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Best TV Shows to watch with your family [ALL-TIME]

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Don’t we all feel great watching that one favorite TV show with the entire family?
Of course, we do!
In this pandemic, due to worldwide lock down, we were unable to get out of the houses so far. Despite involving ourselves in different creative tasks, like cooking, crafting, writing, we did not get satisfaction. Considering this, we started to search for the best TV shows to watch with your family that can give you an exciting family-time.

Now, the main question arises, which TV show should we choose? Many of them we have already seen, some of them are for kids, and others are not worth watching with children and vice versa. Then what?? In order to decide and settle this quarrel, we can help you with our collection and trust me you are going to like it anyway!

9 All-Time Favorite TV Shows to watch with your family

Making it easier for you, we are here to acknowledge some of the best TV shows for family, which you will absolutely love to watch. So, settle down yourself ASAP and without wasting any minute, let us hop onto the main course!

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Excited? Let’s Proceed!

• Doctor Who

Best TV Shows to watch with your family doctor who

This long-running British sci-fi series is the winner of all the times. The plot of the show gives a narration about an alien adventurer doctor aka the time lord, who travels into space and time in his personalized aircraft known as the TARDIS (Time and Relative Dimensions in Space) to protect galaxies from the outer world. It is a show about unconventional time-traveling scientists. Apart from a clean and classic story line, Doctor Who always shares a positive message behind its plot that has been on air to date for good reasons. From children to adults, this show thrills its fans. Younger children can get spooked but will learn to stand for good, with a lesson. If you are into the sci-fi genre, you must watch this fantastic show.

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• Stranger Things

Best TV Shows to watch with your family stranger things

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This horror drama of 2016 set in the ’80s has a mysterious connection between an open world in Indiana town and a group of middle school kids. These kids try to find out something unnatural which they feel is bizarre. The synopsis tells about a boy named Will Byers, who gets missing near a secretive government body. Family and friends along with police start searching for the kid, where they find out some puzzling government experiments, supernatural push, and an unusual-looking girl. It is a worth watching series for kids and adults to enjoy together, sometimes covering their eyes and peeping from them for a while. Try giving a chance to this amazing show with four great seasons; you will definitely love this one!

• Ozark

Best TV Shows to watch with your family ozark

Directed by Bill Dubuque, this American crime drama has taken people to the next level with its amazing script. This script tells us a story about a financial counselor named Martin “Marty” Byrde who decides to make changes by giving to set up a bigger laundry functioning, after a scheme of money laundering in Mexico drug cartel misfire, in the lake of Ozarks. This lake is located in the region of central Missouri. Later, martin relocates himself along with the family from the outskirts of Chicago to a remote summer resort committee, Missouri (Osage beach). This becomes worse when after arriving, this family becomes intertwine with nearby local sinners like Langmore, Snell families, and the Kansas City mafia. I would personally recommend Ozark for having an experience of the stunning crime show of 2017. Stream it on Netflix now.

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• Heartland

heartland family friendly tv show

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This family drama is set in Alberta, Canada based on the book by Lauren Brooke, where it revolves around a family’s ups and downs in life. Where a teenage girl, Amy, and her mother, Marion, train and help injured and abused horses. After Marion, who killed while rescuing a horse, dies Amy moves with her grandparents to Heartland ranch. Amy brush-up her horse training skills and the ranch opens to more horses in demand. Later, Ty Borden, a young man hired by Marion earlier, starts living with his family. Heartland entered the hearts of the audience from its first episode with its sweet and beautiful story plot. It also tells us the importance of being with the family. Start watching this one; you will never get disappointed, I bet!

• The Haunting of Hill House

haunting hill netflix

The haunting of hill house is an American horror drama about a family and their five children. The story is set up in 1992 where these children shift into the mansion of hill house, once their mother designed. After living there for few days, they start experiencing some paranormal activities, especially at night. These acts result in a great loss and the moving of the family to a different place. About twenty-six years later, the siblings meet their turn-away father, after bearing one more tragedy. Now, they are bound to face the reality of the hill house. This deadly supernatural show was aired on Netflix in 2018 directed by Mike Flanagan. The haunting of hill house is that one show which you can’t watch alone, it gives you chills down your spine. Watch it with the family for a better experience.

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• That’s So Raven

Best TV Shows to watch with your family that's so raven

In January 2003, Disney+ came up with a comic drama, that’s so raven. The plot goes around a teenage girl named Raven Bartex, who by profession is a fashion designer, feels supernatural sights when in deep situations. Later, she experiences this vision frequently which affects her so deeply and results in hilarious and distress methods for herself, her family, and friends. That’s so raven has also an off-shoot series called Cory in the house and another sequel, Raven’s Home. This situational comedy where Raven Symone played the protagonist is carried so well by her. It is silly multiple times but shares a positive message between parents and children. You can have a comic supernatural experience by including this wonderful show on your list!

• Bridgerton

Best TV Shows to watch with your family bridgerton

We were quite bored and lazy in the pandemic and to refresh our mood an American ancient series arrived on Netflix. Directed by Chris Van Dusen this drama is based on the novel of the same name by Julia Quinn. The plot tells the story of the eldest daughter of the royal Bridgerton Family, Daphne Bridgerton. She participates in the regency-era London competition of marriage. Following the marks of her parents for finding a perfect suitor, Daphne initially seems uninterested. Later, when she sees her brother approaching girls for the same thing, she starts hunting for a suitable match. Bridgerton covered 76 countries and reached the most-watched series on Netflix. What do you think? Would you like to look for the perfect pair for Daphne?

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• Superman & Lois

Best TV Shows to watch with your family superman and lois

Based on DC Comics Superman & Lois is an American superhero action series of this year. Premiered on February 23rd, the drama follows a story about Clark Kent aka Superman, who along with his partner Lois Lane and sons (Jonathan and Jordan), returned to Smallville. There they meet another family with a lady (Lana Lang) her man (Kyle Cushing) and her kid (Sarah) greets them. Later, their happy lives go upside-down and are uplifted by the entry of a stranger. Superman & Lois has a list of nine episodes that will keep a hold on you by connecting to the story perfectly. Fans of Superman are going to love this drama. So, get yourself ready with a bowl of popcorn and enjoy it with the family.

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• America’s Funniest Home Videos

With the number of 31 seasons and 722 episodes, this clip show comedy is by far the best thing to enjoy with the family. There is no plot or story to be revealed for this one as it shows the funniest clips sent by the American public to go live on TV. It is so hilarious to watch these home videos. This is a show with a recorded running time of 44 minutes where once you start watching it, there is no going back. You can watch all the America’s Funniest Home Videos episodes on Disney + from seasons 12-19 and 23. So, if you haven’t laughed hard for long, try this one out and you will end up rolling on the floor laughing so badly!

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Bottom Line

There are a number of shows and films which you will find on the internet to watch with your loved ones, but picking that one beautiful show which you think everyone is going to like, is worth the effort. It is not necessary that every time you will find success, but at least starting it with everyone can be your triumph. As the shows glide further, it generates curiosity and excitement to watch more. That is when you start enjoying it to the fullest.

The series, which we listed above, is one of the best TV shows for the family which you would also like to relish in this pandemic. So, we hope you got what you were looking for within this article, make sure to sit with the family and spend quality time watching one of these. Also, let us know which one you picked and if you liked it. For more such thrilling and wonderful TV shows to watch with your family, keep visiting MovQue.com.


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