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Blood Red Sky: A blood-sucking mother on her way to save her child

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The best way to summarize the Blood Red Sky is by using Rorschach’s famous quote in Watchmen (2009). “I’m not locked in here with you; you’re locked in here with me.” This film is an adrenaline rush of blood-soaked terror at 30 000 feet above sea level. It is one of the most frightening vampire movies that ever existed.

Blood Red Sky: Plot overview

Blood red sky nadya and her son

This movie will feel like ’30 days of night’ meets ‘flight plan’. Written by Stephan Holts and directed by Peter Thorwarth, Blood Red Sky follows Nadya and her 10-year-old son, who are on an overnight flight from Germany to New York. A group of terrorists violently take control of the plane and threaten the lives of the passengers. But the terrorists have no idea what they’re in for with Nadya on board. She has the power to protect her son and all the other passengers. But she faces an impossible choice – should she reveal her dark side and the inner monster, or should she keep it hidden and let everyone die.

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The hunters become the hunted, and everyone on the plane finds themselves in a dangerous race against time. And this becomes a fight for survival. Initially, the plot starts as a hijack thriller story, but it turns into something more twisted. Then, the movie ramps up on the grotesque and horror vibe, and the viewers will find it difficult to pull away as they wait to see what happens next in this exciting vampire thriller.

Since the start, the movie sets on an eerie note, capturing the audience’s attention early on. From there on, it slowly begins setting the premise of a claustrophobic yet intense horror thriller. Next, the writers’ Peter Thorwarth and Stefan Holtz lay out the story to keep the viewers guessing for what happens next. And just when you think that the intensity of this film cannot rise above this level, it will prove you wrong.

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All of the cast members nailed their performances

Mother and son in flight

The casting of this movie is executed perfectly. Peri Baumeister plays the lead, Nadya, and she handles her character proficiently. Even though she has many facets, being a mother and a vampire, she makes all of it believable. And she portrays her inner struggle with ease. As her monstrosity increases, her grasp on the character also becomes stellar.

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Kais Setti’s Farid is easily a character favorite and delivers empathy and relatability that seems natural. Alexander Scheer’s Eightball is completely neurotic, and it’s easy to tell that he’s having a ball nailing whatever it is that gets thrown at him. Carl Anton Koch, like Elias, shows a lot of promise as a young actor. The unique mother-son bond becomes tenfold due to Koch’s remarkable performance. His unwavering love for his mother adds a heartfelt component.

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Scary depiction of vampires, done right

Even though hijacking is a part of this film, vampires are the main focus. The design for the vampires is stellar. And the makeup department did a great job in the execution of these grotesque vampires in the film.

FYI, this movie does not romanticize vampires like in Twilight or True Blood. These bloodsuckers would tear a person up in an instant. But, from the ears to the teeth to the contact lenses, everything looks believable and creative. Lastly, Baumeister’s and Scheer’s physical tics and animalistic mannerisms help to set a cohesive visual.

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There is a lot of violence. Beware!

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Blood Red Sky takes a gory turn on vampires and plane hijackings. The violence is abundant in the film and is very explicit and gruesome in nature. The vampires are vicious, and they savagely attack both humans and animals, suck their blood, and feed off of them. Even the hijackers are not behind in violence. They shoot the passengers in cold blood. Moreover, they threaten, stab, wound, poison and trample people on the flight. Viewers’ discretion might be needed for this movie as it gets spine-chilling pretty fast.

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Extra fun facts about the film

Blood red sky vampire

Netflix recently announced that Peter Thorwarth was inspired to make this film while he was on an overnight flight. He certainly used his free time on the flight judiciously. Another fun fact: Baumeister had to undergo about five hours of makeup for scenes requiring her vampire persona. This sometimes meant the actress was called in at three in the morning.

The project started last year amid the COVID-19 pandemic with strict health safety protocols in place. It was pretty hectic for the team as well as for the cast. Due to certain restrictions in different countries, the airport scenes ended up being shot at four different airports throughout Europe.

“The coronavirus hygiene policy for the movie was around 40 pages long,” Netflix claims in the official press notes. “Cast and crew split into different groups with no mixing permitted between them. The production shut down for three months due to the pandemic, and it was impossible to get international actors into the Czech Republic. However, this gave filmmakers time to perfect their plans and return to the set fully refreshed and revitalized.”

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Should you watch Blood Red Sky?

In conclusion, even with the given campy presence with some genre horror/vampire movie staples, the drama between the characters never loses its sheen. It keeps the audience attentive towards the film. The prologue clearly states that the flight landed intact and Elias is safe. Then the mother-son relationship becomes the center of attention for the film. Nadja’s love for Elias stops her from becoming a full vampire, and his dedication to her prompts unexpected bravery.
The thrilling and exciting pace of the movie worked in its favour. And it turns out to be a surprise for many people when they watch it. The film leads towards a wild ride which you must not have expected from it.

The ending of the film is painfully heartbreaking. And you will shed some tears. But the entire build-up becomes a cohesive unit by the end. The same can be said for every twist and obstacle that Thorwarth and Holtz throw into the story. So that coupled with the committed performances from the film’s cast and the vampiric portrayal onscreen, I recommend this movie.

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