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Best TV Shows that Amuse 10-12 year old kids

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Isn’t it so refreshing to watch your favorite TV show after a long school day?
Yes! We all need a break from our tight schedule.

Pandemic has kept everything aside for kids. Playing outside, going to school, visiting with the family has now completely vanished. The best TV shows for kids are also being outdated and poor kids are just waiting for the conditions to get normal so that they can resume their life. We can say that kids grow really fast and they explore many things around them along with their behavior.

Making choices of their own is one of them. From food to clothing, everything they want to decide by themselves. Similarly, when it comes to what to watch on TV after studies, is also their decision. Now, think of enjoying a fantastic TV show after your homework. Won’t you enjoy it? Of course, you will. Who won’t like to experience it? So, to make it more interesting we have come across some wonderful TV shows for tweens!

#11 Amusing TV Shows that entertain 10-12 year kids

To keep it calm and cool for these little buds, we are hereby presenting a fresh mixture of different wonderful genres. Let us explore the journey of these splendid dramas and renew our list. So, hold on to your breath and get ready for the real adventure.
Get Set Go!

• Team Kaylie

Best TV Shows that amuse 10-12 year old kids team kaylie
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This comedy streaming drama is about a nineteen years young billionaire girl and TV celebrity whose name is Kaylie Konrad, played by Bryana Salaz. She gets into a car accident and is court-charged to have a one-year service to lead the wilderness club of a city middle school. Now, she has to lead a normal life giving away all the stardom. It is a wonderful sitcom by Netflix. Best suited for the age of 10 and above, this comic drama has three seasons, each containing six episodes on average. The show depicts that how a teen superstar has to give up everything to get adjusted in a regular middle school. So, to experience an overview of how luxurious lives are shifted to basic ones, try watching Team Kaylie!

• MasterChef Junior

As the name suggests, MasterChef Junior is an American cookery show for kids, where 24 kids ages 8-13, compete with each other to win. Going through a number of rounds, these kids experiment with new dishes every time. In the entire show process, these kids are mentored by some famous chef celebrities like Gordan Ramsey, Daphne Oz, Graham Elliot, Christina Tosi, and many more. MasterChef Junior is based on the British cookery series, called Junior MasterChef, with overall 7 seasons and 79 episodes. Aired on FOX and Youtube, this cookery series will give a different interest to the kids and make them feel excited to get in the kitchen ASAP. So, let them be free from their gadgets or studies and cook something very delicious for you!

• A Series of Unfortunate Events

Best TV Shows that amuse 10-12 year old kids a series of unfortunate events

Developed by Mark Hudis and Barry Sonnenfeld, this thriller drama revolves the story around three young orphaned children of the Baudelaire family who lost their parents in a mansion fire. They decide to love their far-off relative, Count Olaf. This man is wicked and fierce who claims the mansion property to himself which in actuality is of the eldest sibling of the trio. Along with their local guardians (uncle and aunt), these kids expose all the cleverness and the mystery of their parent’s past but Olaf with not kneel down as easily. This horrifying drama is an adaptation of a spooky novel by the same name and is best for tweens. Watch the wonderful acting skills of Neil Patrick Harris as Olaf and feel the chilling and eerie vibes by exploring this show!

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• The Baby Sitters Club

Best TV Shows that amuse 10-12 year old kids the baby sitters club

Premiered on Netflix, 2020, this American drama is about a group of seven high school girls who starts a child care camp. While being in this job, these girls also experience the age of adolescence, where they face pains and other bodily changes. Later, the president of Baby Sitters Club, Kristy Thomas, comes up with an idea to run this summary nursery care to which the group agrees. Finally, they run their daycare in a comfortable way. Bases on the famous book series, The Baby Sitters Club is basically a tween friendly show which focuses on importance of friendship. It is a pleasurable entertainment for the fans of Ann M. Martin book series. A must watch show for females. So, high time girls! Watch and review if you liked it!

• The Healing Powers of Dude

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One of best TV shows for the age of 10-12 kids, this show is all about a boy named Noah, who is eleven years young and affected with social anxiety disorder. He gets emotionally attached with a dog, which supports him and keeps him happy. This sweet little animal also supports him to heal his disorders with its caring and loving behaviour. The Healing Powers of Dude portrays that how a tween life is overblown by an anxiety disorder. Similarly, as previous dramas, this show is originally premiered on Netflix. Created by Erica Spates & Sam Littenberg-Weisberg this show has just one season with eight episodes. So, if you are a pet lover, like me, or have immense love for animals, get a virtual feel through this drama and enjoy being with it!

