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All of Us Are Dead: Horrific Zombie Apocalypse Finds You Trapped

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All of Us Are Dead, hey, man We’re all dead, truly, you heard that right? Let me now explain why I asked you that question. Imagine being dead and your body being controlled by a virus, and your body is a moving corpse that acts like a zombie, biting someone to satisfy your appetite. Are you able to comprehend what I’m saying? What is the truth behind the Zombie Apocalypse? We’ll have to deconstruct the web series All of Us Are Dead season 1 to do so.

Bullying can happen anywhere in the world. It’s similar to cancer in that someone who is afraid to fight back is constantly bullied by terrible people. Please don’t bully the weak; instead, assist them in stepping forward to achieve their goals. Otherwise, you should expect to be attacked by a zombie which turns you into a zombie, similar to the movie All of Us Are Dead.

Lee-Jae-kyoo and Kim Nam-su directed All of Us Are Dead, a South Korean Zombie Apocalypse horror streaming web series. There is also a hint that All of Us Are Dead will have a second season.

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Anyway, I’ll tell you what the series is trying to convey, which is what the purpose of the zombie onslaught is. Come on, let’s delve into All of Us Are Dead.

All of us are dead Season 1: Plot overview

All of Us Are Dead Season 1

The web series All of Us Are Dead deals with a maliciously created virus that causes everyone to turn into a zombie. In Hyoson, a high school, the survivor storey took place. It all began when Gwi-nam’s bullying gang attacked Jin-su, who fell from the rooftop, sowing the seed of the virus’s invention. Lee Byeong-chan, Jinsu’s father, created a virus to strengthen his son so he could fight back, but it all fell apart.

After his invention failed, he killed his son, but later in his studies, another student at Hyosan High School was bitten by a virus-carrying rat, which set off the chaos. All of the students were confined in class, and several of them had turned into zombies… The virus spreads throughout Hyosan city from the school. The pupils’ struggle to avoid being bitten by the zombie. The government’s inability to act wisely caused the entire town to crumble, leading Hyosan to a place reeking of corpses.

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All of us are dead Season 1: Review

All of Us Are Dead Season 1

We are currently living in a world where there is a corona pandemic, and the breakout was caused by the gossip of lab failure flys, thus All of Us Are Dead has a place in the world to know about it. What exactly is contained within? A virus created by a science instructor to help the weak was unsuccessful. Hyosan High School was transformed into a zombie factory, and the government sectors either failed to prevent the epidemic or were unwilling to assist the innocent students who were trying to avoid being bitten.

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Is that something that could happen in real life? Would governments allow their citizens to suffer in this manner? I’m not sure why the system isn’t responding, but I’ve seen some sort of assistance measures in action, but everyone is either folding their hands or trying to open it up. More sequences, such as the protective force assisting these unfortunate souls in school, might be included, I discovered.

Apart from that, All of Us Are Dead is a web series that forces you to sit for long periods of time in order to watch it, causing your nails to bite.

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12 zombie episodes

Horrific Zombie Apocalypse Korean drama

12 episodes of nail-biting and there’s a lot happening on in this episode. We will not be bored for a second because it is an enticing one. The first episode alone entices us to watch the film because it is the father who murders his son for what reason? Is that something a parent could do? Yes, this question makes us want to sit and watch the full series without becoming bored.

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Virus and invention

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He does not want his son to be a loser like him. The science teacher created the virus in order to strengthen his son. But in the end, no one became stronger, and every one failed. Bullying is the root of all of this; we have passed on some form of bullying gene to people all around the world. People bully others for a variety of reasons. What do they get out of it that they enjoy? This is the type of person you want to pose this question too. Make sure you don’t get bullied by them, like the Hyosan pupils in All of Us Are Dead did.

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Hope and wisdom

All of Us Are Dead Season 1

All of Us Are Dead makes us reconsider a scene in which miserable souls stuck in a school are evaluating why the children are not rescued. The pupils claimed that children are the future, so why aren’t we being helped? They then added that if adults aren’t helped, they will lose their wisdom. As a result, Thrace favours Hope or Wisdom.

