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#12 Best Time Travel Movies of All Time

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How about experiencing life back and forth in time?

Well, we never know if it is even possible!

Sometimes we feel to see things apart from the present. Be it future or past, we are ready to have a look into it. What happened or what is going to happen, keeps our mind engaged somehow. But do you think traveling into different time zone really exists? I guess not!
Taking this into high consideration, we have come across the best time travel movies which we can enjoy in the upcoming weekend and even if we can’t experience time in real life; these movies will take you along with them into a completely contrasting era!


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Hello Pals, we are here to serve a platter full of best time travel movies, so that you can digitally encounter some amazing time Trans temporal travels without any problems. So let us not wait much and hop on to the main content!
Set Go!


best time travel movies of all time primer

Have you ever experienced an accidental creation? I guess this can differ from person to person. Sometimes we want to make something that results in a completely different output. With a similar plot Primer also narrates a story of two engineer friends named Aaron and Abe who create and sell error checking technology along with their third friend called Philip. While in the making process they coincidentally make time machine. Soon, they try a new version of transporting people to the other side, testing them in the device. As they start enjoying their innovation, sooner they realize that they all will be facing some major repercussions. Phew!! It is terrifying and interesting at the same time. Let’s not wait further and experience the entire journey with this one!

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Men in Black 3

best time travel movies on netflix

Some things are really amazing to get into, the time exchange is one of them. Think of achieving a huge target is equally important and this is what MIB 3 is about, where two agents named J and K are asked to save the earth from aliens. They have been working together since years but still J doesn’t know much about K. On the other hand, J finally gets an opportunity to find out why K is running behind an alien named Boris the Animal. This alien runs away in 1969 and kills K. now for the sake of earth’s safety; J needs to travel the time in past, get along with young K and mend things, accordingly. Exciting! Isn’t it! Let’s watch it together and enjoy the brother’s bond together!

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Terminator 1 and 2

best time travel movies on netflix
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How isn’t a big fan of Terminator series? Well, it is one of the finest best time travel movies of all time. The plot shares a story about Terminator, who works as a technical killer and travels to 1984 from 2029 just to murder Sarah Connor. Meanwhile, a savior named Kyle Reese is sent to escape Sarah anyhow. Reese expose the launch of an artificial intelligence system named Skynet which gives birth to natural destruction worldwide. The major reason to kill Sarah is her unborn son, who seems a competitor to Skynet. While the terminator keeps chasing them, both Sarah and Reese break free. Woah! This is a hell of a movie material to watch! I can’t wait to see this one. Here I go!

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similar movies like looper

Travelling back in time is one such adventure, which everybody among us wants to do on weekly basis. The movie Looper also have this adventurous moments where well-trained, Joe is designated as “Looper”, one who sends people from future into past just to get them killed, through time travel technique. Joe is very well aware of the work he does and also disposes of their corpses. Nonetheless, he wants to delete all the evidences of him being a looper as he knows that one day in future, he also will be facing the same situation of being shot dead. When the similar day arrives, Joe sets himself all and bolt for freedom while the looper keep on finding him to fulfil their own objectives. Wait! What? This is amazing, pals! Let’s dig more about it and enjoy the plot! Ready?

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The Time Machine

best time travel movies of all time the time machine

Don’t you feel great creating something new of your own? With the same portrayal, this film draws the story about a great scientist Alexander Hartdegen is all set to convince the world that traveling past with time is actually possible. Somehow his passion for proving himself takes a hard turn towards a personal misfortune where he wants to turn the past completely, upside down. On a Mission to test his own invented time machine, Hartdegen is thrown into I future which is 800000 years ahead and then he sooner realizes that humanity has been divided into two major sections i.e. the killer and the killed. What have you done if you have been in this situation? Comment down below and let us know what you think!!

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12 Monkeys

12 monkeys

What if you see mother earth in danger? obviously, we’ll find out the solution for the same. Carrying the same story, this movie shares a plot where James Cole finds traveling into time very hard. Stuck in the 2030s, Cole is sent back to the 1990s to fulfill the task of recruitment for a mission. After reaching in the past he would be asked to search for information about an emerging plague that is ready to kill the entire population of the world. And to fulfill his he gets the back of two of his colleagues named Jeffrey, a nutty friend, and Kathryn Railly, a medical guard. I feel this one has some spark in the story! Ready to find out? Let us dig more and find out what happens next!

