 people have liked the video. Sienna is well-known among ARMY fans. Collaborating with BTS on the choreography for the tracks “Dionysus” and “ON,” which the South Korean boyband produced in 2020.

On August 5, JLo put out another tweet, this time putting the mash-soundtrack up to scorching hot scenes from her song video. This also featured her in a gleaming silver bikini top.

Reaction from Music Industry

Many admirers, including Jenna Andrews, the Canadian singer-songwriter with credits in BTS’s Butter, Dynamite, and Permission to Dance, have liked and reposted the message. BTS has previously presented three songs entirely in English; certain members, like Jimin, have used Latin rhythms for individual parts. Furthermore, the band mentioned releasing a Spanish song in a conversation with Entertainment Weekly published in July of this year.

BTS on Jennifer Lopez collaboration

BTS’ lead RM commented in a recent conversation with Entertainment Weekly magazine, “We’re open to anything… Maybe when it’s time, I think we’ll be able to release another song in English or Korean or Spanish – or any language.”

Fans, on the other hand, are ecstatic about the rumored cooperation. Fans of the K-pop sensations flocked to Twitter to express their excitement over a possible collaboration between Lopez and BTS. Are you looking forward to this cooperation between Spanish and Korean musicians? What other artists would you like to collaborate with? Please let us know in the comments section below!

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