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Lamp holders

We can see some lamp holders who help us find our way out of every tragic situation we are placed in life. They clear the crossroads to ensure everyone’s safety. We may observe such lamp holders in All of Us Are Dead. They cut through the obstacles to keep others safe in their back. Take chances that could put your life in jeopardy. The unknown meaning that these scenes actually convey is that the obstacles allow you to freeze jump over them in order to find the light that will lead to your success. Cheong-san and Su-hyeok are the most memorable characters. They showcased without hesitation regardless of whether or not their actions will have an impact on their life. Those individuals’ selfless efforts really are mentionable at this moment.

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Yoon Chan-young as Lee Cheong-san

Many survivors are divided into sections, but the audience is moved by the leaders of the Cheong- San group. We may find some students hiding in the toilet, who are being controlled by Ha-ri, an archery trained student. On-jo’s father, So-ju, acted as a shield for the officials. Rooftop survivors who held their ground when Eun-ji attempted to jump from the roof in order to insult her, as she was being bullied by the Gwi-nam gang.

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Selfish ones ended dead

Lee Yoo-mi as Lee Na-yeon

Na-yeon is selfish who wants to be safe but doesn’t help in any way to protect others. In a situation when she has a personal grudge against Gyeong-su, she rubs the virus-affected bloodstain on him, turning him into a Zombie. When a buddy falls down after spotting a zombie, Ji-min is afraid and flees, but she is subsequently slain and infected on campus.

Kim Chul- Soo, who despised the school for treating him as an outcast – If he had just opened the rooftop door, Cheong- san and the rest of the gang could have escaped, but he just moved without turning, which led to his friend Eun-ji being bitten by a zombie in the rescue camp. As a result, we can see that All of Us Are Dead is attempting to convey the idea that you should be selfless by helping others as well as yourself. Don’t shut the door on those who are in need.

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All of Us Are Dead Season 1

What exactly does habies imply? If you really want to know, check out the web series All of Us Are Dead Season 1, where we can observe how some infected pupils developed immune to it, almost as if they were half-zombies. If a person becomes infected with the virus, he will die and his body will be controlled by the virus. Halfbies, on the other hand, have control over their bodies and are not attacked by other Zombies; yet, if they are hungry, they will bite someone close, making them even more deadly because we never know when they would act strangely.

Nam-ra is a goodbie among the numerous halfbies, who went out of her way to protect her companion even after she turned into a half-zombie. The villain is Gwi-nam, who appears throughout the series. The source of all the misfortune. Bullying gang that inspired the virus’s creator, the life science teacher.

As Cheong-san witnessed murdering the principal, Gwi-nam transformed into a half-zombie and attempted to attack him. Another habie is bullied girl Eun-ji, who was a true victim whose mental torture was so severe that she was forced to become a halfbie.

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Cope up with emergency

All of Us Are Dead Season 1

On-ju’s father is a firefighter who has always emphasised her daughter’s health over academics. So-ju, his firefighter father, taught his daughter some emergency procedures. On-ju leads her friends in constructing emergency toilets and attempting to broadcast an SOS from the rooftop in order to entice the army to assist them. Students are devising elaborate strategies to bring zombies into a room so that they can flee by recognising that they are attracted to sound and employing speakers to shift their path.

On-ju is not studious, but when emergencies arise, she act as brilliant as she is brought up by his father with practical knowledge, as seen in the web series All of Us Are Dead, and her tactics help the group.

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All of Us Are Dead Season 1 is based on a digital webtoon , Now at our School. It was written by Joo Dong- geun and published in 2009 and 2011. The webseries All of Us Are Dead is a 100% encagement series that you can watch without getting bored. There are no meaningless scenes. We are affected by scenes in which a girl is tormented and students are attacked by zombies. The struggle of a teen to give birth in a toilet, how she is tying herself up so that she does not attack her own baby.

The web series shows the struggle for life, emotions, love, affection, completely All of Us Are Dead is a package of what life can be when affected by a sudden outbreak.

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All of us are Dead: Can we expect a season 2 ?

The conclusion of the web series All of Us Are Dead season 1 suggests that there will be a sequel. After months of the apocalypse, the group finds Nam-ra, who claims there are many like me and flies so joyously, leaving the companions trapped confused. What can we anticipate from this…. Season 2 might have half-zombies fighting zombies…… Can we expect the second season of All of Us Are Dead?

Maybe so soon, why waiting now to enjoy season one of All of Us Are Dead…

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