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Afterlife of the Party: A weird and funny surprise

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So a girl dies, and now she has to come back to write all her wrongs? Correct. Is it a generic party girl realizing she is wrong all along? Incorrect. Netflix’s newest chirpy comedy, Afterlife of the Party, takes you on an emotional journey you didn’t prepare for.

The idea of getting a second chance to communicate what’s on your mind to the people who matter most to you is ageless and compelling as movie material. When Cassie reaches the afterlife, it immediately reminds me of The Good Place. A limbo to do wrongs right before doomsday is pretty apt. It is also refreshing to see that Cassie isn’t a kindred spirit wanting to make things right out of guilt. She has to make amends to join the ‘afterlife party’ and this adds a sense of force and humor to the narrative.

Afterlife of the Party: Plot Overview

Cassie (Justice) is a party animal who always seems to solely care about social networking, superficial connections, and herself in Afterlife of the Party. Cassie has the most significant party foul…dying. After arguing with her closest friend, Lisa (Francis). Intoxicated from the previous night, Cassie stumbles into their bathroom and forcefully smacks her skull on the toilet, quickly dying.

afterlife of the party plot overview
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She transports to the ‘In-Between,’ a kind of limbo that looks like an airy corner at Ikea or even a Coachella superstar swag zone. She sees Val, her guardian angel, there (Robyn Scott). Val tells Cassie is dead with a lot of unresolved baggage. Baggage that has to be repaired before she can go on to the next level.

She is given the responsibility of apologizing to three individuals to prove that she really is worthy of going up rather than down.

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The sweet, platonic friendship

We’re simply sitting here, expecting Victoria Justice to pass away. I was pretty aback at just how much I loved this film. The afterlife of the Party is an excellent film about grief, friendship, and resolve that hasn’t been shown in a long time. What sets Afterlife of the Party apart from the competition is that the plot revolves around Cassie and her best friend Lisa, who are platonic soulmates.

The sweet, platonic friendship

Their worlds are absolutely different. But, both Lisa and Cassie make maximum efforts to stay relevant and supportive of each other (minus some hiccups). It’s endearing to see Cassie figure out her afterlife crises with the person she has spent most of her actual life with. Full confession, I enjoyed how Lisa thinks she’s having a stroke or exhaustion when she sees Cassie for the first time after a year. Cassie and Lisa’s bond and the connection is real love, profound friendship, and very relevant to the audience.

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Fashion is the opposite of emotions

When we first meet Cassie, she is swirling in her room, looking at a pile of clothes to choose her outfit from. She dazzles and sparkles in every scene. With her silver and red ensemble in her living days and her disco-era outfit on the first day of her afterlife, Cassie knows how to party. However, as Cassie realizes her mistakes and guilt, she sombre into cute and comfortable outfits.

victoria justice

Who says fashion is not an essential part of how you feel? Cassie’s transformation from an extravagant narcissist who loves gaudy flashes and dazzling sequins to a stable girl next door who appreciates a lovely floral print and gentle spring hues can be seen via Danielle Knox’s costuming and Christa Schoeman’s make-up and hairstyle.

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The invisibility cloak

Played as a metaphor in the movie, the story cleverly works with the idea. For Cassie, the party girl who goes out every night, not being seen or heard is a nightmare. The tale incorporates this transition in an ‘afterlife rule’, which makes it profound and established.

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The film’s arc is crisp and stylistically pleasing. It echoes the narrative’s emotional progressions, thanks to Herek, cinematographer Michael Swan, and production designer Franz Lewis. When Cassie is in limbo, the girls’ apartment, which started bright and breezy, turns gloomy and cooler-hued. Lighting elements, which transition from a colorful pastel spectrum to desaturated hues for subtle emotional significance, likewise follow similar motions.

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Enjoyable performances

afterlife of the party enjoyable performances midori francis

Victoria Justice portrays a bubbly person who says amusing things. She isn’t keen on delving into the philosophical concept of life. Although Cassie will always be a bubblehead, the film deserves credit for giving her a little more depth at the conclusion than where she was at the start. I mean, some progress is definitely better than acute narcissism, right?

Lisa as the best friend is relatable to every introverted person. She knows her best friend has changed but does not get angry at that fact. Her comebacks are sensible, and her relationship with everyone around her is sweet and endearing. She is Cassie’s soulmate, and that makes the movie a lot better. It’s fantastic that the filmmakers wanted to expand on their message about the importance of women supporting other women.

If you’re going to film a movie starring a party girl, you need a bop-filled score. Spencer Sutherland delivers well in the way of Koop, the pop singer the girls adore! His journey is a touch too superficial, emphasizing the project’s glitzy character. This also tries to give Val more depth. She aims to be an “anytime” spiritual guide, A guardian angel. But, primarily because her arc is accomplished off-camera, we never really connect with her.

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Afterlife of the Party: See it or Skip it?

The afterlife of the Party employs all the family and friends’ emotional points to pull at your feelings. It hits a happy medium between snarky and sentimental. Instead, we get a thoughtful and timely examination of sorrow that has no place in the club. The excellent soundtrack is another thing I like. Even though the creators promote this film as a comedy, the execution of this afterlife party is considerably more modern and gloomy. The afterlife of the Party is a surprisingly unique film that is well worth seeing with popcorn.

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