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• Raising Dion

Best TV Shows that amuse 10-12 year old kids raising dion

Raising Dion is a superhero science fiction adventure which narrates a story about a lady named Nicole who after the death of her husband, raises her son Dion, being a single mother. After sometime, Dion start feeling something weird in himself and normal upbringing turns into a bizarre when the mother finds out the her son has the power or ability of superheroes. Meanwhile, Nicole tells this to her husband’s best friend, pat and keeps a secret form the entire world. She protects her son form facing any kind of exploitation form people, once figured out the origin of his powers. Raising Dion is one of those dramas which will keep you connected and give another level of sci-fi experience. Let us consider this one in our list, what say?

• The Letter for the King

the letter for the king

This fantasy adventure set in middle-ages is based on the book by Tonke Dragt. The plot tells us a story about a boy named Tiuri, who is a young landowner. He leads simple yet honorable life with his mother and stepfather in the kingdom of Dagonaut. He starts his adventure in search of a letter which he has to deliver somewhere and ends up discovering his own personality. Best suited for age group of 10 and above, this series has just one season. You can watch this six episode drama on Netflix which holds an eye catching action sequences. The Letter for the King is a perfect show for the fantasy fans, which are way too young to watch Game of Thrones. Try giving it shot and enjoy entering the imaginative world of Tiuri!

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• Alexa & Katie

Alexa and katie
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This 2018, American comic show is the best for girls as it shows bond of friendship and support between girls. The story is about two best friends, Alexa Mendoza and Katie Cooper, who have been friends from such a long time. These two ladies are ready to start a new year of their high school but Alexa is diagnosed with cancer. They have such a great compatibility that with the help of each other they can pass through everything, that’s what they believe. Apart from this bad news, rest of the serial has positive, comic and friendly vibes. Children of age 10 and above can watch and understand this drama easily. Available on Netflix, this show has four seasons. So, girls are you ready to go on a roller coaster ride with Alexa and Katie?

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• Jurassic World Camp Cretaceous

Best TV Shows that amuse 10-12 year old kids Jurassic World Camp Cretaceous

With the remarkable voiceovers of the cast of Jurassic Park, this show is based on a boy named Dauris Bowman, who is a great fan of dinosaurs, is given a chance to visit a special dinosaur camp in Isla Nublar, with the name of camp cretaceous. After reaching there Dauris meets five other teens: Ben, Kenji, Sammy, Yaz, and Brooklyn. All these kids are given a lifetime opportunity to visit this camp. But sooner they realize that something is seriously wrong in the camp. The dinosaurs have broken the gates and are free form their domain. Without any assistance they get fearful and run for their lives. Premiered on Netflix, this show has three seasons with total number of 26 episodes. So, if you are a dinosaur and Jurassic Park fanatic, like me, you must watch this animated adventurous series.

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• Family Reunion

Listing down 28 episodes, this American situational comedy series is known worldwide for its extremely loving story of six family members of the McKellen Family, who start their journey from Seattle, Washington to Columbus, Georgia. They organize a family get-together by visiting their traditional and down-to-earth grandparents and being closer to them. Starring tremendous star casts like Tia Mowry, Anthony Alabi, Talia Jackson, and many more, this sweet adoring drama has two seasons. One of which was premiered in 2019 and second in 2021. The series focuses on the theme of getting along with the family. Children holding the age of 9 and above can watch Family Reunion on Netflix. So, what are you waiting for? Enjoy the struggle of the family to fit themselves in the big city and adapting the lifestyle gradually.

• Greenhouse Academy

greenhouse academy

Created by Giora Chamizer, this mystery suspense show illustrates the culture and living of noble boarding school. Bested for the age of 11 and 12, Greenhouse Academy revolves its story about siblings, Alex and Hayley. These teens get admission to a private boarding school to represent themselves as future leaders. They join two opposition houses and become rivalries of each other. Sooner, some mysterious chaos leads to the top-secret inspection by both the houses. To get some money, these houses unfurl the case to use earthquakes. This can only be stopped if both the houses start working together as a team. Try out all the four seasons of this puzzling drama and enjoy the well-executed plot twists and turns.


Being real heroes, kids have patiently waited for coronavirus to end. They have been so sweet and understandable not to go out and visit other places, for that matter. The only thing they were allowed to do was to be at home, be creative, or watch TV to spend an enjoyable time. TV shows are not even updated; kids have been watching those boring TV shows for a very long time. They needed a proper break from them and get an up-gradation in their checklist.

Keeping this in mind, we gave a modernized record of some of the best TV shows for kids which they will absolutely love. So, we hope you got what you were looking for from this article, try watching the above-mentioned dramas and relax your mind peacefully. Also, let us know which one you picked and how much you liked it. For more such exciting and fantastic entertainment TV shows for kids, keep visiting MovQue.com.

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