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Alice (Kdrama): A haywire happy ending it attempts, explained

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Are you a lover of mind-bending, fast-paced, Korean romantic dramas? Then you should be right here watching Alice and swooning over your favorite stars. This is Joo Won’s first drama following his military release, and he shows no signs of problems. It’s simply so meticulous acting, and Joo Won and Kim Hee Sun are doing a very terrific job that they’re reason enough to be motivated. Alice’s gotten rid of all the romantic side of Kdramas. It’s basically lots of one-sided feelings and affection that go unanswered. If you like kdrama with less romanticism and more yearning and sorrow, then Alice is a must-watch. Are you still not sure? Read this till the end to know its plot, review, and ending explained.

Plot Overview

In this kdrama, humans can travel across time in the year 2050, thanks to the development of Alice. When the presence of a book of prophecy is revealed, it prophesies the end of time travel. Yoon Tae Yi and Yoo Min Hyuk, a pair from Alice, are dispatched to 1992 to find the alleged book. When Tae Yi discovers she has conceived a child, she resolves to stay in the year 1992.

After changing her identity to Park Sun Young, she finally gives birth to a boy Park Jin Gyeom. Jin Gyeom, her son, struggles from an incapacity to communicate feelings due to time travel. Despite this, they live a reasonably normal lifestyle until the day Sun Young was killed in 2010. Jin Gyeom is now a detective in 2020 to solve his mother’s death, but by chance, he meets Yoon Tae Yi, a physics professor who looks precisely like his mother.

Alice plot overview
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There are several narrative levels here, and space travel makes the brain hurt. Traveling back in time and making changes produces a new reality and a new timeline, rather than deleting the future, as in Avengers: Endgame. When you think about it that way, you can accept things like individuals dying their previous selves without vanishing. There’s also the question of Joo Won’s mother, his father’s disappearance, and the truths that Alice’s top brass are holding.

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Alice Kdrama: Review

Alice is a mush of emotions and technology we didn’t know we needed depending on the thrill a sci-fi plot brings in.

Time travel is a complex subject to master, and Alice is a perfect illustration of why not to write it into a play. Despite a promising start and a few unexpected twists, the kdrama Alice is a series filled with flaws.

The reunion of a time-traveling mother and son is intriguing. It provides a fascinating depth to their connection and how and where things go in the series. Kim Hee Sun plays a significant part in this drama. In all of her realities, she is powerful and clever. She is convincing as both “Mom” and the young Professor.

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The entire Book of Prophecy premise and the “demon” which had to murder its mother was unconvincing. It was never stated why either Jin-gyum or Sun-young/Tae-Yi had to die to restore the timeline’s equilibrium. Because he was devastated by that one episode back in 1992, the teacher went on a murdering spree, killing all the many incarnations of his mother.

Alice ending explained

That’s not even mentioning the clumsy finale, with a twist that wraps everything with a neat bow. Tae-Yi looks to have jumped through to a flawless dimension where anyone who died along the road is still living. However, this completely contradicts the efforts made and seems like a manufactured happy ever after just for the sake of.

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What exactly does Alice achieve?

Alice had a wonderful, strong message at the heart of it all. Keep your focus on the present rather than ruminating on the past. We are convinced that when many people care about our wellbeing, it is a waste of time to spend every minute being haunted by a history that we cannot alter. By no means is the series suggesting, “Let it go,” but it appears that they intended to emphasize the importance of cherishing people around you; it may already be too late. It’s a lovely message.

Alice is yet another show to add to the list of misses. Unfortunately, this might be one of the year’s worst disappointments. Although some early promise and a handful of fantastic moments and turns along the road, Alice crafts itself into a dismal and underwhelming conclusion that this drama will never forget.

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Alice Kdrama: Ending Explained

Alice has more plot twists in the end than a game of life.

The scene begins with Jin-Gyeom standing in front of the elderly guy, pledging to murder his younger self. Then, Jin-Gyeom vanishes and reappears in a tunnel, armed with a rifle. Jin-gyum jumps back to 2010 before the teacher can fire his gun. It’s Sun-birthday, young’s, and she’s serving seaweed soup for the morning.

Alice kdrama ending explained

As she watches teen Jin-gyum eat, she notices something disturbing her. In this reality, he doesn’t appear to be malevolent. Back in 2010, Jin-Gyeom rushed to a payphone to call home and alert Sun-Young. Sun-Young, on the other hand, is outside, watching her son walk to school with Do-Yeon. But she inevitably comes in and answers a phone call, but it’s from the Professor.

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Professor gives out some information.

Sun-Young receives some excellent counsel from him concerning the future, but she decides she must face this alone. Meanwhile, Jin-Gyeom returns to the police precinct, where he discovers Mr. Ko is still alive. He swears not to harm his mother and recognizes Jin-Gyeom from the future.

Sun-young skips a call from adult Jin-gyum and goes out to see Oh-won when she sees the unknown number. She laments dragging him into this realm and advises him to ignore all he’s discovered about time travel. She’d invented time travel so that people might be happy because they’d be able to recover from the past and correct regretful situations.

However, she recognizes that pain is vital for a person’s development. What was supposed to offer joy instead brought fixation and avarice. Oh-won tells Sun-young that she had good intentions and that she is not to blame. He promises to assist her in achieving her objective, but she makes it evident that she must deal with the aftermath on her own.

Sun-Young stayed in 1992 because she felt she could prevent the door of time from opening. Back then, the elder Jin-Gyeom visited her and explained that the kid she was carrying shouldn’t be born, and both of them should die. Sun-Young flashed a pistol – Alice-grade, it seems – and warned him it wouldn’t happen.

The Professor encounters Jin-Gyeom outdoors as the fateful night of Sun-death Young’s begins. Seok informs Sun-Young that she can’t change what will happen and that his Mom always dies. And with that, he holds a pistol to his head until Mr. Ko comes and frees Jin-Gyeom. Sun-Young begs Jin-Gyeom not to harm his elder self. After all, when he does, both of them will perish.

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So now, in 2020

Then we fast forward to 2020. Tae-Yi lives with her family, but no one has ever heard of Jin-Gyeom. Everyone who died in the show (excluding the Alice characters) is still alive, including Seo-Jin. Sun-Young’s prediction that all-time travelers would vanish and chronology would be reversed came true (apart from Tae-Yi).

Jin-Gyeom is an architect, which explains that no one in Tae-world Yi’s knows him well. He doesn’t recognize Tae-Yi when she walks by and is now going about his daily life. Only, when he sees Tae-face Yi’s and finds himself drawing her, parts of the past continue to leak through for him. He eventually returns to his family’s house, where he sees Tae-Yi awaiting for him and apologizes for keeping him waiting for so long. The show comes to a close here.

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