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Arthdal Chronicles Cast: Will they be coming back for season 2?

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Kim Young Hyun and Park Sang Yeon have created a sprawling story set in antiquity. Arthdal Chronicles is unique as most medieval plays aren’t set in this period, yet it was ideal for what was about to happen. Episode plot twists, protagonists that exploited brutality, supporting cast and kindness to achieve their goals, and a top-notch production staff who brought all of it to life are all well-represented in Arthdal Chronicles. Here is the Arthdal Chronicles cast that played it all too well.

Arthdal Chronicles: Cast

The cast of Arthdal Chronicles is a long-list. So we have managed to bring the ones that had most impact on the story.

Jang Dong-gun

arthdal chronicles cast

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San-Aung, the Arthdal Union’s leader, has a son named Ta-gon (Jang Dong-gun). He’s a military genius and fighter, the commander of the Daekan soldiers, having both brains and athleticism. This warrior used his military plan to defeat the Neanderthals during the Great War.
Tae-gon’s reputation in Arthdal continued to rise as Ta-gon became a hero for all Arthdal tribes.

Eun-seom and Saya

arthdal chronicles cast

The kid born on the day the blue comet emerges will bring catastrophe, according to an old Arthdal prophecy. As it happened, a brilliant blue streak blazed across the sky on the day they were born.

Saya (Song Joong-ki) and Eun-seom (Song Joong-ki) are genetically identical. Ragaz’s son Eun-seom is the son of Asa Hon and Neanderthal. A stranger to Arthdal, a representative of the Wahan tribe of Iark. In the upcoming days, Ta-most gon’s fearsome foe. That does not welcome the offspring of an extraterrestrial connection. Eun-seom and Saya are a Saram (the human race) and Neanderthal (Igutus) multiracial born during the Great War.

Song Joong-ki rose to prominence as one of the founding cast actors of the medieval coming-of-age drama Sungkyunkwan Scandal (2010), and the entertainment shows Running Man (2010–2011). Since then, he’s been in Descendants of the Sun (2016), The Innocent Man (2012), and Vincenzo (2021), as well as the blockbuster films The Battleship Island (2012), A Werewolf Boy (2012), and Vincenzo (2021).

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arthdal chronicles cast

Tan-ya (Kim Ji-won) is the daughter of Yeol-son, the Wuhan’s next Supreme Spiritual Mother’s predestined successor. The blue comet’s foretold child. Tan-ya’s mother perished before she could see her adored daughter on the day she was born. Tan-ya and Eun-seom were both born on the same day the blue comet passed overhead.

Tan-ya is a smart, beautiful, and intelligent Wahan girl destined to become the next Great Holy Mother. She utilizes a sling as her hunting gear in Ark, a place where the crossbow has yet to be developed. She is a fighter good enough to take the life of a grownup.

Kim Ji-won rose to prominence after appearing in the TV show The Heirs (2013), Descendants of the Sun (2016), Fight for My Way (2017), and Arthdal Chronicles (2017). (2019). Kim became a Hallyu celebrity with the popularity of her soap operas in Asia.

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Tae Al-ha

Tae al -ha

Mi-hol, the Hae Tribe Chief, has a daughter named Tae Al-ha (Kim Ok-Vin). A scholar, a fighter, and a statesman with ambition. The Hae are outsiders to Arthdal, having traveled across seas from a far distance. Her passion is for control rather than research. She would much rather dominate the researchers than master the subject.

She considers that the individual at the pinnacle of influence will be the one who can sway the masses and alter the course. As Ta-political Gon’s ally, she has enormous influence. Tae Al-ha was unconcerned since Arthdal’s abilities were equal to hers. However, a formidable foe emerges from an unexpected source.

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Saenyeok Tribe and Daekan Forces

Ta-father, Gon’s Chief of the Saenyeok Tribe, is San-Aung (Kim Eui-Sung). The Arthdal Tribes Union’s head. San-Aung, who ascended to the rank of Arthdal Tribal Union Leader at an early age, has a unique capacity to accept and involve others, which has attracted many to him. When it comes to problem-solving, he is both clever and impartial. He achieved a triumphant victory in the Great War against the Neanderthal, but the hero of this war was not him, but his son, Ta-gon. But when Tae-gon’s eminence climbed to threaten his position as Tribal Union Leader, San-ung made a terrible determination in his heart.