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Planet of the Apes

best time travel movies of all time planet of the apes

Do you know the ape ruling will be common in the coming years?? Don’t believe it? Then you should watch this movie for sure as it will give you a depiction of three astronauts who land down on a future planet. This planet is basically ruled by apes who take humans for granted and use them as workers. Three of these Astros is shocked to see how wise and intelligent these apes are who can walk and talk just like humans. They even have their own political and class system of their own. All of these three astronauts observe themselves as a part of underrated species, ruled by apes. I mean, what?? Is this real? I need to watch this one right now!!! ASAP, Now!!!!

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Back to the Future

back to the future

How confusing it is to travel into the past? I mean, we cannot even track when to come back! With the same storyline, this movie shares a plot where a teenager named Marty Mcfly is sent into the past towards the 50s when the experiment of his weird scientist friend goes oddly wrong. He travels into the past in a customized DeLorean car. Mcfly sees different things and goes on a completely different kind of experience. He sees the younger version of his parents and tries to make them fall in love, else he’ll get stuck there in the 50s for a lifetime. He needs to get back to his native place at any cost, to save his friend. This is insane!! Let’s leave everything and hop onto this movie, right now!!!!!

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best time travel movies on netflix

Many decisions in life are not in our hands, but we somehow manage to do them for others’ sake. Similarly, the story of Interstellar shares the time when in the future, a sudden drought is hovering over the planet which will ultimately destroy the earth. A marvelous data scientist from NASA, named professor brand is working hard to save the planet by shifting its population to a safer place via hole. But before they themselves want to test it by sending one of their old NASA pilot along with a complete crew of researchers. Reaching their destinations, they find out that there are three such planets that can help people to settle. Woah!!! Amazing it is!! We are going for this one for sure!! Let’s do this now!!!

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Donnie Darko

Have you ever experienced sleepwalking? Nope? Thank god! You shouldn’t, else you’ll be confused forever. The story of Donnie Darko shares a plot where at the time of the presidential campaign of 1988 for elections, Donnie Darko, a young teen starts walking in sleep and even goes out of his house one day. There he sees a huge rabbit-like creature with the name Frank who tells him that the world is surely going to end within 28 days. Darko returns back to his home and sees that a heat engine has crashed landed in his room. The only question he gets confused in is if he is really ill, is there any parallel universe or will the world die in the next 28 days? Phew!! This is scary but he needs to find the solution for the same. So are you ready to help him? Let’s go!

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Do you believe in Aliens? Well, I do!! There are many things in what we call other worlds but those are in disguise. Executing this idea into the story, the movie arrival narrates the plot where Louise Banks, an English professor heads a team of highly intellectual investigators to find out the details about a huge spaceship which is seen in 12 different locations in the world. At the time of global war, the professor must travel through the time in order to communicate with the Martians. Just to unfurl the mystery which can cause danger to her life. Geezzz!!! This is compelling! Well, what if you get to communicate with them? Would you? Let’s find out through this movie and experience the reality!

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About Time

Sometimes it is tough to see things in the direction we want. What if things go other way round? Oops! That would have been complex. The story of this one shares the plot where Tim Lake lives a happy life with his family in Cornwall. He is very bad at girls and loves them. While he grew to twenty-one, his father informs everyone a truth where a person from the family has the ability to travel through time. At first, Tim seems confused about this, but later he realizes that his father is correct. Soon he leaves for London to find the job where he falls for Mary and mends relationship mistakes. In his entire life, he not only helps himself but also his family members to mend all their errors. Pheww!! I can totally understand his condition. Let’s watch this one and join the journey of Tim!

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Hollywood has come up with some amazing content in terms of excellent cinema projection. Be it any genre, they have achieved what they have a target for. Similarly, time travel movies have also made their journey towards success to spoon each one of you out!
Sorting everything out, we opened the entire stock of the best time travel movies which will give you a unique feel of moving to and fro along with the time. So, we hope you liked the article and got what you were looking for. Also, let us know by printing your thoughts and reviews down in the comment section below. Lastly, keep following for more wonderful content.

Annyongi Gheseyo!!

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