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Alice in Borderland: Think twice before you get out of your house

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Alice in borderland: Think twice, before you dramatically get out of your house, you never know where you will end up!

Like being with friends? Just you and your friends, nobody else! Hold that thought, watch this series before wishing for something like that. Sometimes we have to sacrifice something we love to reach our destination. Do you think you can offer something or someone you love?

A fun ride of episodes in the life of three friends. They meet new people, but they vanish after every step of growth, but how and why? How many of them can survive in these large waves of unexpected challenges in their journey? This series is like the ocean of currents and disturbance. So, let’s dive into it to find out its secret. 

Alice in borderland: Plot overview 

Clueless humans in search of a clue to survive 

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The obsession with games made the young man Arisu indifferent to the expectations of his family. The nagging and disappointed look bothered him enough to leave his house. Arisu and his two other friends meet and celebrate his freedom, but they also have to hide from the police. After a while, they were shocked to see the empty roads, buses, shops, etc. Though they got worried initially late, it made them feel like a peaceful place, however not for a long time. 

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A fantasy land of fun or death?

alice in borderland

They saw a display of an announcement of a game and its directions. They were confused and curious about this sudden and strange setting. After the wired registration, they met two more humans; it was a relief for them, but are they a blessing or a curse? Now they have turned to five clueless people from three. The complex situations give the story many layers and also make the audience nervous about the next scene. The story progresses with their gradual movements but built-ups more fear and guesses.

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Alice in Borderland: Opening the doors of hell    

When they enter into the fantasy world, everything seems less fun and more deadly. The tricky games are the way to survive for Arisu, Chota, and Karube. This game is the journey of sacrifices for their loved ones; it was about pushing them into death for your survival because the winner could only be one person. Arisu tries to understand the game; he struggles to follow the right path to kick the end away from his way. As a gamer, he started connecting the dots to get out of the game, but it was not that easy it may sound. 

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A challenge of choosing life

I remember registering for new courses; similarly, players have to write; the only difference is they are signing for a free pass to die. 

The first game was an eye-opening experience for the three of them. They had to choose one door for a few, but the catch is choosing the door will decide your life span. Opening the wrong door will give them a sudden death from a laser beam, that too in a short period. The timer created tension in the room along with confusion. Well, now you know why writing decision-making in the resume is critical, huh? 

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Game of cards and test of friendship

The game setup is according to the symbol of the cards, Heart, diamond, clubs, and spades. Each character represents different things; For example, Heart denotes emotions; it tests the emotional process in the game, and clubs are about power. During every step, Arisu had to make hard choices; he had to lose his friends. Gradually Arisu started understanding the game; it has 36 cards and 36 survival games. Arisu’s friends had immense faith in him, which motivated him to find a way out of this twisted fantasy world. Arisu understands the conflict of human emotions when he meets his love interest, Yuzuha Usagi.

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Review: Dare you to cross the border of the borderland, you can’t, man, you can’t!

alice in borderland netflix

The execution of the drama is never let to form a fog of doubts or confusion. The makers successfully created the fantasy world and without killing the vibe of reality. The idea behind the formation of each level of the game is different, fascinating, and at the same time, horrifying. The series creates a wondrous new world. The creators creatively combined the characters of Alice in Borderland with a stellar cast to connect their emotions with the audience. 

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Justice to the characters 

Each actor contributed a splendid job; otherwise, it would have been difficult for the viewers to connect with the story. The actors delivered the fear and commotion accurately; the flawless performances made the series more impactful. 

The end is not the end here

The game’s final stage is not the end; there are more stages left to clear to go back to the real world. The second season might bring many more exciting steps to explore to the real deal of this series. Netflix’s Alice in borderland gave the same spice to the viewers as the latest deadly series Squid game.

Go! turn on this exciting game; I understand it’s been a year, but you know! Better than never

Alice in borderland story is a jackpot of mystery; I would like to show you the path of heaven and excitement to your vision and mind by recommending this piece of magic.  

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