Moo-baek (Park Hae-Joon) is a highly talented Daekan fighter who is often regarded as the finest. He is an extremely skilled swordsman. Mugwang’s older brother is nice and kind. He desires for everyone in Arthdal to live in peace and harmony.

Gil-sun (Park Hyoung-soo) was a member of the Daekan soldiers before joining the Guard Forces as a troop leader. After fighting alongside Ta-gon in the Great Hunt of Neanderthal, he became a member of the White Mountain Tribe. He was the first one to return to Arthdal, and as a commander of the Guard Forces, he is responsible for maintaining the peace within the city.

Choi Young-Joon (Yeon-ball) is a Daekan fighter. He carries out his orders as a Saenyeok tribesman and out of allegiance to Ta-gon. He is frequently picked on and treated unfairly, with Mu-Baek and Gil-son above him and Mu-gwang and Kitoha beneath him. Further, he is a free-spirited and pleasant individual who, despite his looks, is intelligent.

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White Mountain Tribe

Asa Ron (Lee Do-Kyung) is the Chief Elder of the White Mountain Tribe; he controls the religious rites and ceremonies. As the Chief Elder who heads the Great Temple, which serves the Eight Gods of Arthdal, he is at Arthdal’s apex of power. However, Asa Ron is lacking; he descends from only a branch house of the Great Mother Asa Shin and not her direct line. He can communicate the wills of God, however, he cannot be in-person with them. Thus, Asa Ron leads his clan not by the strength of his innate abilities but by his outstanding political judgment.

Asa Ron (Lee Do-Kyung) is the White Mountain Tribe’s Supreme Elder, in charge of traditional rituals and practices. He stands at the pinnacle of Arthdal’s authority as the Chief Elder of the Great Temple that serves the Eight Gods of Arthdal. On the other hand, Asa Ron is descended from a subsidiary house of the Great Mother as Shin rather than her direct relationship.

Asa Mot (Seo Eun-ah) is a descendant of the Asa clan and the head priestess of Arthdal, overseeing Asa Ron’s rituals and ceremonies. Asa Ron also entrusts her with the management of the Great Temple. She feels that she physically belongs to Airuzu and her emotions to Isodunyong, and she is a devout believer who is much more so than Asa Ron.

Eun-seom and Saya’s mother, Asa Hon (Choo Ja-Hyun), is a participant of the Asa Clan. She was assigned with delivering presents to the Neanderthal, and she experienced the Saram race’s brutality at a burning Atturad. She then fled with the Neanderthal, Ragaz, and gave him her love, giving birth to Eun-seom and Saya as a result.

Asa Moo (Park Ji-won) is a gorgeous Asa Clan priestess who conveys Isodunyeong’s teachings. She constantly looks to be inebriated, with slurred speech and a bewildered expression. She dances and screams within the Great Temple as she hears messages from the Divine beings.

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Ragaz (Teo Yoo) is the father of Eun-seom and Saya. When the Union officials sought to persuade the Neanderthals to stand united with them, they met Asa Hon for the first time at the summit of the White Mountain. Because she spoke Neanthal’s tongue, Asa Hon acted as a translator for Sa-Nung.

Are they all coming back for season 2?

Even though the second season is announced and in the cards, the showrunners have not yet started the pre-production due to the global pandemic. Fans are delighted to discover that Song Joong-ki will reprise his roles as Eun-seom and Saya in Season 2 of the K-drama Arthdal Chronicles. The Netflix series also plans to bring back all of the key characters to reprise their roles. Jang Dong-gun plays Ta-gon, Kim Ji-won plays Tan-ya, and Kim Ok-Vin plays tae Al-ha.

Arthdal Chronicles Season 2 is expected to have an even more intriguing plot and distinct characters. We don’t expect much surprise in the cast for Arthdal Chronicles season 2. Although the show has no updates on the plans yet, we fans are eagle eyeing every move of the creators.

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